GoPro Hero 9 Black

The king of action cameras brings the 9th generation of GoPro Hero

GoPro for 15 years has held the throne in the industry of high-resolution cameras, which are practical to carry in different terrains and which are resistant to water, dust, and various climatic conditions.

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Recently they launched the newest product GoPro Hero 9, it is about a new camera that has a bigger battery, body, and much higher photo resolution. The new edition is bigger and better at almost everything. This year the price will be a little higher.

The resolution at which it can film has been improved, the Hero 9 can shoot 20MP photos compared to the previous 12MP. The option to record video in 5K has been added, though only at 30fps. The 1,720mAh battery is 40% larger than the Hero 8.

GoPro has also re-introduced the changeable front lens cover, something which was missing in the 2019 series. It will also sell a “Max Lens” mod for $99 this October which adds wider framing and horizontal leveling, despite camera orientation.

GoPro Hero 9 Black
GoPro Hero 9 Black

The screens are also better this time around, the front one has a color panel already to see the framing, while the back one is bigger, 2.27-inch and touchscreen. The screen and battery show that this model is larger in dimension compared to other models.

The starting price of Hero 9 is $349.98, while the slightly more advanced model is $449.99, around $50 more than the previews model. All video enthusiasts fans of difficult terrain can order it through different platforms starting from today.

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