Mercedes EQA

Next year Daimler will introduce the Mercedes EQA. This compact electric SUV is said to be significantly significantly cheaper based on the GLA model.

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The German carmaker has published pictures showing the upcoming electric car from Daimler.

Mercedes EQA is the brother of the electric compact SUV GLA, Mercedes wrote in a Twitter post. EQA has the latest driver assistance systems, high efficiency and comfort on the go, and a convenient charging system.

EQA will be introduced next year.

As seen from previous information, the EQA battery should have a capacity of 60 kWh, which should allow a range of 400 kilometers. The maximum power of the electric motor should be about 200 kW (about 270 kf).

Mercedes is still pretty locked into other EQA details. However, the electric car is still to be marketed in 2020. The price range should be around 40,000 euros.

Just days ago, Daimler announced that the launch of its first electric SUV – the Mercedes EQC – in the US would be delayed by a year. The new schedule is justified by high demand in Europe.

Daimler initially wants to focus on supplies in its home markets and will only start overseas in 2021, according to a statement. The focus of demand in Europe is a strategic decision.

In Europe Daimler awards the Mercedes EQC at 75,500 euros. In the US, the electric SUV is said to be available from $67,900.

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