Kuo: All 2020 iPhone models will have 5G network
Kuo: All 2020 iPhone models will have 5G network

Although some Android OEMs are beginning to offer smartphones that support 5G networks, Apple is not expected to do so until next year, at least.

An analyst, who has brought accurate information to Apple’s upcoming moves in many cases in the past, now predicts that the entire iPhone 2020 series will have support for 5G networks.

Ming-Chi Kuo from TF Securities predicts that the three new models of iPhone that Apple will launch next year will have support for 5G networks. He had previously predicted that only two of the three models would receive the 5G modem.

Kuo says Apple is likely to make this decision because of the competition, as some of their Android rivals have brought 5G phones to the market.

Apple has not confirmed anything about their iPhone 2020 until this time. However, it is believed that the three models will display OLED screens in size 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches.

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