The price for producing an iPhone from Apple will drive you crazy, it's very low!

Every year, intrepid technologists at sites like iFixit and TechInsights do hands-on analysis on the newest smartphones, which examine the different parts that make up these phones.

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While these may not give a complete picture of the costs, but they go to far.

According to a recent analysis by TechInsights and NBC News, the 6.5-inch screen on the Iphone 11 Pro Max it costs to Apple $66.50 while the battery costs about $10.50. 

The triple camera module cost about $73.50. The rest of the phone – the processor, modem and memory cost about $159.

And a variety of sensors, wires, PCBs, etc. It cost about $181.

Total cost? About $490.50, TechInsights said.

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