How to minimize crypto / Bitcoin investment risk,

How to minimize crypto / Bitcoin investment risk?

How to minimize crypto / Bitcoin investment risk?

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has been one of the best-performing investments of all time. Its return has been calculated at an average of 15000 per cent per annum. Unlike real estate, gold, or other traditional investment options, cryptocurrencies are not backed by any collateral.


Any cryptocurrency trading without proper understanding can cost you a huge loss because of various factors like price volatility, cyber hacking, scams, or even loss of access keys can put your investment in a difficult stage. This blog will look at multiple ways to minimize the risk while investing in cryptocurrencies through useful tips.


What are the potential risks of investing in Bitcoins?


Before understanding how to protect your crypto investment, it is essential to find out the risks of investing in Bitcoins. In 2017, the price of one Bitcoin was $20,000. But for someone who purchased a Bitcoin on that date, selling it on the 24th would have been catastrophic as the price fell to less than USD 15,000. With the prices swaying back and forth, an investor will have to be extremely vigilant.


Currently, the digital currency market is being traded without the consensus of any government regulatory authority. While there are systems to mitigate this issue, safety from them remains a concern for a potential investor.


How to protect yourself from losses? 


This is the million-dollar question. You can lose money if you do not invest in Bitcoins smartly, so you need to do your homework. Here, you can find some tips to minimize the risk:


  1. Consider using offline, also known as physical wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies. For the majority of the currency while leaving only a small amount in the online wallet for trading purposes.
  2. Use tested and verified security tactics such as dual passwords for your cryptocurrency accounts. The private and public keys should also be kept separately with the security of a strong password and multiple authentications wherever possible. You could limit your exposure to cyber threats by keeping unique and strong passwords that should be frequently changed.
  3. Investors should thoroughly research the security features of trading platforms to understand how effectively their currency holding information is protected. One needs to make sure that the platforms use all possible security encryptions and air-gapped devices stored offline with cryptocurrency deposits. is an example of a safe and secure platform for investors.
  4. Caution should be exercised while using mobile applications for managing cryptocurrencies. Ensure that the mobile device is not subject to phishing campaigns that can steal your confidential data and security credentials. These threats could come in texts, social media requests, or emails. There are also mobile apps that are malicious and can have a hidden ability to monitor your mobile screens.
  5. As the cryptocurrency market is completely technology-based, having sound knowledge of the technology used in these transactions is an added advantage. So you need to know about private key protection, recovery seed protection, and crypto-miner malware protection


Understanding Bitcoin, Blockchain & Mining

Understanding Bitcoin, Blockchain & Mining

Understanding Bitcoin, Blockchain & Mining

So, what is a Bitcoin? Digital currency is a highly available asset for cryptocurrency investors to buy, sell, transfer, and exchange with ease. The entire system of cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoins, is maintained on a public ledger, due to which anyone and everyone has to access it. The design makes sure that there can be no fraudulent activities regarding it, and also, any transaction done is challenging to reverse.


The best part is there are no governmental approvals on dealing with bitcoin transactions. As per the reports, Bitcoin was publicly launched in 2009 and compared to what it was earlier, the value of Bitcoin has hugely increased in recent years.


Why Choose To Trade Bitcoin?

When investing in bitcoins, you should know that the trading of bitcoins is never bound by any country’s regulations. Novice cryptocurrency investors prefer trading in bitcoins as there is no involvement in credit card fees. In today’s time, online marketplaces are known as “bitcoin exchanges” that allow people to buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies. Bitcoin Era is one such leading cryptocurrency exchange platform where there is the ease of convenience in trading bitcoins. Not many industries and outlets accept cryptocurrency; however, bitcoin is still the only virtual currency widely accepted all around. Very few service providers accept bitcoins to buy common goods, video games, etc or visit Official Website.


All You Need To Know About The Working Process of Blockchains


As discussed earlier, bitcoins are all kept on a public ledger, making them accessible to all. Bitcoins are mainly distributed on digital media, also known as a blockchain. It is a body of data full of blocks that contain information regarding every transaction that has been done.

