How Will Cybersecurity Be Automated in 2021?

How Will Cybersecurity Be Automated in 2021?

One of the biggest trends that is anticipated to affect cybersecurity this year is automation. When it comes to solutions for better network management and automation, it will be imperative for organizations and government entities to follow these trends. Otherwise, they’re left vulnerable to a staggering increase in cybersecurity attacks and incidents.

There was reportedly a webinar for U.S. federal agents in August of 2020. The webinar was for agents who are experts in cybersecurity and from cybersecurity directors from organizations like NASA.

The takeaway was that we’re moving away from the notion that you can account for each alert. Instead, there needs to be a significant reliance on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation in general.

Based on information from an IBM report, organizations that have invested in automation have average data breaches of around $2.45 million compared to $6 million for the organizations that haven’t made a similar investment.

The following are some of the key things to know about the automation of cybersecurity in 2021 and what trends are likely to be most relevant.

What is Cybersecurity Automation?

Cybersecurity automation broadly refers to products meant to automate specific tasks that fall within the parameters of security. Most organizations probably already have some level of automation as part of their cybersecurity arsenal.

An example of common automation in cybersecurity is the use of products that manage vulnerabilities.

Beyond the simplest and most prevalent types of automation, there are more specific types of security automation.

For example, there is security automation and orchestration or SOAR. There’s also custom software and code used to automate analysis and processes.

As organizations are emphasizing their digital transformation priorities, the complexities of their IT environments are increasing. That ups the risk of cybersecurity threats, alongside with the fact that it’s difficult to source security talent.

Why Automation?

Automation in cybersecurity isn’t just something for large enterprises. It can and should be used by small organizations too.

When you automate cybersecurity, then your team can focus on the more complex challenges.

This is especially important right now. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted work to a remote environment at a rapid pace, meaning many companies were left facing extensive threats and vulnerabilities. Being able to target their focus is helping businesses and their security professionals tackle the most pressing issues, while automation handles the rest.

Data Correlation

One way that automation is becoming more relevant in cybersecurity is for the correlation of data. Most vendors of security solutions gather large amounts of data related to threats. Unfortunately, that data isn’t often put to good use.

For data to be useful, it needs to be turned into action.

When data is not just gathered but appropriately analyzed and used,  it becomes easier to predict what an attacker might do next. You’re several steps ahead rather than behind.

Plus, just like automation is improving cybersecurity, it’s also making it easier for attackers. They are able to have more large-scale attacks that are similarly automated, so you need to be able to fight fire with fire in these instances.

Rapid Protection

Another key area of focus in cybersecurity automation will be making sure that after a threat is identified, then protections can be put into place faster than the attack can move throughout a network. Again, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of automation.

Automation can help preserve resources while simultaneously keeping up with an attack before it leads to downtime.


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a phrase you’re likely to hear quite a bit in the coming years.

Robotic process automation means the use of robots, which can include virtual software bots, to automate repetitive security tasks. What this would mean is that a robot would handle tasks like scanning and monitoring, as well as basic threat detection.

Then, cybersecurity as a whole in an organization becomes more efficient. It removes the need for the human security team to have to manually do these repetitive tasks.

It also cuts out human error, which remains one of the biggest cybersecurity threats any organization faces.

Robotic process automation can help improve response time and alert notifications and can help identify attack surfaces. It can also help with automated patching and updates, and it fills the talent shortage that is inevitably going to be felt in a big way this year as far as security experts.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start planning for the automation of all aspects of network management as well as your cybersecurity.

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Top 3 VMware Backup Solutions We Had In 2020 • NeoAdvis

Top 3 VMware Backup Solutions We Had In 2020

Top 3 VMware Backup Solutions We Had In 2020

In the modern world, information is as valuable as gold or oil, which is no exaggeration. People share, send, receive, create, and consume information daily, and the same goes for every existing company and enterprise. They wouldn’t operate without business correspondence, releases, client databases, official websites full of content, etc. That is why you cannot be too careful when securing your vital data, which is continuously confirmed by all knowledgeable IT specialists. Since we live in the digital era, multiple encounters with hijacker’s attacks, viruses, and malicious programs are inevitable, not to mention unexpected system and hardware failures. Everything that starts with annoying little things can lead to a full-fledged information disaster.

