Delete Gmail Adress

How to delete a Gmail address and Download the Data

If you’ve created a Gmail account you no longer want, you probably plan to delete it but you need the emails. When you delete a Gmail address, you do not delete your Google Account. But on the other hand, it means that you can neither send e-mails with that nor receive e-mails from others. So make sure before you make the decision to delete your Gmail account.

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How to delete a Gmail address and Download the Data

If you’re sure, then follow the steps below to delete a Gmail account.

Here’s how to delete your Gmail account: 

  • Open the Gmail account you want to delete
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner
  • From the Account menu, click the “Google Account” option

  • In the left pane click on “Data & Personalization
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Delete a service

  • Click “Delete a service

  • Enter the password if prompted
  • On this page you can also choose to download all the data before deleting the account by clicking the “Download Data” button
  • Click on the trash icon
  • Set up an email where you can get confirmation

  • Open the email you provided and click the link sent inside it to complete the deletion process

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That’s all! You have now successfully deleted your Gmail account. Hope you found this article useful, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website?

Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website?

A website, which takes a lot of time to open up, is likely to be in the end ineffective. You are stressed as this happens, and you hope to be back online, as sales have stopped. Does your website need content delivery network? Yes, if you want your site to be incredibly fast and stable. Below are the main reasons why you should start using CDN.

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Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website?

A website, which takes a lot of time to open up, is likely to be in the end ineffective. You are stressed as this happens, and you hope to be back online, as sales have stopped. My host service has not shown the right quality of the large number of visitors to the website – and is showing it with facts.

Content delivery network (CDN) can ease the traffic load of a loaded website.

Do you wonder why a CDN is essential for the smooth functioning of your website? Continue reading, you will understand what are the undeniable 6 reasons why you should be included on your website.

The Need for Content Delivery Network

When the website host is of a quality, it is sufficient for quick delivery of content to the visitor. But what if a blog post would become viral? What if your advertising campaign is successful and brings thousands of clicks at the same time?

Content delivery network is the rescue for these scenarios. But that’s not all.

#1. WeBsite Security

The CDN retains a local copy of the website and sends to its visitors its local copy. Visitors interact with the site as they always do but without damaging the main servers. This means your host is not affected by the huge influx of visitors.

CDN can distribute site content to some servers. By doing so, your site can afford more users at the same time. Benefits are: less interruptions, less dead pages, and fewer unsatisfied clients seeking unattainable services.

#2. Quick delivery of content

Bring website closer to visitors and they will benefit a faster upload time of the site.

CDNs use servers that are physically located in data centers around the globe. Visitors, by region they come from, will receive the local version of your website. This reduces the loading time and the line after they are not already frustrated by the wait.

This brings us to have …

#3. High conversion rate

Reducing loading time can create a noticeable increase in site conversions:

  • Sales of products
  • Sing Ups for announcements
  • Account Creations
  • Downloads and apps

Why is this happening? Because your website interacts with users without delay. Visitors receive what they require within milliseconds. You begin to guide them while their interest is high.

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#4. Ranking In Research Results

The top SEO shows the time of view or the time people spend on your site. Long stay time tells Google that your web site has met the user’s goal. You can not fulfill this goal if your website is slow and does not respond!

Increasing speeds offers a better user experience. This annoys people to search on your site, and find what they are looking for. As a result, the low percentage of low interaction is added to SEO that is influenced by user engagement.

#5. Experiences Created

Are you familiar with A / B testing? Includes audience sharing and sending variants of the same message. The higher ROI version becomes the new standard with the best conversion rate.

You can do this with content delivery network.

CDN sends variants of your website based on geographic location. You can locate content by means of translation. You can also send specific products, content and experience by location.

#6. Security

DDoS attacks are common and growing. These attacks hurt the web site and host, and create difficulties or inability to access the users.

You can not do business if your website is offline, right?

A CDN can reduce the number of DDoS attacks by distributing page loading. Site cache versions are accessible by site users. A CDN may include SSL, encrypt and protect the data if it is ‘caught up’ during the attack.

Create a Secure Online Presence

A CDN network along with good hosting is a solid link to creating online presence. Make CDN services part of your goals to send the best possible experience to the users. If you do this, you will be rewarded.

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That’s all about Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website. Hope you found this article useful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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AI to Enforce Privacy Regulations

How Researchers Can Use AI to Enforce Privacy Regulations

As you travel across the internet, you leave a data trail across on each site you visit. It might not seem like much, but the articles you read, your shopping preferences, and even your buying habits add up. Then companies like Google and Facebook use that information to make money. They allow third parties like online retailers and other platforms to personalize ads based on your interests.

People are aware of these privacy threats. It led to the creation of laws to better protect user data and introduce transparency in how companies share and use it. Artificial intelligence is one of the newest tools in this fight. While it won’t be able to ensure 100% safety, it’s a good start.

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What Laws Are We Talking About?

In the last few years, lawmakers in the US and Europe have introduced a collection of bills that penalize tech companies that mishandle data. These laws include:

  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

These laws and regulations are the first significant step toward punishing the bad behavior of major tech companies. The Federal Trade Commission has already imposed a $5 billion on Facebook. In Europe, the EU has levied a $57 million fine on Google.

Of course, for major tech companies with annual revenues in the tens of billions of dollars, these fines aren’t that serious. But most security experts agree that it’s a step in the right direction.

Where Does AI Come in?

