Speed up your metabolism and lose weight with these best method

Weight loss is a concern of all human beings, although it is increasing even more in women. To achieve this there are many methods and recommendations, some more effective than others; and among them you have surely already heard about metabolism activation. That’s why we wanted to present you with all the information you need to speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

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Like losing weight by speeding up your metabolism?

Metabolism is simply the consumption of body energy to maintain vital functions. This means that the metabolism is more or less active in people depending on their eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. Being the obese and sedentary people those who have a lower metabolism and athletes and thin people who have a higher acceleration of it.

That sounds great but you’re probably wondering what metabolism has to do with losing weight? Easy, by accelerating the metabolism of a person increases the energy expenditure, therefore the body must make use of stored fats to get the energy it needs. The continued use of body fat as an energy source to satisfy the body’s requirements explains how to lose weight by accelerating metabolism.

Like losing weight quickly?

If you look at the weight loss steps they are always the same and these are:

  • Define our current weight. For example, a weight of 180 pounds.
  • How much we want to get down. We can say that we have seen that we need to lose 40 pounds.
  • The time we want to make it. We could think about four months.

The healthiest thing for the body is to go down sequentially and little by little this way it is less likely the skin flaccidity and rebound effect. However, there are many people who want to lose weight very quickly in a few weeks and months, which they do, but in less than 3-4 months they return to their initial weight or a much larger one.

Therefore, if our ultimate goal is to lose weight and stay that way for a long time, the best way to lose weight is by activating the metabolism. It won’t take a little time and dedication to achieve it, but once we learn how to speed up your metabolism, everything will be ready and we won’t have to worry about losing weight anymore.

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How to speed up your metabolism to the maximum?

Accelerate metabolism to lose weight if it works, by raising the body’s metabolic rate we ensure that some of the energy deposited in the fat tissue is consumed and gradually lose weight. In addition to losing those extra pounds activating the metabolism has another excellent advantage; it is the way to stay slim longer and avoid the rebound effect.

Healthy food to lose weight

Good nutrition is the number one element of weight loss; it is basically through nutrition that calories enter the body. If these calories are less than the energy requirement, the body will look for fat to use energy and we will lose weight; if more calories than necessary enter in, they are stored in the form of fat.

As a result of this premise, it is normal to lean towards the idea that if we want to be thin we should stop eating and that is a serious mistake. The worst weight loss advice anyone can give you is to stop eating, or suppress meals. By suppressing foods the metabolism activates the energy reserve, i.e. we become like bears in a state of hibernation and therefore everything that enters is stored in fat.

So instead of stopping eating and starving, we need to learn how to speed up our metabolism as much as possible with diet.

What should I do to speed up my metabolism?

There are many ways to increase the metabolic rate, but all of them are basically derived from the same aspects, proper nutrition, exercise and healthy living. The tricks to speed up the metabolism we’re talking about are:

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#1. Have a good breakfast.

Powerful breakfasts

The first thing to consider in a healthy weight loss diet is to have a good breakfast. Remember that throughout the day you will be doing various activities that will make you spend energy, so breakfast is the most important meal and basically the one we can eat best because then we will lose calories.

These breakfasts must contain adequate portions without being excessive and be composed of the proportions of a healthy diet as it is:

50-55% carbohydrates
25-30% protein.
25-30% fat, preferably polyunsaturated fat such as olive oil, avocado, etc. Avoid fried foods and saturated fats such as butter, margarine, meat fat, chicken skin and others.

#2. Slimming dinners should be light.

Dinners not to get fat

Dinners are perhaps the most important meal of the day, because if we make a mistake eating the wrong food, we will gain weight instead of losing it. Weight loss dinners should be low in calories, may have carbohydrates but not many as we must take into account that sleeping does not burn as much energy as with exercise.

#3. Between meals

Before and after meals

If you keep asking yourself what to do to lose weight the answer is snacks, as we are tired of saying the ultimate goal we want to achieve is to activate our metabolism and we are not going to be able to do it when we are hungry. It is known that the ideal diets include several slimming meals a day, as the important thing is that the body does not feel hungry.

Of course, these will not be snacks of sweets, sugar or refined flours; these snacks should be made up of vegetables and other low-calorie foods. It may also be from some of the slimming foods we’ve already discussed, such as ginger tea for snacking.

#4. Do not suppress meals or make low-calorie diets.

This is very important because if you skip meals the only thing you will achieve is that your body will start to save fat and energy for when you don’t eat it, and even if you don’t eat it, it will cause you to gain weight and measures.

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#5. Yes to the reduction of fatty foods.

