What will happen to your iPhone this week?
What will happen to your iPhone this week?

Apple will introduce three new models of iPhone today, the prices of which will be worth 1,000 pounds. This means that with the introduction of these new iPhones, the value of the existing ones will decrease

So if you have an old iPhone, your phone‘s value will drop by 25%. A year ago, Apple introduced the latest model, the iPhone X, which was worth 999 pounds. This smartphone today costs about 600 pounds.

This price will decrease even more in the coming weeks. So if you do not want your phone to lose the value you have, technology experts recommend that you sell it as soon as possible and buy the latest model that will be introduced by Apple.

The 25% fall in the price of iPhones already in circulation will be even greater when new models, that will be presented today, expected to be launched for sale. For this reason, experts say you have to submit your old iPhone without losing even more the value you had when you bought it.

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