Now, a blockchain provides all information, including date, time, total value, buyer account, seller’s account, etc. Moreover, it gives a unique identifying code for every transaction that is carried out in bitcoin mining or trading. A number of these entries are then strung together in bundles with chronological order, creating a digital chain of the blocks.

As soon as a block is made, it gets added to the public ledger making all the transactions accessible publicly, and anyone is free to view it if they want. Blockchains are not owned by anyone organization and can be shared by all. People can contribute to it like they want and have access to it.

Everything About Mining Bitcoins


If you don’t seem to know the term ‘Bitcoin mining’, you should get familiar with it before mining bitcoins. The process of bitcoin mining is no doubt a complex technical process; it not only involves the creation of new coins but the validation of the blockchain cryptocurrency transactions is also involved. The process in which more transactions are added to the bitcoin blockchain is known as the mining of bitcoins. Mining bitcoins is an arduous task, and the people who do it have to work hard.


The entire mining process requires many high-end computer-related works, which ordinary people have not accepted. This has earned the maker’s criticism; People have considered this an energy-intensive process that continuously harms the environment. This issue was encouraged by Elon Musk, which spun a fire spark amongst all, and people are now finding this quite relevant.


Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bitcoins


When coming to talk about Bitcoin mining, you should know that it requires you to have a computer that has works super fast with huge processing power. Bitcoin mining could be the right option for you if your computer has higher processing power. This way, you can avail yourself of the benefit of the mining speed and profit accordingly. Besides this, you will need to have access to active internet connectivity that will never stop in between the mining process.


Final Words

At the end of the day, the expert investors advise not to invest more than 2-3 percent of the overall earnings of an interested investor. This is mainly because the world of cryptocurrency is no doubt volatile. This way, no one knows how the value of bitcoins will change rapidly and unpredictably in the near future. Therefore, you should be well aware of every important factor related to bitcoin trading, mining and then proceed further with your investment.

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Bitcoin Trading - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs),

Bitcoin Trading – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bitcoin Trading – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, there are no doubt the most commonly asked questions that every novice investor should know about. If you, too, are new to the world of cryptocurrency trading and wish to get all your doubts and concerns cleared, this article is for you. In this article, you will get an idea mostly for answers related to Bitcoin trading and related important factors. You will come across the most commonly asked questions that would help new traders venture into the world of this fastest-growing world of cryptocurrency. Read on to know further.


All About Bitcoin

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has become the world’s first decentralized digital currency that has hugely increased its popularity and interest between cryptocurrency investors. In Bitcoin, the payment system is peer-to-peer, that means every transaction that occurs between users without an intermediary or a central repository. Every user transaction is verified by network nodes and recorded in the open to a blockchain public ledger.

When Was Bitcoin Introduced? History of Bitcoin You Need To Know

Bitcoin as a payment system was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and opened up to the public in 2009. In 2011-12, two years after its initial use, Bitcoin gained its popularity since then. This is how the history of Bitcoin shapes up.

Is Bitcoin Worth Investing?

Investors and financial experts confirm that investing in Bitcoin is not entirely safe. Still, general trends show that Bitcoin trading will be trending shortly because of the high profitability prospects. Apart from the apparent price volatility and speculation, the main risk is involved in the safe storage of your Bitcoin assets.

Is Bitcoin Trading Open For Everyone?

Yes, it is open to everyone. You do not require any license to trade, and Bitcoins can be changed in exchanges in any country where cryptocurrencies are accepted. However, there are some restrictions in some specific countries like China and Argentina. In these two countries, the financial transactions related to cryptocurrencies are restricted.

Where Do You Start Trading Bitcoins?

When you are planning to invest in Bitcoin, it is highly advised to buy and sell Bitcoins through a reputed and reliable online platform. There are many technically advanced and safe platforms, such as Bitcoin Investment, which investors and traders use in manual and automated modes.

All About The Ups And Downs of Price Change of Bitcoins

You may not be aware of the fact but most surprisingly, the currency of Bitcoins has a maximum cap of 21 million, which means only 21 million Bitcoin currencies are available for trading. The price of Bitcoin will depend on the demand, speed of transactions, and government regulations in some countries. Hence, the credibility of Bitcoins is increasing and gaining worldwide acceptance. This would make Bitcoin a juicier prospect for investors.

