The Best Gaming Gear and Equipment,

The Best Gaming Gear and Equipment

The Best Gaming Gear and Equipment

Video gaming has become more than just a recreational activity. Million-dollar making tournaments are built around video gaming. Twitch and YouTube video game streamers have created careers out of playing video games. To be a professional gamer, you need the right equipment. Today we’ll focus on what is the best gaming gear and equipment.


As you wade through digital hordes of enemies on your game of choice it’s a good thing to have the best gaming gear on hand. You want equipment that can allow for the best functionality, and ease of use. When beginning your search for such equipment, start with looking for a solid gaming microphone. Whether you’re using a mic for streaming purposes, or to handle a video gaming-related podcast, you need the best microphone possible. For streaming purposes, you’ll have to make sure that the microphone allows you to switch between response patterns, in addition to being able to pick up the nuance in your voice.

These mics should also offer great sound quality, minimal audio interference, blocking out of background noise, and extended battery life. Other factors to investigate when purchasing a microphone are the audio pattern, and price of the mic. Some of the different types of microphones that you can use include a condenser microphone, dynamic microphone, USB microphone, and desktop microphone. There are many solid brands of gaming mics that you can add to your streaming or gaming arsenal, and many come highly recommended by users. Some of these include the Blue Yeti X, the Shure MV7 podcast microphone, the Audio-Technica AT2020, the Razer Seiren Elite, and the HYPERX Solo cast S. Mics are essential pieces of gaming gear and equipment.


When you’re running a video game stream, you want to create a truly immersive experience. You don’t want any background noise to interrupt your game, so it helps to purchase the right type of earphones. Drown out all unnecessary sounds as you perform for your audience with your game of choice. Adding in ear earphones, or ear headphones to your gaming equipment is a must to help with this.

Make sure that you also purchase a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones. This wireless option will allow you more versatility to move as you participate in your streaming video game or podcast. Purchase a pair of earphones with long battery life, and that comes at a low price. Find a pair also that provides a snug fit for your ears. One of the best examples of these types of earphones is those offered by Bang and Olufsen.

You want a pair that will help to drown out any ambient noise and background noise. The noise-canceling nature of these wireless earbuds can help with deleting any unwanted noise or room noise. Though many people might argue that a normal headset is a way to go, earphones provide top-notch quality in the noise-canceling department. It’s a top choice for those gamers seeking an audio set that provides ease of use during long gaming or streaming sessions. Make sure to add ear headphones to your gaming tool arsenal.


As a video game streamer, you want your audience to be able to see you on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. They also want to see how you react to the video game that you’re playing. This is a way that you can connect with your audience. After you’ve invested in your microphone and earphones, consider adding a camera to your equipment list.

Investing in an external webcam is key because internal webcams on computers have a reputation of being of poor quality. Many webcams are built with streaming in mind, so they will allow you to record at 30 FPS in 1080p quality. Some of the best webcams on the market include the Logitech C920 and the Razer Kiyo.

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The internet can teach you how to do many different things

The internet can teach you how to do many different things


The internet is at your fingertips. So if there’s something you want to do or learn, you can learn how with a quick Google search. There is a wealth of information and blogs out there that will help you learn anything you can imagine, from learning HTML to cooking, sewing, piano lessons, or even wine tasting. Just use Google and Bing.

The internet will teach you to do anything. It’s a wealth of information at your fingertips that can help you learn just about anything. It’s also a great way to find answers to questions you didn’t know you had. The internet is a great learning tool that can teach you anything. So if you want to learn how to knit, teach yourself, YouTube has tons of videos.

YouTube is a great place to learn almost anything

You could spend all day learning a wide variety of things on YouTube.  There are videos on how to do makeup, how to play the guitar, make jewelry, how to cook, and so much more. If you want to learn how to play an instrument, you can find tons of how-to videos on YouTube. If you want to learn how to cook a certain food, you can find it on YouTube. You can spend hours on YouTube learning everything from a new language to how to make a delicious meal.

Don’t overlook the World Wide Web for knowledge

Everyone goes to YouTube, but the WWW still has a ton of valuable information.  The internet is an excellent source of knowledge, so if there’s something you want to learn, do a web search, and you’ll usually find something about it. If you want to learn how to do something, chances are there’s a blog about it like Soulutiontales. The internet is full of blogs about everything you can imagine, so you’ll most likely find something that can teach you what you want to. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorite blogs that way, you can find them later when you have some spare time to learn something new.

Search for people who are experts at what you want to learn

The best way to learn something is to be taught by an expert. Before the internet, that would mean you would need to seek out someone who was an expert and more than likely pay them to teach you. These days, the internet offers a plethora of free resources at your fingertips. You can learn anything, from how to make a succulent garden to how to make an igloo, and much more. Try to find people who are experts in their field and they will be able to teach you whatever it is that you need to know and usually it won’t cost you anything at all.

