Top 10 Smart Choices for a Smart Kitchen

From floor to cabinets things have changed for the modern beings gone are the days when people hired maids for their kitchen usage nowadays people hire technology to do the same for them. So people own smart choices for their traditional kitchen to get smart. Now we introduce to you the cool appliances that you need to have in your kitchen and enjoy their services for a technological upliftment.

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Get yourself a fully automatic Dishwasher

If you are tired of manual dishwashing methods that rely largely on physical scrubbing to remove soiling, then get a new fully automatic dishwasher. An automatic dishwasher is a machine for cleaning dishware and cutlery automatically by spraying hot water along with detergent to get your dish clean completely. It saves water, provides hygienic wash, saves time, convenient to use, can be easily operated.

Get yourself a smart toaster

Wondering about a smart toaster? Yes, smart toaster does exist where you get a toaster that can provide you gluten-free, lighter toast, darker toast, etc. with just a single click with any type of bread say be it White Bread, Bagel, English Muffin, Waffle, Toast Pastry, etc. And guess what you can do it all even with your smartphone by just installing its app and you are done isn’t it amazing.

Get yourself a fully automatic smart Roti-maker

Do you hate making rotis and getting your hand dirty? Well the fully automatic Rotimatic is here to rescue you. Earlier designs of roti-maker made the dough for you to do it none had a fully automatic functioning but Rotimatic Roti maker is fully automatic. It just requires the exact amount of the ingredients and you are done. This gadget will really save a lot of your time and effort in the kitchen.

Many household owners from around the globe have bought this roti maker for their kitchen and it has saved a lot of time for them and they are becoming fans of this Food robot. Thinking whether it will work for you or not? Well,  checking Rotimatic Reviews does the job for you. Check the amazing response people witness in their daily chores about after this revolutionary machine.

Get yourself a Smart Egg Boiler

The majority of you must be wondering about this Smart Egg Boiler. Well, it is one of the other revolutionary machinery that is fully automatic and its job is to get the egg boiled for you not only that it offers you many options by providing various modes in it like deep boiling, low boiling, etc. with a single click it even offers you an app where you can change the boiling temperature, see the time left to boil, etc.

Get yourself a smart kitchen ventilator

Wondering the need for a kitchen ventilator? Well, it addresses the problem of grease, smoke, and odors. It removes the cooking fumes, excess hot air and introduces cool clean air, provides adequate air that contributes to a less stressful environment, provides sufficient air for complete combustion at fired appliances, and prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulation., decreases the chances of fire, Be easy to clean, etc

Get yourself a Smart Coffee Maker

These smart machines save time for many; a smart coffee maker is a perfect piece to get your coffee ready when you wake up in the morning. These smart coffee machine brew coffee for you even when you are lazily sitting in the bed all you need to do is to connect with the coffee maker via Bluetooth and just get your perfect cup ready for yourself with all your configurations are done and its app provides you with a variety of recipes from hot to cold, black to white everything quickly and quietly. Get more Kitchen Ideas here at bbqrecipez reviews.

Get a fully automatic Microwave Oven

A smart microwave oven is a must in every smart kitchen, it helps you get the authentic grilled feel to your pizzas, pies, chicken and fish roasts, gives your food the perfect crisp texture, help you cook in up to 50% less time, the SLIM FRY technology lets you fry food using up to 80% less fat, converts your oven to a tandoor get crisp roti or nan with a single click and all this can be done via your smartphone as well you just need to get the app in your smartphone and choose what you want to have today.

Get yourself a smart blender

Ever wondered that even a blender can get smart, in this digital era, this smart blender is a lifesaver for you, when you have a large guest appearance suddenly and don’t know what to make this smart blender comes with a sleek design that easy handling and via Bluetooth connection with your smartphone helps you explore the various ranges of delicious smoothie and many more drinks that can be prepared with it.