What Is A Bitcoin Address?

Next comes to what a bitcoin address is. As an example, when you create an account with an online Bitcoin provider, you automatically get a Bitcoin address. This is a string of “numbers and characters,” which is a total of 40, and through a Bitcoin address, someone can send you Bitcoins, or you can, alternatively.

What Is A Private Key In A Bitcoin?

Every Bitcoin address has a unique and irreplaceable private key. This key allows someone to claim the Bitcoin sent to your own address. Now, most importantly, losing a private key in Bitcoin means that you would have lost complete access to your Bitcoins, so if you’ve only used a Bitcoin address once, back it up or print it out.

Final Words

The objective of this article was to provide the new user with the basic information on Bitcoins to get them started. However, a deeper understanding of the volatility and trading techniques is required to invest and take advantage of the profitability of this highly-popular digital currency till date.


The wide acceptance and ease of usage while having huge profitability prospects make this digital currency the new investment venture for those trading in the conventional markets. If you, too, are planning to become an investor in Bitcoin, make sure you give importance to the negative aspects of Bitcoin investment besides the positive ones.

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Bitcoin: Companies Supporting Bitcoin and Other Crypto,

Bitcoin: Companies Supporting Bitcoin and Other Crypto

Bitcoin: Companies Supporting Bitcoin and Other Crypto

Many big businesses accept Bitcoin as a valid form of money. The powerful special computers required to mine Bitcoin absorb large amounts of energy in China, with dirt-cheap and weak restrictions. Tesla discontinued its Bitcoin offer approximately three months later, a firm whose whole image is upon renewable energy. Musk highlighted environmental concerns and the enormous volume of fossil fuels to create a single coin. On 12 May, the mea culpa of Muske washed $365 billion in one day from the bitcoin market. For more precise and accurate information, visit bitcoin investment.



In 2014, it started taking bitcoin as payment for games, apps, or platforms like Windows Phone. Microsoft became an early adopter. It was a year of controversy with the most significant Bitcoin exchange in the world, Mt. Gox, falling into bankruptcy following a flourish of fraud, hacking, and events that lost hundreds of millions of Dollars of Bitcoins.


Home Depot Home

Its acceptance is crucial since it indicates that you may buy goods with Bitcoin for your entire house. Home Depot supports Bitcoin payments using in-store checkout systems from Flexa. It simplifies the use of Bitcoin for payment since the partnership of Gemini with Flexa has eliminated the friction frequently associated with Bitcoin transactions.



Twitch is the 800 livers gorilla on the video platform block for streaming. Like Whole Foods, Amazon owns Twitch. It takes cryptocurrencies as well as Whole Foods — not just Bitcoin. However, in June 2020, Twitch returned this functionality to the joy of its crypto-conscious fans.



Shopify mentions four payment sources on its website as additional payment options. Over 1,800 cryptocurrencies are traders’ payments, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Shopify allows retailers to use the platform to pick their preferred payment methods.



Japanese shopping/cashback website Rakuten started enabling consumers in 2015 to select Bitcoin as their payment option. The firm started with in the U.S. as part of a worldwide Bitcoin rollout before expanding the new services to its equivalents in Germany and Austria. Since then, the Rakuten Wallet has to accommodate Altcoins like Ethereum.


Pizza Hut

Bitcoin may now buy and pay for the large pizza company Pizza Hut in Venezuela by November 2020. It happens after economic sanctions have slammed the nation, which has driven bitcoin acceptance to new heights. While this is not a worldwide step, it may be a forerunner for what will happen.



Giant Newegg online electronics welcome Bitcoin — and they’re all-in. In contrast to some others, Newegg may pay for cryptography in cash through an app or a third-party provider. All you have to do is pick ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ and take the shipping steps for buyers who buy via a computer. For customers shopping on mobile phones, Newegg will send a Q.R. code for scanning. Newegg also provides cryptocurrency mining starting kits to anyone who wants to get created Bitcoins on their own.


PayPal Holdings Inc.