However, even if the organization or a person backs up their data regularly, storing copies on physical media, such as thumb drives or hard disks, their important files are still in danger. External storage devices can’t ensure 100% safety to the data that’s kept on them. Like any other physical object, they are prone to damages and even destruction. Even remote servers in the area where floods or other natural disasters are not uncommon cannot boast high reliability. Alternative solutions are necessary, and they come in the form of virtualization.

Why Is VMware Backup the Best Way Out?

Considering extensive costs associated with hardware updates, the demand for virtual machines (VMs) has rapidly increased in the past couple of years. Thus, one of the most popular software for virtual computers, VMware, provided businesses and average users with the opportunity to operate with a more dependable, not linked to a physical medium operating system with many useful programs. Moreover, it endowed them with cloud-based storage that is less fragile than its material counterparts.

Hence, the best way out is to switch to VMs and online storage, which come with the most advanced technologies regularly updated and improved. When resorting to the cutting-edge software for the OS installed on your virtual computer equipment, you actually can save a lot of money and, at the same time, boost the productivity of your staff members and enterprise in general. Yet, it doesn’t exclude the necessity of making backups.

Applying server backup solutions is of paramount importance for any firm dealing with data. While physical servers prove to be less and less steady, you should let your business grow with technology instead of struggling with it and opt for a virtual backup system ASAP. In the end, you’ll be glad that you did!

However, running VMs on ESXi hosts via vSphere requires certain precautions to ensure that your data is safe and intact. So, it’s time to talk about top threeESXi backup providers that rescued numerous people and organizations from the data loss apocalypse.


Perhaps, the most in-demand backup utility of 2020 was created by experienced developers of NAKIVO Inc. Their product is called NAKIVO Backup & Replication, a high-end VMware backup solution promising quick and quality reserve copying and fast data restoration.

ESXi backup by Nakivo helped many individual and corporate users eliminate data corruption and information loss in 2020. While it represents a specialized hardware hypervisor, which is conveniently installed on the server and allows you to run multiple virtual machines on it, ESXi backup utility shows off some handy features:

  • A command-line function with real-time data output
  • Hot backups’ creation, while the virtual computer is working
  • Automatic preparation for space review
  • Detailed reports about reserve copying process and its results
  • Supports VMware ESX (previous version of the hypervisor) backup procedures.


Another undeniable leader in the field of data management for cloud storage is the Vembu backup software. It ensures a straightforward, adjustable, and dependable reserve ESXi copying and recovery option for many enterprises. Its primary benefits include the following:

  • Fast and high-quality backups creation
  • Granular restoration feature
  • Quick and stable connection between different cloud environments
  • Limitless and free-of-charge ad hoc backup copies
  • Opportunity to save storage space by compressing backups, etc.


The last but not the least on our list is the Iperius VMware ESXi, vCenter and ESXi backup product. Its most notable features include ease of use and robustness complemented by a complement server infrastructure protection framework. Users of Iperius solutions can enjoy both incremental and differential backups, free ESXi backups, and extensive VM replication features.

Undoubtedly, there were (and still are) other trustworthy backup solutions for VMware, and hopefully, the upcoming year will bring the industry even more fantastic innovations.

The Last Call! How to Succeed in Domain Auction

The Last Call! How to Succeed in Domain Auctions

Domain auctions are a good service for buying and/or selling a domain. Increase the value of the domain at auction by following the steps in the guide below!

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Until a few years ago, buying a domain for business was considered affordable if it was in the $10,000 range. Nowadays, the value of the domain has increased as every company has its own website and has seen the power of owning as many domains. This makes domain auctions an attractive way to make money.

The Last Call! How to Succeed in Domain Auctions

If you own or are looking to buy some domains, read our guide to making sure you succeed in the next auction.

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How to Buy in a Smart Way

Sites like, SnapNames and GoDaddy Auctions allow domain owners to list the domain they own. You can even sell your domain name on eBay if you are good at marketing. At, you can list for only $9 and only have to pay 15% commission.

If you’re not sure what you want to buy, think about the categories that get people’s attention online. You can buy simple names like “” or “”, which are URLs that many powerful companies would like to own.

Search for expired domains on sites like to view the latest inventory. Find out why the domain has expired and you may become the owner of a domain that the previous owner had forgotten to renew.