The internet is where we will turn to for the foreseeable future

It’s hard to imagine that people will go anywhere else for information on how to do something. It’s a great tool that will continue to grow and change the way we learn things. It’s hard to think about what life was like before the internet. Luckily, we won’t ever have to because the internet is constantly being found in new things that expand our ability to learn.

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YouTube Hashtags

YouTube Hashtags And Everything You Need To Know About It

If you are planning to make a video on YouTube, there are two things that you have to keep in mind. The first thing that you have to do is to make your video attractive. And for that, you need an efficient video editor. Another thing that you have to keep in mind that you should incorporate relevant hashtags to your video. It will help you to reach up to a huge number of people. However, you have to make sure that you are incorporating those hashtags precisely. So, to help you with this matter, we are going to introduce everything that you need to know about hashtags for your YouTube videos.

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Definition of YouTube hashtags

Before going any further, let us comprehend the definition of YouTube hashtags. Well, when someone adds some tags to a video combining it with the ‘#’ sign, it is known as the YouTube hashtag. Most of the time, they add hashtags to the title of the video, which signifies the category of it. The main purpose of a hashtag is to enhance the discoverability of a video. To be precise, if you can include a relevant hashtag to your video, more people will get the hold of it. So, when someone clicks on your video, it will take you to the posts, which have used the same hashtag. 

What are the benefits of YouTube hashtags? 

Well, including hashtags to your YouTube video’s title will provide you with numerous benefits. Therefore, let us have a look at those benefits. It will help you to use those hashtags precisely.

  • The first thing that it will do is increase the viewership of your videos. It will be easier for people to discover your videos. 
  • Also, you will witness an increase in social followers. In that case, you have to make sure that you are using the right hashtags. 
  • Hashtags will also present you with new customers. For that, you have to monitor the most used and relevant hashtags and include them in your videos. 
  • Your branding will also reach newer heights. Well, one of the most significant benefits of hashtags is that they will improve your branding. We have already discussed that it increases the reach of your video. And eventually, that helps you in the process of branding. 
  •  You will also witness increased revenue if you can use the hashtags suitably. It will help you to take new content decisions and craft unique content. And if you can craft unique content, it will bring you sales. And that will give you a significant amount of revenue. 
  • With the help of hashtags, you can track your competitions easily. You can check the conversations that most of the people are having about those videos. And comprehending the conversations will help you to acknowledge the things that you need to improve. 

So, these are some of the benefits that you will enjoy if you can include the hashtags to your videos, precisely. 

What are the hashtag use policies that you should check?

Well, while including hashtags to your YouTube videos, there are some policies that you should check. If you don’t abide by those policies, there is a possibility that your videos will be taken down. Hence, to avoid that situation, we are providing you with those policies. 

  • No spaces- You cannot use spaces in your hashtags. In case, if you are incorporating more than one word in your hashtag, you should write it side by side. To be precise, there should be no spaces between the words. 
  • Over-tagging- Well, it will be the best option for you if you don’t over-tag your videos. If you add a lot of hashtags to your video, they become useless. In case, if your video consists of more than 15 hashtags, most people will ignore it. And for that reason, there will be no point in adding hashtags to those videos. 
  •  Hate speech- Make sure not to use any hashtags that promote violence as well as hate speech. Or else, there is a possibility that YouTube will remove your video. 
  • Sexual content- Similarly, if you add explicit or sexual hashtags to your video, YouTube will remove it. If YouTube finds out that your video is sexually provocative, it will remove the video from the platform. 
  • Vulgar language- Well, you should also stay away from vulgarity. If you add vulgar or profane hashtags to your video, it may end up in removal. And if it doesn’t witness removal, make sure that it will witness age-restrictions. 
  • Harassment- Another thing that you should stay away from, is the harassment. If your hashtag signifies harassment, don’t add it. It will do bad to your videos. Well, if you add humiliating, intimidating, and harassing hashtags they will remove your videos. 
  • Misleading- Misleading hashtags are also harmful to your videos. Make sure not to add hashtags, if they are not related to the subject of your video. If they find out that you are violating that policy, they will be forced to remove your video from YouTube. 

So, these are some of the policies that you should keep in mind when you are incorporating hashtags into your video. 

Some tips to include hashtags into your videos

There are several tips that you can follow while including hashtags to your video. If you can follow those tips precisely, it will help you to make your video more reachable. Also, if you are creating a YouTube video to increase the revenue for your business, hashtags will help you a lot. So, here are some of the tips that you can check before including a hashtag to your videos. 

  • Make sure not to overdo hashtags

It is very important not to include too many hashtags to your YouTube videos. Or else, it will become irrelevant. And eventually, people will stay away from your video. 

  • Relevant hashtags are also important

Whenever you are including hashtags to your video, make sure to add the relevant ones. If YouTube finds out that your hashtags are misleading, they will put down your videos. 