Get yourself a Smart Refrigerator

Now you must be wondering how a refrigerator could become smart well. That’s the specialty of this era to convert even the ordinary one to a smart one and refrigerator is a must needed in the kitchen. Well, this smart refrigerator helps you Coordinate schedules for every member of the family, Look up recipes and have your fridge read the steps while you cook, Create grocery lists that sync to your smartphone in real-time, Set expiration dates and receive notifications to use food while it’s fresh, Use a whiteboard option to leave messages for your family, transparent touch screens allow you to look inside the fridge without opening the door, Use interior cameras while at the store to double-check if you’re low on milk or eggs, Alert you when the water filter needs to be changed, Turn the ice maker on or off from your smartphone.

Get yourself an Air Fryer

We all wanted to get back to our fit shape but the thing that stops us is the oily products that we all are addicted to eating like French fries, papad, Tacos and etc. but no more the solution is here and it is the smart Air Fryer what it does is to prepare French fries and papad etc. without the use of oil i.e. as a way to “fry” food without drenching them in oil or grease. It is a must for every health freak out there and a step closer to your smart kitchen.


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Surface Go vs. iPad

Surface Go and iPad are the two most powerful tablets at the moment. But not all tablets are created alike. Of all the other low-cost tablets in the market – Microsoft seems to stop rivaling Apple and the only goal is Apple’s defeat. In this post we will broadly compare the two most wanted models in the market at the moment. Together we will examine both cases like purchasing a Surface Go – and – that of purchasing an iPad. We hope that you and the readers will inform you more. You may then decide if you want to buy a tablet soon.

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Will Microsoft’s new Surface steal the attention of the famous iPad?

Both touchscreen devices have good hardware, fantastic display and are also easily transportable.

We all ask ourselves now who is the best? To answer this question, we will put the Surface Go 400$ and the $360 360 in a classic duel.

Surface Go vs. iPad

Initially we will explain the three main points of comparison – DESIGNPERFORMANCE – and – PORTTABILITY. Then we will give the advantages of buying each of the tablets. In the end, there will be a final conclusion regarding the two tablets.


#1. Design

The Apple iPad 2018 comes with the classic design of all of the iPad series. Unlike his predecessors he looks alike and that’s not a bad thing. The overall appearance of both tablets actually looks really premium. But we must admit that this is not the most superior of the world of technology.

Clearly, Surface Go is very well suited to the mouse and keyboard rather than touch.

On the other hand, Apple’s iPad software is more functional and convenient to touch.

When it comes to external connections, Surface Go comes with a USB-C. It is also equipped with MicoSDXC card reader and of course headphone box. It is known that the iPad has fewer connectivity options with just one headset and one Lighting port.

Both software is distinctly different. The Apple iPad is powered by the iOS platform and is limited to apps from the App Store. While Surface Go is powered by full Windows 10. Despite the fact that Surface Go comes with Windows 10 S that forces you to only use applications from the Windows Store with some minor maneuvers you can install the full version of Windows 10.


One of the most important aspects of a tablet is Display. Both tablets have a fantastic touchscreen panel. The Apple tablet comes with a 2.048 x 1.536 Retina display that makes it look sharp and in good colors. There is a screen as black as we are accustomed to the Samsung screens for a $350 price is very good. Surface Go has a smaller resolution – 1,800 x 1,200 with a much lower pixel density than the iPad (256 vs 217) but still looks very good on the 10-inch screen.

Leaving aside the screens, we go to the hardware parts of the tablets. The Apple iPad comes with the A10 Fusion processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and memory ranging from 32GB to 128GB. Surface Go packs an Intel two-core Pentium Gold processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory. But this is not the only option because Microsoft offers the option of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of memory. In the paper, this gives Surface Go advantage, but during the testing there is no big difference between them.

The biggest difference between the two is the graphical performance. Although the Pentium processor has the Intel HD 615 graphics chip – this processor is not able to handle even the simplest 3D rendering of PowerPoint. On the other hand, the iPad is specially designed to handle heavy games and almost takes over everything that is downloaded from the App Store.

The iPad also has LTE (4G) links that Surface Go does not currently offer


With only 458g – the iPad is slightly easier to navigate than Surface Go, which weighs 520g without a keyboard. Also the iPad is a bit more compact with a size of 9.7inches (24.6cm) while Surface Go 10inch (25.4cm).

