Aston Martin has already made the official presentation of the first electric car. The Rapid E ​​instead of the V12 engine now has a 800V, 65kWh battery system and two rear engines with 604 horsepower.

Only 155 units of this machine will be produced, “at prices available in the application”, and the company gives us some reasons why we should buy such a car.

The battery pack is located directly in place of an ordinary fuel engine, and may charge up to 480 km per hour when plugged into an outlet that can transmit 100kW or more.

In addition to the state of the Tesla Ludicrous Mode, the Rapid E ​​comes with a maximum speed of 250 km/h, while reaches the speed of 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds.

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The electric power can be used in three steering modes: GT, Sport and Sport +, with the sense of direction and the differential built-in to suit the maneuverability of the AMR with gasoline.

There are many carbon fires inside the car. The analog controls are replaced by a 10-inch digital display that shows the status of the charging, power level, real-time power consumption, and more.

You can also get information via a vehicle-related application that may remind you where you parked the car.

Another major difference between this car and the previous one is the aerodynamic design. Since no need for a discharger, the rear diffuser size has increased.

Since no need for cooling as before, the air flow through the body is reduced to improve the range, which is about 320 km with the WLTP test.

This is a major step for the company in the world of electric cars that is developing every day more and more.

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