Xbox Series S

The smallest Xbox ever will cost $299

Microsoft has revealed to us everything we need to know about the next-generation console, the Xbox Series X, and among other things informed us that a more modest version will also come under the name Series S about which nothing was known until now.

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It was not long before Microsoft itself finally confirmed it. The smallest Xbox ever will cost $299. But more than the price, what we are interested in is definitely what this device is capable of, in the end, Microsoft says that both consoles will have almost the same performance. At that price difference will be hard to believe.

Another video leaked finally clarifies our doubts and everything makes sense.

The Xbox Series S will be a single digital version without disks, a move followed by the PS5, but what worries us is actually the console SSD which according to the video will be 512GB.

A part of this space will be occupied by the operating system. Also, the new generation games are expected to increase the space they require available in relation to the quality, so very little space is provided for games. Just think GTA V is 45GB, in total, you will not be able to download more than 10 games on this console. And if you are going to download something else, you do not have the previously downloaded and paid games.

The solution from Microsoft comes in the form of the Project xCloud platform which allows you to stream them without having to download, from a catalog of more than 100 titles. But of course for this service, you have to pay a certain subscription fee.

So in these conditions is it really worth buying the Xbox Series S? Is it really cheaper? Of course, we still remain in the circle of speculation, nothing officially has been confirmed.

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