Even the battery seems to be in favor of Apple’s hardware. Apple advertises for about 10 hours of commonly used batteries. On the other hand, Microsoft’s overall use shows that Surface Go’s battery can handle a working day – so it’s 8 hours of use.

For light and small devices like these in our opinion, we would choose the iPad as your daytime companion. Normally 2 hours more battery make the difference.

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Let’s now move on to the part where we will highlighting their positive sides.

Why Should I Buy iPad From Apple?

If you are just looking for a tablet iPad is the choice you should do right now. The normal version starts at $329 for the 32GB model and just Wi-Fi without a phone network. If you want the other model you will need to add $100 to get the 128GB version. While the phone network model costs $459. All models have only 2GB of RAM and the A10 processor from Apple.

Currently you can not buy a Surface Go version with a telephone network. For this we will have to wait. Believe it or not you can get the latest iPad for $70 less. If you do not want to waste much – the winner here is the iPad.

IPad’s latest generations support Apple Pencil, which you can get for only $99. The Surface Pen costs only $80. Also, if you need a keyboard, it will spoil you. For keyboards, see Shopping Websites – where you will find a variety of keyboards.


The 100% touch interface, and as a result is perfect on the tablet. This may seriously delay you to consider the iPad as a buying opportunity.

Why Should You Buy Microsoft Surface Go?

Apple’s iPad apps consist of slogans that “it’s like a comer”. But the problem is that if you really want a computer, a phone-sized computer, something for productivity – Surface Go is the best choice you can make.

Suffice to mention some basic things. He is a real computer. It is a device that has the full version of Windows 10 installed. Also, Surface Go can not add just one keyboard. It is designed in such a way that it does not only work on the keyboard but also with the mouse – which the iPad does not offer.


So even though Surface Go is a touchscreen you do not have to use it. It just turns it into a laptop and continues to work as usual.

Surface Go really is not a tablet as good as the iPad but you can use that way. Also adding here and the Surface Pen support it gives you the giant chance to turn it into a digital notebook.

Surface Go is a bit more expensive. Prices start at $399 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory – and Windows 10. It’s worth repeating again that the iPad really can be very good but it works with a phone operating system.

The Store or Windows 10 Store really does not have as many apps as Apple’s ‘store’ – but it has the major applications like Netflix, Spotify and even iTunes. Then if other desktop applications can exit S mode and switch to full Windows 10.

The strongest point in Surface Go is OS (Operating System). You will not have limitations on changing your workflow or opening various programs. Surface Go is a mini PC (computer).

Now we came to the final moment. Let’s see who the winner is, even though we believe that now each of you has chosen his favorite. ?


Both Microsoft and Apple make fantastic tablets, and of course you can work and play concurrently on them. On the iPad, there are more limitations to how you will work, and if you are in the touch of a keyboard or mouse, it is difficult to choose Surface Go.

As a simple tablet purchase, the iPad is much higher than all other tablets. The version of Windows 10 for tablet is not very good compared to Apple’s App Store, which is overflowing with games and apps from the most varied.

But for everything else, Surface Go is a better choice. There is less compromise, Windows Ink is great, and what you have is a small tablet that opens the same programs as your laptop or desktop computer.

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We hope that through this article you will be more informed about both tablets – and have a clearer idea of ​​where these two tablets differ.Leave your thoughts in the coment section below,follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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How to Take Care of a Golf Course

A golf green. Is there anything more perfected in nature than the perfect surface of short-cut green grass? Many often wonder how greenkeepers manage to keep greens in such mint conditions as they do – and we have tried to figure out how!

The green is the golf course most sensitive and most important part. All golfers want to put on a good surface and aesthetically, the greens are usually the pride of the greenkeeper. Most golfers usually accept some delay in cases of course staff cutting or watering the green.

How long should you wait on staff to cut the greens?

