Intel claims that the 10nm desktop processors will arrive early next year

Earlier this month, Intel confirmed the company’s plans to launch the processors that will include 10nm models, while denying rumors that it will not launch 10nm desktop chipsets, reports Overclock3D.

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Now the IT World Canada site report suggests that Intel will be ready to introduce 10nm desktop processors “early next year” and also claims that the company’s production of 10nm chips is progressing well and that Intel is pleased with the stock it has.

However, this does not provide concrete answers to questions about 10nm and to what extent the platform will be available in the market. Will we see the 10nm successor of the i9-9900K processor, or will this be a Broadwell desktop version with limited release?

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Also, the question arises as to what will happen to Comet Lake. Rumors are circulating that Intel will release the Comet Lake processor series in early 2020, with up to 10 cores and 20 threades, which will inherit today’s eight-core Coffee Lake models. The question is whether Intel’s 10nm desktop chips will be released with 14nm models, or is this just for mobile processors?

IT World Canada also reports that Intel plans to open a third factory to produce the 10nm processors, which will significantly increase the company’s production capacity.

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