Protein Slimming Shakes

When we are in the quest to lose weight we are faced with very bad weight loss tips; the main one as we have already seen is to stop eating, and the second one is to limit ourselves to a vegetarian diet.

Proteins are one of the most important slimming foods; they produce satiety early and for much longer because they are more difficult to digest than vegetables. And the other advantage they have is that they help the muscle mass to grow so that in the end during exercise there will be more muscle and more energy to spend. Because of these two things proteins become an excellent way to speed up my metabolism.

If protein isn’t an option for you because you’re vegan or just don’t like it, you can substitute shakes for protein. Slimming protein shakes provide us with the amount of protein we need every day if we know how to prepare and consume it.

Ideally, in a diet to speed up female or male metabolism you should consume 25% of calories in the form of protein; this is an estimated 1g per kilogram of weight. It is therefore important to check the contents of the shake and not to take mixtures that have more than the required grams of protein per day according to our weight. The total daily amount of protein should be consumed at various times for best results.

#6. Green tea is a very good ally.

Tea to speed up metabolism

Nowadays there is a new trend than the consumption of tea or infusions, due to the multiple medicinal properties of herbs. But in addition to improving diabetes, fungus or indigestion many claim to have used tea to burn fat. This belief is not a myth, there are already accurate studies that green tea helps to lose weight, the others have not yet been shown anything concrete.

Drinking green tea is one of the easiest ways to speed up your metabolism; we only need to consume one or two cups a day preferably in the mornings before breakfast and in the evenings 1 hour before dinner. Its main active components: caffeine and catechin serve as thermogenic agents. This means they are able to raise body temperature and activate the metabolic pathway which ultimately results in fat burning and weight loss.


#7. Sleep between 8 – 9 hours a day.

Getting a good night’s rest

No one loses weight just by sleeping, and that’s why it’s necessary to have an active and healthy life to maintain your ideal weight. But it is important as a weight maintenance strategy to get adequate sleep between 8-hours a day.

Lack of sleep raises blood cortisol levels, this is the stress hormone. And it’s no surprise to anyone that when we’re stressed the anxiety to eat, preferably sweets, rises. So if we sleep well we guarantee low levels of stress and low levels of anxiety and it will be easier to control the amount of food we eat and avoid at all costs the sweets that are so harmful to our diet.

Besides that, sleep is important to regain your energy and then be recharged for the next day. A person who sleeps poorly does not perform well physically. So lack of sleep can also affect your exercise performance, and indirectly hinder the weight loss process you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

#8. Try the Big-Food.

For dinners, it is recommended to use the big-food technique, this is nothing more than eating foods that are low in calories but high in volume. That is to say, these are high-fiber foods that when you eat them you feel satisfied and full, but when it comes down to it, the calories are very low; this is the case with most vegetables.

In any of the meals of the day you can add some or all of the foods that speed up your metabolism to lose weight, like the ones we discussed earlier. In this way, the metabolism that we are looking for is further boosted.

#9. Exercise on an empty stomach.

Slimming Exercise

Let’s talk about the most feared aspect of weight loss, exercise. It is true that only with a very strict diet you can lose weight quickly, but at the end of it it will surely have a rebound effect because no one can live a lifetime eating only carrots or a handful of rice. That’s why exercise is so good, it’s one of the best ways to stay always slim as it serves to activate your metabolism and burn more energy every time.

In addition to its intrinsic fat-burning power, exercise has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety which will help you eat less and less and thus also regulate your eating habits. Another super important advantage is that there are countless exercises to accelerate your metabolism; all of them are equally fruitful and important and therefore you can choose which exercise you want to do instead of just going to the gym.

The most important thing is that you do it at least 3 times a week and for at least 1 hour per session, of which you can dedicate only 30 minutes to cardiovascular exercise.
Try different types of challenging exercises.

You’ll need to start exercising slowly if you’re not in the habit of doing so, but once you’re in the habit of doing so, you’ll need to challenge yourself. Do 10 more push-ups than you do, run 1 kilometer more, or anything else that poses a challenge. Enrolling in a career in your area will help you feel that you have achieved it and will be a challenge accomplished.

#11. Meditation for relaxation.

A good way to be at peace is to meditate on the life situations that are happening to us, to see the most viable way to solve them. And the most important thing is to connect with our creator to obtain forgiveness when we have failed him. The peace and quiet we will feel will be amazing.

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#12. Intellectual activity on a daily or weekly basis.

Intellectual activities

We’re sure you’ve never heard that one of the ways to lose weight is to be smart and study. But when it comes to speeding up your metabolism, this is important, and it’s also a healthy habit that will help you feel good.