It will take 5 minutes tops to cut a green, minutes that most golfers should have (and should want to spare for the green in good conditions). Most golf courses have players playing from 8 in the morning to 9 at night, leaving greenkeepers no time to fix the greens properly. Take this time to look around nature, experience the calm or plan the next stroke or hole. Many golfers wonder why there is sand left on the greens after greenkeepers have been there to fix them up, and the answer is pretty simple. Even though it might make putting a bit more annoying at first, the sand evens out the green decreases the effect of heavy rain, and prevents the grass from catching on diseases. The most important reason is that you should always add sand to the top layer to prevent “thatch”. Thatch will prevent the grass to breathe with the ground underneath which make causes roots to grow and be the start of a rich bacterial infection. Thatch will also create a problem with dry spots and fungi. Dry spots could make golfers’ approach shots less accurate and reduce the spin received when trying to land as close to the pin as possible. Spin is one of the most important aspects of golf balls, and keeping this characteristic on the top-performing level is important for all greenkeepers. Golf carts are an essential component of any golf course and maintaining them is crucial. Get the best lithium batteries for your kart on AGCB so that your car will run at much higher mileage.

Why do Greens, Tees, and fairways need fertilization? 

Greens and tees are the parts that need the most fertilization and with higher frequency. The main reason for this is that these are the parts that are being taken care of most, and where the spare grass is being removed which reduces the re-nurturing from the cut-off grass. Fertilization protects the area from tear and wears and makes it stronger in general.

Since tees and fairways are exposed to both carts and pushcarts, this is a necessity.

Although, electrical pushcarts are increasing in popularity and the beauty behind that is that they are remote controlled and are programmed to stay of both the greens and the tees. This will probably reduce wear and tear and also the use of golf carts in general. Read more on electrical push carts and other golf gear on

What can golfers do to aid in keeping the shape of the golf course in great condition?

Do not drag your feet, or make a quick turn. This will leave marks that may take more effort to fix than you might realize. Fix your approach shot marks, and if you see one that has not been fixed – fix that one as well! It only takes 24h for a mark from an approach shot to create a dead patch that will almost ruin that part of the green.

The second thing we would recommend is to either use a golf cart on the designated pathways or use an electrical pushcart that does not drive on sensitive areas.

What do Greenkeepers tell you about taking care of the golf course?

Fairway & Roughs

Every day starts at between 5 to 7 a.m. Firstly, the everyday cutting of the fairways, tees, roughs and the green begins. After that, you would move on to other choirs such as fertilization, dressing the greens or airing parts of the grass.

Fairways are cut at about 0.5 inches, semi roughs at 1 inch and the rough at around 2 inches.

Some parts of the hard rough are left unattended in order to make it difficult for golfers that make too poor shots.

A lot of love are spent on the green

The grass tees should have the most even surface possible. Tee markers (blue, red, yellow and white) are moved according to a system that makes wear and tear as well as healing on the tee as even as possible.

Course staff are spending a lot of love and care on the greens and foregreens. A typical green is usually rolled over 3-5 times a week to add to a even ball roll.

Each and every week, the greens are sand dressed to even out them even further.

Please respect us!

The work schedule for greenkeepers are built on delicate and effective planning – and an ambition to interrupt the golf round as little as possible! But sometimes, there are situations where the course work may stop or halter the game.

The greenkeeper we met urged golfers to continue to show respect and priority to all greenkeepers trying to create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone enjoying the golf course!


(2020) iOS vs. Android, which is the best system?

(2020) iOS vs. Android, which is the best system?

In the last decade the debate about who is the best iOS or Android has no end. So I decided to write this article where I will compare these two operating systems.

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#1. iOS vs. Android – Basics

iOS or Android - Basics
iOS or Android – Basics

At first glance in terms of the interface, these operating systems may look similar to many people. But as far as functionality is concerned, they are miles apart. iOS is the core operating system used on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV and Apple Watch versions. iOS is always up to date and always uses the maximum of what Apple gives. For many, Apple is the safest way to do this, as it takes more care of third-party programs.

The opposite of iOS is Android. This proprietary Google system is an open system based on the Linux kernel. That means everyone is free to improve, change and adapt Android. This has made Android much more dispersed than iOS and found in a variety of phones. But this loyalty is seen as the biggest threat to Android.

