Though it is lower than its predecessor, the new BMW X6 is wider and taller, offering more spacious interior, reports Telegraph.

The LED lights are the same as those of the 8 Series, while the ceiling is with a glass panel that offers panoramic views. Like the X7, it has the same 12.3-inch screen, while the light system is standard.

Depending on the application, this model now launched can be placed on a 335 horsepower engine, or the other that produces 33 units more. In this form, the speed from zero up to 100 kilometers per hour can take up to 5.2 or 5.3 seconds. It is also offered with a 523 horsepower engine, which enables speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, for 4.1 seconds.

If special wheels are fitted, they can reach maximum speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour, but without them, it can not reach more than 210 kilometers per hour.

When it comes to sale in November, the BMW X6 can be purchased at the base price of 57,000 euros, or with all the options that cost 75,000 euros.

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