Ferrari wins 69,000 euros per car, Bentley loses 17,000

Ferrari is the most lucrative producer in the automotive industry.

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While others struggle for revenue, such as Nissan, which has shrunk to 20% in US production, or Ford, which has abolished virtually all models that are not in the SUV class, Ferrari has an exceptionally profitable year.

In the first six months, Marannel’s maker won 69,000 euros for each individual car sold. On the other hand, the British Jaguar Land Rover won just € 800 for the vehicle.

As for the German premium, Porsche is almost twice as profitable as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. The manufacturer from Stuttgart has earned about 17,000 euros for each vehicle, while the average for “Big Three” is about 9,000.

The Italian Maserati brings the FCA group around $ 5,000 per unit, while Volvo is less profitable.

As for the losers, the “champion” was Bentley which is at minus even 17,000 euros for each sold car, but the company justifies them with major investments in electrical technology.

In a similar situation is Tesla with less 11,000 euros for the car, while Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini have not revealed their financial results.

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