#2. iOS vs. Android – Performance

iOS or Android - Performance
iOS or Android – Performance

Many people will say that Apple does not use too much RAM for the price iPhone comes out of the market. True, the best Android phones come nowadays with a minimum of 4 Giga RAM and there are models that go up to 8 Giga. But why do iPhones use only 2-3 Giga?

One word: OPTIMIZATION. The iPhone does not need more RAM just because the iOS system is highly optimized. It can hold a dozen open programs with just 2 Giga RAM. Meanwhile, Android 2 Giga RAM phones do not even hold their half open. They need to have 4 or more to compete with the iPhone.

Ok RAMs, but what about Processor?

And once the Apple processor may seem to be backward but not as it seems. The A10 processor of the iPhone 7 is with 4 core while the A11 Bionic of the iPhone X comes with 6. However Android phones and the loosest ones have for years come with 8-core processors.

But that number does not mean anything. Although A11 and Snapdragon 845 are built with the same 10nm process, A11’s optimization makes it much faster than Snapdragon’s. Even older iPhones are known to be faster than the newest Android phones.


#3. iOS vs. Android – Apps

iOS vs. Android - Apps
iOS vs. Android – Apps

As for the number of apps, iOS always had the first place. However, the Play Store today has 3.5 million applications ready to be downloaded leaving the App Store back with 2.2 million applications. This major change in number comes as a result of the open nature of Android as well as allowing Android to download programs and from third parties through APK.

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But this number is not worth it because we all know that quantity does not match quality. While Android is the first in number, Apple’s strict control makes the programs to be of higher quality and safer.


Now come to the price. The Play Store definitely has more free apps than the App Store, but it comes as a result of the ads that these programs have. But at least Android lets you choose. Thanks to versions .apk and versions with dollar can be downloaded for free (always considering the source from the deal). Also for those who like to play Android offers and emulator (for example for PSP games) this thing does not allow iOS.


#4. iOS or Android – Variety

iOS or Android – Variety

Already from several generations, we’ve seen the same from Apple. Every year we look at an iPhone in the “normal” and “plus” versions of iPhone SE that was the cheap iPhone version. Things changed slightly last year with iPhone X, which changed the design of the iPhone that was the same as 3 generations. Also, users can choose and buy old iPhone models, because Apple updates the phones even four to five years after the launch. But phone choices end here with regards to Apple and iOS.

On the other hand is Android with a variety of phones and a host of companies launching a dozen phones every year. This means that everyone can find a suitable phone. But this variety is not necessarily good because it does make the system difficult to maintain and update.


#5. iOS vs. Android – Suitability

iOS vs. Android – Suitability

Unnecessary to say that iOS is very stable but is not at all convenient. Each iPhone comes with the same look and looks the same for every user, regardless of the photo they have put. Widgets are almost non-existent in iOS. The only thing you can change to iOS is just Wallpaper.

With Android is completely the opposite. It allows users to radically change its appearance. Do not you like icons? can you change, do not you like the theme? you can change it. You can go upstairs and do the Root phone, but it can take away your phone warranty.


#6. iOS or Android – Updates

iOS or Android - Updates
iOS or Android – Updates

As mentioned before, Apple devices are known to live long and most of the time while not losing performance. The main reason for this iOS is updating iOS that comes for 5 years. This is because Apple is very easy to keep upgraded phones as there are only a few models.

On the other hand, Android is very sluggish in the update, especially phones with a much-modified Android version. In these cases an update takes months to reach each phone. For Android’s main models usually come three updates, the average models only one or two if they are popular. With regard to the cheap phones, the chances of an update are too small. The only Android phones that receive direct updates are those produced by Google or those with clean Android.


#7. iOS or Android – Battery

iOS or Android - Battery
iOS or Android – Battery

As far as the iPhone battery is not known as a sample. Apple users are always looked at with a charger in their hands looking for plugs. But Android phones are not that better, but battery and charging technology has evolved much more to Android. Fast and wireless charging has been supported and used by Android for years. In iPhone, iPhone X was introduced to introduce Apple’s fast and wireless charging. Even now and the fast charger does not come in the box but is sold for only $60, with this price can be bought a new Android phone.

