Xiaomi 108-megapixel Camera
Xiaomi 108-megapixel Camera

Last month Samsung revealed the largest single camera sensor for smartphones, the 108-megapixel 1/1.33 ISOCELL Birght HMX model.

Xiaomi will be the first company to sell a device with this camera and to date speculation has led us to the Mi Mix 4 debuting in October. However, according to XDA Developers, the Chinese company is actually working on four different smartphones that will have the 108-mgapixel camera. Their codename is “tucana,” “draco,” “umi,” and “cmi.”

Although the sensor is 108-megapixels, it will capture 27-megapixel photos by combining four pixels into one to absorb more light.

The 108-megapixel sensor was introduced last month, and like Sony, the company hasn’t decided to bring it to its phones right away. The company just a few days ago introduced a 48-megapixel camera phone, not even with the other 64-megapixel Samsung sensor.

There is no information about Xiaomi phones except for the Chinese giant. The question is how much will such a camera affect the price of smartphones?

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