Well, the most important thing that you have to do is to craft an attractive video. And to do that, you can use the InVideo video making tool.


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YouTube Originals

YouTube Originals will be free from September

YouTube, the giant video sharing websites, announced that starting September 24 this year, free YouTube users will be able to access YouTube Originals.

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The company’s Help Center wrote:

“Starting September 24, 2019, your first YouTube Origin experience will change whether or not you have a YouTube Premium membership. Some YouTube Originals series, movies and live events are available to watch without a paid YouTube Premium subscription.”

“However, you will see adds during this viewing experience and only selected episodes may be available for broadcast at any time.”

YouTube Originals, a channel that started back in 2016, features a selection of original YouTube series, events and movies.

Previously, access to this content was restricted to YouTube Premium users, which is a paid site service, with features such as exclusive content and the ability to download videos, among others.

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With YouTube Premium users can download videos

With YouTube Premium users can download videos

It is reported that YouTube has started providing automatic downloads for paid subscribers. The function makes it easier to view offline content.

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Some premium subscribers saw pop-up banners offering automatic download of favorite niches. In the “Downloads” section, users can choose the channels and subjects they want to see offline. Each card shows how long videos are in order for users to create an idea of ​​what they are storing.

Last month, YouTube made similar changes to Youtube Music. If you are a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you can automatically download up to 500 favorite tracks to listen to whenever you do not have access to the Internet.

To save the download package, it only takes place when you are connected to Wi-Fi and at night. Automatic YouTube video downloads are expected to bring in the same way.

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ouTube New Changes to the System of Copyright Protection and Copyright Disclosure

YouTube New Changes to the System of Copyright Protection and Copyright Disclosure

Companies that have entered the video hosting business created by the public must have a system for copyright protection and disclosure.

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While YouTube is far from being perfect, it has been used many times to abuse and manipulate creators. The company unveiled changes to this system that should make it easier to manage copyright disclosure.

People who report copyright infringement must first provide video for the exact portion of the videos they are reporting. To prevent different individuals from abusing the YouTube system, it says it will revoke access to the rights statement manual if they fail to provide clear evidence of the violation.

YouTube will scan video uploads in front of a large database so that its technology can identify the exact copy of audio and video.

On the other hand, the videos of the reported individual will be notified of the violations in various parts of it in order to know what part should be edited. If they have decided to edit the video instead of opposing the claim, these individuals can use YouTube editing tools to address the concern.

YouTube says it will continue to improve editing tools by giving creators a way to edit sections that have been violated by someone else’s copyright.

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YouTube brings movies free of charge, but with ads

YouTube brings movies free of charge, but with ads

YouTube recently started publishing a number of feature films that viewers can watch for free, supported by advertisements.While the selection is not great, there are some of the famous films such as The Terminator, Legally Blonde and Rocky.

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According to AdAge, the video platform began to release movies in October with a “Free to Watch” category in the movie industry where users have traditionally bought or rented movies. Movies come with commercial interruptions, with advertisements appearing at regular intervals.

Rohit Dhawan, managing director of YouTube products, told AdAge that the company saw an opportunity for consumers and advertisers and notes that there may be a way for advertisers to “sponsor” movies or display it exclusively.

At present, the selection is limited to 100 films, a selection that Dhawan says will eventually expand.

TechCrunch states that Walmart has its own free movie selection at Vudu, while Tubi has its own large selection of free movies.

YouTube’s effort in this area makes sense – AdAge notes that more and more people are entering YouTube from smart TVs and distributing free advertising-supported movies can be a big new audience for the network wide advertising site.

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A new feature on YouTube has emerged that shows how much time you spend watching videos

A new feature on YouTube has emerged that shows how much time you spend watching videos

Big technology companies like Google and Apple slowly but in the secure way, are confident that people are more and more dependent on their phones – and that’s not a good thing.

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The two companies are bringing features aimed at helping people track down how long they spend on their devices – and Google’s latest effort to help people track their use comes in the form of a new “Duration” in the YouTube app, integrating with the Android‘s Digital Wellbeing feature.

In the Time Watched section of the YouTube app, which is available in both iOS and Android version of the app, you can see how much time you’ve spent watching the videos on that special day, the first day, and the past 7 days .

You will also get a daily average. Statistics do not just flow from the past while watching videos on the phone – when you watch videos on YouTube and you’re signed in to your Google Account from a computer, the data will be counted in statistics. However, YouTube Music and YouTube TV are not included.

“Our goal is to give you a better understanding of the time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how YouTube wants to fit best in your life,” Google said in blogging of them, reports tg.

To find the Time Watched menu in the YouTube app, just go to the Account menu by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner. Then click the Time Watched option, and you should be able to see your stats.

Google is also promising that Digital Wellbeing on Android, which is currently in beta, will be able to connect to Time Watched in the YouTube app.

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