Microsoft Restart Selling Huawei Laptops

Microsoft in a mysterious way removed the Huawei laptop line from online stores last month following a Trump executive order to block the Chinese company.

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While the software giant has been silent about whether to license Windows to Huawei for the laptops line or not, the latter are beginning to reappear in online stores this week. Currently MateBook 13, Mate Book and MateBook X Pro models have been restored. In addition to the MateBook X Pro models that are listed as “no stock,” others are available for purchase.

Microsoft confirmed to The Verge that laptops that are on sale are currently in stock until their full sale. When asked if he would continue to sell Huawei products that contradicted the new US regulation, the company insisted that the products were in inventory.

Finally, Huawei announced the postponement of the debut of new Windows laptops that were scheduled for CES Asia last week. It is unknown what the laptop was in the company’s plans, but the cause is clear, the US executive order and the uncertainty as American technology companies will react to it.

According to speculations unmatched laptops are MateBook 14 and an updated model of the MateBook X Pro.

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