PayPal announced in October 2020 that consumers in the U.S. could buy, trade, and store a limited amount of cryptocurrencies directly from their Cash or Cash Plus accounts by 2021. You can learn about cryptocurrencies and track them using your PayPal app.



As masks began to cover faces throughout America, Starbucks declared in March 2020 that it was embracing the Bitcoin revolution—sort of it.



BitPay is an application that enables users to buy Bitcoins and use Apple Pay prepaid Mastercard. The BitPay wallet software supports several cryptocurrencies, including Ether and Bitcoin Cash and stable USD currency, Paxos Standard, Gemini Dollar, and Binance USD.



Etsy does not have a mechanism to take Bitcoin as a payment site, but the independent merchants that provide their platform can accept cryptography in their respective stores. In this example, when purchasers click on that option, they may send their payment preferences to the purchaser — Bitcoin. The seller then answers the transaction with a Bitcoin address. The Etsy Community Forum offers a unique Bitcoin-style page with tutorials to tell merchants how they accept Bitcoin and make the process work properly.



In 2018, CNN said that Overstock was “essentially now a crypto-company,” an exaggeration based on the substantial online retailer investment in technology blockchain. At the time, Overstock was already a Bitcoin veteran – before COVID increased to its present prominence as one of the world’s top E-Commerce platforms.

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why to buy bitcoin?

Why should a person buy bitcoin?

As the world’s present leader in the cryptocurrency showcase, the bitcoin has been making some genuine features over the most recent a half year, and there have been some sharp changes. Nearly everybody has known about them, and nearly everybody has an assessment. A few people may not be very much aware of the possibility that no cash can be made from anything at any expense, while a few people like the possibility that something can be made as an important element without the control of the administration. The is one of the best ways to earn well to know more about the cryptocurrency.

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Would you be able to Bring in Cash with Bitcoin?

Over the most recent a half year alone, we’ve seen a 20 coin in February, a 26 260 coin in April, a 60 coin in spring and a 130 coin in May. Presently the cost has gone up to about $ 100 a bitcoin, however anybody can think about what occurs straightaway. The eventual fate of last relies upon two significant factors: its decision as cash by a wide crowd, and the nonattendance of restricted government mediation. The bitcoin network is developing quickly, enthusiasm for digital forms of money has spread significantly on the web, and new administrations are quickly tolerating bitcoin installments.

Making more cash

We have just observed that individuals make millions on cash. We are seeing an expanding number of individuals explore different avenues regarding simply being on the bitcoin toward the month’s end, while the experience is recorded to watch the narrative. You can likewise get a few vehicles on Craigslist utilizing Take Offway in Boston, Espresso in London, and Bitcoin. With the ascent in April and the subsequent decrease in bitcoin costs, the quest for bitcoins escalated in 2013. A week ago the Bitcoin organization’s first significant obtaining was made by an obscure purchaser, at 126,315 BTC (around $11.47 million), for the internet betting website, Satoshi Bones. In the event that trust in the money stays solid, this quick development in mindfulness and optics is probably going to proceed.

Significant level reception

Albeit explicitly intended to work autonomously of government control, the bitcoin will definitely be influenced by governments somehow. This ought to occur for two reasons. To begin with, for significant level reception, bitcoins must be available to an enormous number of individuals, and this implies people and organizations can get to concealed exchanges from regular exchanges. Second, these bitcoin exchanges can be a suitable piece of individuals’ available riches, just as some other kind of riches that can be proclaimed and overseen.

Better earning medium

The European Association has just reported that the bitcoin can’t be delegated a fiat cash, or as a money, and accordingly, won’t be directed all alone. In the US, the 50 state frameworks and the quantity of officials included have unavoidably settled on choices increasingly troublesome, which have not yet been settled upon. Bitcoin isn’t considered as cash, yet it is considered to work like cash. The eventual fate of the developing bitcoin advertise in the US is progressively dubious, and any last enactment in the US could have an extremely positive, or exceptionally negative, impact on the fate of the bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Scams: Boon or Bane?

