Samsung postpones Galaxy Fold's debut
Samsung postpones Galaxy Fold's debut

The smartphone maker Samsung has decided to postpone the Galaxy Fold debut in Hong Kong and Shanghai that was scheduled for this week a few days after various reporters reported defective models.

The company did not talk about the reasons for this extension. On April 26, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Fold in both the US and South Korea, however, some Galaxy Fold models provided to various analysts have been broken down into a few days of use.

These reports raised the recall of a similar scenario to the Galaxy Note 7 three years ago that ruined the company’s finances.

Galaxy Fold costs $1,980 and would be a huge cost to Samsung if things did not go right.

Some online media analysts had posted photos of the broken Galaxy Fold with the #foldgate hashtag on Twitter.

While Samsung has praised Galaxy Fold‘s design not only for its innovation but also for its sustainability. The Chinese giant and Huawei‘s biggest rival company also introduced a screened X-wing phone with a different folding mechanism.

Mate X unlike Galaxy Fold folds out and not internally.

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