The basal metabolism is that expenditure of energy that the body has to maintain the vital functions of the body, that means that even sleeping we spend energy. The organs that spend the most energy are the heart, the brain and the muscles, so activating all three of them will help us to increase our basal metabolism; and when we at least realize it, the body will start burning fat to maintain all this activity and make us lose weight.

Continued and usually demanding exercise as we mentioned earlier is the ideal way to increase muscle metabolism and in turn the metabolism of the heart, since cardiovascular exercise increases the heart rate and makes the heart more active as well. But what about the brain? Easy, we have to find out how to activate it, and what better way to study something that we like or doing some hobby that has a high intellectual demand, remember that studying makes the brain spend enough energy.

Diet to speed up metabolism

More than slimming down quickly, what we are looking for with good eating habits is how to change the metabolism, so that it changes from a slow metabolism very typical of obese people to a fast metabolism like that of thin people. This change is going to guarantee us thinness forever; and if you don’t believe me, notice those people who eat a lot but never gain weight; the answer to this mystery is a quick metabolism.

Slimming foods

Without a doubt, the metabolism in exercise reaches its peak because the energy expenditure multiplies; there are people who, with only 1 hour, run and accelerate their metabolism at least 3 times their basal rate, and undoubtedly lose weight. But there are also many weight loss foods that have the ability to activate this little monster within us and help us burn a lot of fat as they are:

  • Olive oil: extra virgin olive oil is a healthy fat for the body that helps not only to prevent atherosclerosis but also to mobilize that annoying abdominal fat, but it is important to consume it in moderation and only 2-3 times a week, without cooking.
  • Water: Staying hydrated is the most important activity to do to lose weight, because a dehydrated organism does not function properly and metabolism slows down. Ideally, drink 1 to 2 litres of water a day.
  • Garlic when consumed increases body heat and therefore raises the basal metabolism and helps to lose weight. That’s why you must have heard that eating 3 cloves of garlic a day helps you lose weight.
  • Artichokes: they are rich in inulin and fiber so they are excellent satiating foods, which will help you control the urge to overeat and maintain your ideal weight.
    Avocado: Avocado is the ideal substitute for extra virgin olive oil; the body always needs a portion of fat and avocado is ideal because it has many antioxidants and helps mobilize fat.
  • Celery: this is an ideal tuber for slimming because it not only elevates the metabolism but is also rich in fiber and therefore helps the early satiety offering little amount of calories.
  • Spicy spices: One of the most interesting tips for losing weight is the consumption of spicy spices with our meals. They are rich in capsaicin, a compound that raises body heat and activates fat burning metabolism. However, it is important not to abuse this because in very sensitive people it can end up causing digestive problems.
  • Ginger has a similar effect to spicy spices, accelerating metabolism by 5%. Its consumption form is very diverse, ranging from ginger infusions, using the root as a dressing for meats and salads to taking capsules specially made to lose weight.

Coffee and chocolate

One of the most hidden weight loss tricks is the effect of caffeine and cocoa. These two compounds first help to raise body temperature and also raise the heart rate. In conclusion, these two compounds speed you up; and what happens when you speed up is that you consume more calories and lose weight. The ideal dosage and the way to eat them are:

  • Coffee: The ideal is not to consume more than 300 mg of coffee per day, which is equivalent to 2 small cups of black coffee per day. It should be taken on an empty stomach or 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercise to maximize calorie burning and weight loss.
  • Chocolate: this is the richest source of cocoa available and very effective in accelerating metabolism. The first thing we should know is that the chocolate to be consumed is the dark chocolate, the one that has 75% cocoa, while the others have high amounts of fat and do not serve us. We only have to consume a maximum of 100g of chocolate and the ideal thing is not to consume it the same day that one takes coffee, it can be in any time before 6 pm.

Take yourself to the limit

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your metabolism to lose weight, you should leave your comfort zone and risk giving it your all in exercise. With this I’m not saying that you should spend 5 hours in the gym until you faint, I’m saying that you should try different routines and build them up little by little.

With time and practice the muscles of the body adapt or become accustomed to an exercise and this reduces the potential to burn fat, therefore constant innovation will represent challenges for your body and will always be accelerated and active.

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In our search for what to do to lose weight we will find many diets and methods, some sometimes very effective but with a rebound effect. Learning how to activate your metabolism is therefore the best way to lose weight, it will be a little slower losing 1-2 kilos per month and takes some effort. But it is the most efficient and natural method, with no bounce rate and if we do it well it can mean that we are always thin.

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