Refine the Bidding Process

Before you say your offer, consider how much you will get from that domain. Websites like and allow you to compare prices. Remember that “.com” URLs sell better than other domain suffixes.

If your offer has been won, you should contact the seller. Most markets manage this part for you. If your bid is lost, be careful about the sale and stay in touch with the winning bidder. There are times when these transactions are not executed. So you can intervene and get the domain anyway.

For a domain you want to own, check to check who owns it. This way you may be able to reach out and bid directly to the domain owner who owns a URL that they may not need.

Start with a quick visit to the site. If the site is complete, the sale price will be high and you can spend a difficult time getting the domain. If there is no page, the URL may have been abandoned by the previous owner or purchased by someone who did not intend to use it.

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Sell ​​as a Professional

When you have a valuable URL, you need to sell it on the right page. Listing on a website that has little traffic or where URLs are sold cheaply would be a frustrating choice. As most transactions are mandatory to finalize this decision is very costly.

Use an evaluation tool to help with setting a price. The older the domain, the higher its value is. If you have a domain that is generating revenue for you, do the same as selling a small business.

If you are selling an important domain, you will not want to lose. Use bail (eg escrow) to relate the transaction. So protect yourself and the buyer at the same time.

Domain Auctions Are Rising

Year after year, the value that URLs draw from domain auctions only increases. Over time, each domain will become more valuable as more people will want to have the advantage of associating a word with a valuable product or brand name.

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The important update for Etherum has been postponed to late February

The important update for Ethereum has been postponed to late February

Although the users were willing to change the app, it was announced that this important update was postponed to February 27,reports Telegraph.

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The creator of the platform, Peter Szilagyi, wrote a short post on Twitter about this news.

“The change that would have to be made at Blockhouse 7,280,000 has been postponed for late February. Although we have set for date 27, there may be slight postponements, due to the potential load, “Szilagyi wrote.

With the installation of Constantinopele, it is expected that five updates will be activated, which make Ether much more practical and efficient. Opening, at the same time, the way for new updates, to make cheaper transactions and stop any potential virus.

This update is very important, as it will come before Casper will be asked this year, which will cause Etherum a lot of positive changes.

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neOadviser – TECH

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Internet can be accelerated up to 100 with the new technology

Internet can be accelerated up to 100 with the new technology

The Internet can be accelerated up to 100 times if the new technology of scientists is applicable.

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Innovation comes through Dr. Haoran Ren of the Royal Institute of Science and Technology of Melbourne.

Its about the world’s first nano-photon device that encodes more data and processes it much faster than conventional fiber optics using a special “twisted” light.

Ren said that the small nano-photon device he and his team have built to read distorted light is the missing key required to unlock ultra-fast communications.

Technology can also be used to receive quantum information sent by light, which means that there may be applications in a whole range of quantum communication and scientific research

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Temporary internet interruptions are expected in the next 48 hours

Temporary internet interruptions are expected in the next 48 hours

If in the next 48 hours you begin to experience a drop in network, do not worry because it is planned.In a report by RT (via NDTV), the Corporate Name and Specific Numbers Corporation (ICANN) has announced that they will perform maintenance work and change the cryptographic key that helps protect the Internet’s DNS.

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According to ICANN, this maintenance work is needed especially at this time, where we are seeing an increase in cyber attacks. In a statement made by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), it seems that not everyone will be necessarily affected by this issue and will depend on your ISP.

The CRA says, “To further clarify, some Internet users may be affected if network operators or Internet service providers (ISPs) are not prepared for this change. However, this impact can be avoided by enabling proper system security enhancements. ”

“We can assume that most ISPs have already been prepared for this, but if you experience network disruption for certain internet sites or when you make online transactions, do not worry because everything will end in 48 the next few hours. “

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neOadviser – TECH

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The whole world without internet: What will happen on October 11?

The whole world without internet: What will happen on October 11?

After a few weeks, the internet will be blocked for millions of users around the world. The blockage will occur on October 11, as the “security keys” that protect a significant part of the network will be changed.

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This process is called “KSK Rollover“, and at this point many users can see a “server problems” notice.

For users to be affected by this “blackout“, the problems will appear on October 11 or 48 hours late.

This will happen because many of the servers running the Internet store a copy for two days. For the last time, this process took place in 2010 and this security system called KSK-2010 will no longer be available, while the “new security key” will be called KSK-2017.

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neOadviser – TECH

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