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That’s all! Hope you find this article helpful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Benefits of Inventory Reports for Your Ecommerce Store

As the 21st century has progressed, it has become evident how critical modern technology and the Internet are to our society. All across the globe, people utilize the Internet on a regular basis for a myriad of purposes, and have had our world become established as the digital era. The Internet is now completely ubiquitous, and affects almost all facets of our modern society. From our social interactions to the political spectrum of the modern era, the Internet has certainly influenced our civilization. One of the main ways that the web has impacted our world has been in the economy, which has been significantly altered in recent years.

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The Rise of New Industries Like Ecommerce

While many facets of our civilization have been pointedly altered by the rise of modern technology, the economy is arguably the most revolutionized aspect in 2020. The web has impacted the economy in a multitude of ways, as existing industries have had to adhere to modern digital standards along with a multitude of new fields being created. One of the most important novel industries in the 21st century has been ecommerce, as billions of people around the globe now shop online. Running an ecommerce store has become a popular career choice in the modern economy, and if you run your own ecommerce business, then you need to invest in the top technologies to ensure success. One of the most useful tools that successful ecommerce companies utilize is inventory reports. 

Learning about Inventory Reports

Of all the tools that top ecommerce stores utilize, inventory reports are perhaps the most integral for success. Inventory reports are essential for improved ecommerce sales, as they provide crucial information that can help with your business’ supply chain management. Inventory reports are packed with important information, such as product performance, sales summaries, sales by customer group, and inventory-on-hand. These four main elements will help you to decide how to run your ecommerce store and will ensure that you can make the best choices for the success of your business. Your inventory report will let you know about retail value, depletion days, inventory velocity, sell-through rate, quantity available, quantity sold, and much more, which will help you to better understand your business’ inventory. Learning about and comprehending this data is essential; however, if you want to make the most of inventory reports, you need to ensure that you effectively apply this data into your company’s business practices.

Applying Inventory Report Data into Your Business Model

While the data from inventory reports is extremely helpful in understanding your ecommerce store, if you want to gain the full effect from them, you need to apply this data to improve upon your business model. The way to get results from inventory reports is implementation of data into your daily business practices by continually analyzing your results and more effectively pricing products, moving inventory at a better pace and promoting your products to customers that want them. These tactics will indubitably help your business to grow. 

Final Thoughts

As the ecommerce marketplace becomes more crowded, it will become more important for you to stand out amongst your competition. Utilizing inventory reports will certainly aid with this process and will ensure that your company can be successful.


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How to Improve your Golf Swing: Secrets to a Great Golf Swing

Improving your swings takes a life-long dedication and a strong start. Since it is all a game of strategy and golf is not the worst game here. Want to be good at golfing, learn everything else golf to the bit of the bits. If you are expecting a better swing, learn the game. If you are willing for a better shot, learn the ground, atmosphere, your club and your ball. Do both if you like. But on the other side of improving your swing, here are several strategies that work well.

Well, they indeed work very well.

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Maintain your posture:

This is the first and foremost point for a great swing. Since your body posture while you are holding the club is what determines the right hit for the ball to go straight. One inch of error and the swing is destroyed. And there goes your hard work to waste. Thus to stabilize and turn your swings into spectacular records, be stable and have a posture to the right. Practice out your posture for 10-15 times to land 70% accuracy and then only go for the hit.

Keep your focal to the nearest of the flag:

You can never do a good hit in the first time and that is actually impossible at least for the long range shots above 100 yards. This is a rather improvement point to just hope for a near throw and then you can bounce the ball to the hole with no hardness. Thus, to achieve a better swing, aim for all the near points of the flag. This makes your point to point connection to the probability hit more accurate and generates a better swing that is actually achievable.

Position yourself with the line in the flag:

Stay behind the ball to the line. Then you should look down the fairway at your target and aim the shot. Don’t hit it yet. Practice your swings randomly and see which gives you a better and nearer corner shot. Take it and see how it goes. Such shots are more easily addressed for the long range yard holes and can do a lot of good scoring with the full strategy at point. Never go for the hole directly.

