Mysterious 6-core Intel CPU based on the new architecture benchmark Leaked

Intel’s CPU, based on an unpublished architecture till now, has appeared on the SiSoft base benchmark. The processor has six cores and 12 threades, working at 3 GHz, and operates as standard 12nm CPUs that are already available, but if you look a little better things are different, reports TechPowerUp.

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The new CPU has a different configuration of the L2 cache than previous solutions and offers 1.25MB of L2 cache per core, which is unlike any of Intel’s current offerings. Ice Lake mobile chips have 512KB, while the largest amount of L2 cache is currently available in the i9-10980XE and it is 1MB.

It is not yet known where this new processor will fit into the company’s full 14nm/10nm line, and it is not known whether it is the 10nm Tiger Lake version or the possible Rocket Lake 14nm CPU. The only thing known is that the processor has a new architecture compared to the Skylake variants currently used.

The platform, which was used for benchmarking processors, includes the SuperMicro X12DAi-N SMC X12 dual-socket motherboard, with two new processors and a total of 12 cores and 24 threades.

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