Bitcoin investment ideas for higher business profit

This cash isn’t reinforced by anything profitable, (for instance, gold or silver). Bitcoins are traded on the web, which makes them an item. Bitcoin is an open source thing, accessible to customers. You should simply begin an email address, web access and money. Bitcoins are mined on passed on PC frameworks of customers running phenomenal programming. The framework understands some numerical confirmations, and outputs for a specific data course of action that conveys a particular model when the BTC estimation is applied to it. It is puzzling and dreary and imperativeness eating up. The framework also affirms all trades through encryption. If you need to get more info then to invest in bitcoin is a better choice.

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How achieves a bitcoin work?

Web customer’s move propelled assets (bits) to each other over a framework. There is no online bank. Or on the other hand possibly, the bitcoin is depicted as a passed on record related with the Internet. Purchasers buy bitcoins for cash or by selling a thing or organization for a bitcoin. Bitcoin wallets store and use this electronic cash. Customers can sell this virtual record by trading their Bitcoin with someone else in bitcoin. Anything you want anyone can do that wherever on the planet. There are phone applications for convenient bitcoin trades and bitcoin exchanges are advancing the Internet.

What sum does a bitcoin cost?

Bitcoin isn’t held or obliged by any cash related association. It is completely decentralized. As opposed to genuine money, it can’t be regarded by governments or banks. Or maybe, the estimation of the bitcoin must be recognized as a portion among buyers and its smoothly is compelled. The estimation of its overall cash differs as demonstrated by effortlessly and solicitation and market hypothesis. As a consistently expanding number of people make wallets and keep and spend bitcoins, and more associations recognize it, the estimation of bitcoins will augment. Banks are right now endeavoring to regard the bitcoin and some endeavor locales have foreseen that the bitcoin will cost a couple thousand dollars in 2014.

Abstains from the peril of deception

Simply the owner of Wikipedia can send a portion to the perfect recipient, simply the individual who can get it. The framework realizes that the trade has happened and the trade is affirmed. They can’t be tried or pulled back. This is staggering for online sellers who are consistently needy upon assessment with Mastercard processors concerning whether the trade is phony, or associations that finish on a noteworthy cost for Visa chargebacks.

Data is secure

As we’ve seen with late hacks on national retailers’ portion taking care of systems, the Internet isn’t continually an ensured spot for private data. With Bitcoin, customers don’t give up private information. The vendor/recipient never watches your characterized information so it is somewhat obscure anyway it is available.

Worldwide Portions

Bitcoin is used the world over. Online business merchants and authority centers can without quite a bit of a stretch recognize all inclusive portions, which open up new potential markets for them. Basic Portion System Mer merchants can use Bitcoin as a full portion structure. They have no bitcoin cash considering the way that the bitcoin can be changed over into dollars. Customers or vendors can trade and out of Bitcoin and diverse money related structures at whatever point.

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A unified front of regulatory authorities is being created that opposes Facebook's plans with Libra

A unified front of regulatory authorities is being created that opposes Facebook’s plans with Libra

There was no doubt that the cryptocurrency of Facebook Libra would counteract, but facing an unified front was not predicted.

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Regulatory authorities from the US, Britain, the European Union and four other governments have asked Facebook to answer some questions about how it will protect user data.

The social network has not been able to meet the regulatory authorities’ requirements in the past and there is no assurance that it will do better with Libra in their letter to the social network.

The authorities want to know that Libra will have taken the necessary measures to protect personal data, including transparency and adequate means of protecting personal data with a minimum collection of information.

They also want to know if those companies that process payments will adhere to these obligations and apply the same standards in different countries.

The group expects a response from Facebook even though it has not set a deadline. The social network one way or another should address these concerns. Politicians have gone so far as to propose a temporary ban on working in the Libra.

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Meet Libra, Facebook's long-awaited Cryptocurrency

Meet Libra, Facebook’s long-awaited Cryptocurrency

According to the white paper, Facebook’s cryptocurrency called “Libra” will operate in the Libra Blockchain and rely on a reserve of assets that will give it a stable value by protecting against fluctuations.

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These assets are bank deposits and short-term securities that will be held in the Book Reserve for each booklet that is issued for circulation.

The new payroll coefficient will be overseen by a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, the “Libra Association”, which consists of names such as Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, Stripe, eBay, Coinbase, Andreessen Horowitz and Uber as its founders.