Know when to perform your swing:

Swinging is not just hitting the ball with all the force that you can possibly hit. That will be more of a random shot rather than a possible strike even near to the flag. Avoid such shots; they only make your game look worse and laughable. Long range shots can actually benefit with these, but it is rather a false hit. It’s better to follow strategy and know when to take a swing to the ground. Learn your swings, by repeatedly practicing them on the ball virtually without hitting the ball. Hit only when you think is the right time to hit keeping an eye on the flag and its elevated position. That’s how you can improve your swing. To learn more you should follow the expert players like Zachary Creed and others. Zack Creed has spent his career in various teaching and management positions such as head pro and golf director.


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List of top 5 free online file converters

Do you want to convert some data of various forms into another, but you don’t have enough time to download separate file converters for every format? Do you feel it burdensome on your pocket to buy and download a file converter?

Don’t worry because we are here to help you with this article. We give you this good news that you can convert your data from one format to another without spending a single penny. Yeah, it’s possible with the help of free online converters available on the internet.

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You have to just use those free converters for this purpose. If you are unaware of free online converters, we are going to facilitate you.

Top 5 free online file converters

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

The first online converter on our list is a video converter. It supports 45 multimedia formats with more than 400 conversion presets. You can find many tools to increase conversion speed.

The seventeen divisions of presets make the workflow easier. You have to drag and drop the files for conversion. It also allows you to edit previously added videos.

The interface of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe has six languages

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

Online Convert Free

The second online converter in our list is versatile because it offers the conversion of numerous formats like;

  • Documents
  • Archive
  • Images
  • PDF
  • eBooks
  • audio
  • video

It saves your time because you can convert any one of the above formats via Online Convert Free. This online converter provides you with an excellent-quality conversion for free in very little time.

Its interface is straightforward and simple; even the newcomer can use it conveniently. The more remarkable feature of this free converter is to ensure your privacy. It doesn’t disclose your private data to anyone.

Wise Video Converter

Sometimes, you need to convert the uncommon formats such as; NSV, AVM, MPG, VOB, DAT, TS, F4V, and RMVB, etc. then you should go for Wise Video Converter.

It is an effortless file converter through which the extraction of audio from video to MP3 is also possible. You can convert many files simultaneously with the help of this online converter. Its free version has time restrictions so you can buy the paid one to get more benefits.

Total Video Converter

If you are looking for a powerful video converter, then Total Video Converter is the best choice for you. It is something superb, and its caliber is more than the conversion from MP3, DIVX, or 3GP, etc. It contains so many presets.

It offers you a lot of unique functions like;

  • the conversion of any video format
  • the transformation of videos to mobile videos
  • rip DVD into videos
  • convert a slideshow to video
  • combine multiple audio and video file to make a single video

Movavi Video Converter

It is another online converter on our list. You can convert 180 formats in which images and audio are included too. It offers several presets for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and iPad, etc.

It follows a simple drag and drop method for conversion. If you want to be facilitated advanced features, then you have to pay for it.


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Car Insurance

5 Reasons to NOT Skip Car Insurance

One common mistake many people tend to make when buying their first car is failing to prepare for the other costs that come with owning a vehicle.

When you buy a car, you won’t only pay the total cost of the vehicle, regardless of whether you pay for it in full outright or take out a loan. Owning an automobile also means regularly shelling out a substantial amount of money for fuel, maintenance, repairs, and insurance.

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Where Not to Cut Corners When Buying a Car

Since owning a car means taking on additional financial responsibilities, finding ways to save money will be on top of your priorities. Your first step may be to scrimp on some vehicle upkeep-related expenses.

While this strategy could be effective, make sure be careful with choosing which areas of car ownership to be frugal with. Car insurance is one item in particular where you should never consider cutting corners.

When you take enough time to compare car insurance in Dubai or wherever you reside, you will find the right one that meets your needs, preferences, and budget. You will also be protected and have peace of mind as you enjoy the perks of owning a vehicle.

