Intel Mediatek First 5G chip

The 5G MediaTek T700 chip is designed to be used on next-generation laptops with Intel processors

Intel does not build 5G modems after retiring from the business due to failing to meet the expectations, but the partnership with MediaTek has begun to bear fruit. The two companies introduced the 5G MediaTek T700 modem designed to be used on the next-generation laptops with Intel processors.

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In this partnership, Intel has worked on the integration and development of the platform for the 5G chip as well as providing assistance to OEM partners. The MediaTek T700 chip offers support for 5G sub-6Ghz technology. But the chip also works with 4G networks. MediaTek promised that this processor will be extremely efficient by saving the laptop battery while browsing the Internet or making 5G calls.

Given the higher 5G internet capacity, laptops with these modems will become a necessity. Recently launched laptops like the Dell Latitude 9510 2n1, HP Elite Dragonfly G2, and Lenovo Flex 5G use Qualcomm 5G modems.


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