Facebook hopes to expand this organization to 100 members ahead of Libra debut in the first half of 2020.

The Libra Organization is run by the Council of Libra Association. The members of the council are the founders where each leads a network node and is required a minimum initial $10 million investment.

Every 10 million provides one vote per entity to the council. Facebook also introduced the Libra Invesment Token, a currency other than that of the Equinox Libra which can be bought and distributed in the form of dividends for the founder of the organization and the accredited investors.

Because Libra is not technically tied to a state-owned currency, the white paper says users may not always swap the currency for a certain amount of paper money even though Facebook claims that reserve assets are chosen to minimize the variation of the cryptocurrency.

While reserve assets are geographically distributed to ensure its decentralization, the only reserve is managed by the Libra Association.

New Libra coins are created when authorized resellers buy coins from paper-based organizations and are destroyed when resellers sell currency to the organization again.

Facebook says the software that enables Libra blockchain implementation is open-source and serves an ecosystem of interoperable financial services by expanding the involvement of actors and investors.

Earlier reports say the currency will be used to ease Facebook payments and in platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram exposing them to 2.7 billion active users per month.

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Visa, Mastercard, PayPal And other Big Names To Support Facebook Cryptocurrency

Facebook has joined dozens of companies in support of the new social network cryptocurrency that is expected to be launched soon and among them has big names reported on The Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

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Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Uber are some of the most lucrative companies that will support the new Facebook technology. Each of them will invest nearly $10 million in the consortium that will oversee cryptocurrency, the WSJ reported, citing people close to the issue.

The money will be used to fund the creation of a currency that could be exchanged with some of the world’s most powerful paper money, the report further said. The social network decides not to comment on the report. Last week, it was reported that Facebook is close to the debut  this month the cryptocurrency.

While the encryption blockchain will be much more centralized than bitcoins with 100 or fewer nodes in the payment network, the company will benefit from outsourcing assistance to keep the system running.

Apart from building trust, this system would be a frontier payment platform. A smooth launch would be vital to the health of the counterfeiter without mentioning the need to address the troubles with the regulatory authorities which have shown little skepticism about cryptocurrencies.

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A new cheat with Bitcoin infects computers with ransomware and trojans

A new cheat with Bitcoin infects computers with ransomware and trojans

In reality this program does nothing but install a ransomware or Trojan that steals passwords on victim computers.

Fraud was first discovered by researchers with the nickname Frost who spoke about him on Twitter.

Fraud is promoted on sites that promise profit on Ethereum by referring to their website. These pages say that those referring to 1,000 visits earn 3 Ethereum worth $750.

Claims for free Ethereum are not even fraud. As you can see from the image presented, they say you can earn $15-45 a day free and automatically.

If you click that advertisement you will be sent to another site that promotes a program called “Bitcoin Collector” which when downloading should generate free bitcoin for you.

It even provides a link to VirusTotal to show users that it is safe and has no malware. But the program is actually a secret trojan.

When downloading and extracting a zip file, some files will be generated as well as an exutable called BotCollector.exe. when executing the latter will launch a program called “ – Bot” which does not seem to serve any purpose. In reality, this trojan claims to be a bitcoin generator but simply launches malware.

When researchers analyzed the trojan, it was noticed that clicking the Start button would cause a fake bot program to activate the malware.

The interesting fact of this scheme is that attackers promise free ethereum by referring users to the website and gaining free promotion of “BotcCollector” as well as more opportunities to infect others.

First as a malware

When Frost unveiled the campaign, the malware was hidden in a HiddenTear ransomware called “Marozka Tear Ransomware.”

When launched, it encrypts the .crypted files and creates some notes on how to decrypt the files. The program and notes ask the user to contact [email protected] to receive payment instructions.

Already this campaign promotes a Trojan. Frost said this is a Baldr infection which has a 32/70 detection ratio in VirusTotal.

Below you can see the control servers and commands. Trojan infection is much more dangerous because it steals account credentials online, realizes screenshots, takes browser history, steals files, and even encrypts portfolios.

If you are affected by this fraud, you have to change all passwords, especially banking and financial ones./ BleepingComputer

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