If you’re still having doubts about getting auto insurance, below are five reasons that should lead you to the right path:

1. You may be required by law to get car insurance

In many countries, all drivers are legally obliged to purchase auto coverage before they are allowed to go out on the roads.

Find out if car insurance is a requirement for all drivers in your location. If it is, purchase one before you start enjoying the freedom of having your own ride.

Keep in mind that if you drive without insurance, you are driving illegally. You are also putting yourself at risk for various potential issues as well.

If you don’t want to get into any legal problems and suffer through the penalties and stress that come with them, it is best to get insurance as soon as you get a car.

2. You need sufficient protection from financial liabilities

If you get into an accident with another vehicle and you are at fault, then you will need to pay for the repairs or replacements done on the other vehicle.

Additionally, your car could also sustain some damage when you have an accident. Without coverage, you will be paying the repair fees on your own. You will have to dip into your savings, use your credit card, or take out a loan. Whatever option you pick, you are sure to end up spending a significant amount of money.

When you have the right coverage, particularly a comprehensive car insurance policy, all the damage that your vehicle incurred will be covered. You won’t have to pay out of pocket for any repair or part replacement, regardless of whether you caused the accident or another person is at fault.

A comprehensive auto insurance plan will also cover the damage incurred by all vehicles involved in the accident.

3. You want to be prepared for medical emergencies

In most instances, traffic accidents don’t only cause damage to vehicles; they often lead to injuries, too. If you want to avoid the high costs of hospital and medical bills, you need to have car insurance.

When you have the right auto insurance policy, you can claim insurance coverage on medical bills. You will be entitled to a particular amount, as stated in the insurance plan, in case you get hurt during an accident involving the covered vehicle.

This amount can cover the medical expenses you have incurred, including those of the passengers, if any.

Additionally, some insurance providers extend the coverage to include emergency medical charges as long as they do not exceed the amount stated in the policy.

4. You haven’t paid your car in full yet

If you live in an area where car theft and hijacking are frequent occurrences, and you’re still paying for your automobile, you need the extra protection auto insurance provides.

This is because when you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, you will be covered up to the ACV or Actual Cash Value of your vehicle in case it gets stolen or damaged during a break-in.

A comprehensive car insurance policy is the only type of coverage that reimburses holders in the event of car theft or damage due to a robbery, even if the vehicle is recovered. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about paying for something that you don’t have.

Additionally, if your policy has rental reimbursement coverage, you will get your rental car fees back (up to the specified amount on your plan) while your insurance provider processes your claim.

This will be a big burden lifted from your shoulders in the event that you lose your car, and you really need a vehicle to get around. You won’t have to spend more than you have to on renting an automobile.

5. You want to have a good track record

Lastly, if you don’t get insurance now and wait too long before purchasing one, you will encounter some difficulties once you decide to get it. This is particularly true if you figure in an accident and decide to get coverage primarily due to this reason.

One of the basic details you need to share with your insurance provider is the date when you got your car. If you have already had it for years and you only buy a policy now, you will be asked why there is a gap and why you are only getting one this year.

If you lie and say that you never drove your car until now, you are making a false statement on your application. If the insurance company finds out the truth, they will not pay you anything if you have an accident.

To establish a good track record and get reasonable premiums on your coverage, purchase car insurance as soon as you obtain your vehicle. Additionally, never default on any payments so that you can rely on your policy anytime and avoid encountering any difficulties when you need to file a claim.

Whether you are buying a brand new or pre-owned vehicle, make sure you include a car insurance plan in your overall budget. By doing so, you will have peace of mind once you become a car owner. You will also enjoy all the time you spend on the road more.


Erin Daniyel is the VP for Revenue Operations at Rubicon Project and spokesperson for CompareDubai, an online comparison portal which provides customers with a one-stop platform to compare insurance quotes offered within the UAE. CompareDubai delivers quotations from a number of insurance providers covering a range of products, from Car Insurance to Motorbike, Yacht and Boat, Medical, Life, Business and Home Insurance.


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