Significant changes are on the horizon. When governments create privacy regulations, they’re stored as plain text documents. These may be easy for humans to read, but machines have a hard time understanding them.

Each regulation needs to be processed for AI to understand it. But so much vagueness exists around what exactly makes up a privacy violation or not. So this task is almost impossible. Since machines think in binary terms of 1’s and 0’s (yes and no), it was unable to work in these trick gray areas.

New Breakthroughs in Programming Languages

The biggest breakthrough has come with the development of new programming languages. One example, OWL (web ontology language) can think in broader terms. These languages can define concepts into new categories. It creates more advanced logical capabilities for machines.

Now programmers can create more sophisticated hierarchies. They translate into more advanced machine logic. Looking at the EU General Data Protection, researchers can extract terms like “Consumers and Providers” and “Privacy” to create several different options instead of the simple yes or no.

It will take time to define all key terms, rules, policies, and properties. But once they do, researchers can create applications that work through data privacy regulations as a result. It will take less time for companies to determine whether they are complying with laws or not.

Over time, this technology will trickle down to individuals. It will help them get a better understanding of their rights and whether a company may have violated them or not.

Is It a Glimpse Into a More Private Future?

Everyone should remember that AI is merely a tool. Researchers can apply it to enforce data privacy regulations. But at the same time, people will find ways to abuse AI too. It’s already happening with the mass amounts of spam and malware everyone faces daily.

Everybody still needs to take privacy into their own hands. Websites you visit, your internet service provider, and the country that hosts it may want to get their hands on your data. It’s up to you to secure it.

Take steps to review your privacy settings on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. Then get a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic and hide your online activities. Try out some VPN free trials to find the right one for you (here is one example).

Finally, be sure to do a privacy and security audit every once in a while. Don’t ignore the cookie pop-ups telling you how sites use your data. Read app permissions before you start using new software on your smartphone. Together, these strategies will help you much safer experience — maybe even better than what the smartest AI would be able to guarantee.


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Boost eCommerce Conversions

Boost eCommerce Conversions with Real-Time Marketing

With the possibility to get online via smart devices such as phones, tablets, and even laptops wherever there’s Wi-Fi, browsing the Internet has become an essential part of everyday life. This particular convenience allows the users to quickly check their mail and social media, but also visit different websites and even make purchases online. That said, eCommerce businesses have to make the most out of digital marketing in order to stay relevant and attractive to their target audience. In that respect, real-time marketing may as well be a crucial part of every eCommerce marketing strategy in this day and age.

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Real-time marketing: what is it?

Essentially, real-time marketing is a type of digital marketing tactic which utilizes real-time data based on continuous analysis of customer behavior and launched marketing campaigns. After all, it’s a lot more beneficial to apply the necessary changes as the campaign is still going on than to wait for the campaign to be over in order to check potential conversion improvements only then.

Keep in mind that collecting real-time data is a long-term and continuous process. There will always exist some type of lag between the information you get from the analytics and the action you take in order to improve your eCommerce marketing campaigns. Still, regardless of the said lag, eCommerce owners are bound to note a conversion increase if they take the time to adjust and improve their campaigns and offers accordingly.

Use the available tools

You don’t have to track real-time data manually. Thanks to the available online tools, it’s simple enough to gather the most important info you need (in real time) about your customer behavior, campaign success, devices used to access your online store, abandoned carts, best sales channels, and so on. What’s more, with smart additions such as an efficient CRO tool, you can quickly and easily set up your social proof area on your eCommerce website, thus improving your brand credibility and increasing conversions automatically.

When you make the most out of available technology for digital real-time marketing, it becomes rather effortless to quickly spot potential room for improvement in your campaign, be it design, choice of colors, wording, the type of offers, the images you use, etc.

Track only the most important metrics

Once you venture into real-time marketing and get familiar with real-time data, you’ll notice that there are plenty of different data (metrics) that you can track and then use the results to improve your marketing campaign and boost eCommerce conversions. However, too many possibilities can also turn into a double-edged sword.

After all, if you focus on one too many metrics to track and measure, you’ll end up with a ton of data that might only confuse you more and make it difficult to apply the changes properly. That said, it’s always better to discuss your marketing plan with the industry professionals so that you can focus your real-time data tracking attention to only those metrics that will truly prove to be valuable for your campaign and eCommerce business.

Personalize your marketing approach

What real-marketing and collecting real-time data give you is the ability to approach your existing and potential customers in a more personal manner. As you gather information about customer behavior, you’ll find that you have more options to customize and improve your lead-generating campaigns, consequently boosting the overall conversion rate. By doing so, you’ll automatically improve your customer service, which will provide you with the better social proof mentioned previously. As you can see, doing real-marketing by the book is a cycle that may require putting some effort into various aspects of your marketing campaign, but that effort will undoubtedly prove beneficial with a generous ROI.

Don’t try to rush things

Even though you’re dealing with real-time marketing and real-time data, sometimes it’s better to be patient than to quickly jump on whatever change suggestion your initial assessments provide. This is especially true for longer marketing campaigns, which may take a couple of days to show truly accurate results. That said, you should definitely track your selected metrics from the first minute, but when it comes to incorporating the changes, give yourself and your marketers enough time to analyze the end benefits in order to make the best decision for your eCommerce business and the ultimate goal of boosting conversions.

When you use real-time marketing in your eCommerce campaigns, you have a chance to create offers and reach out to customers in the most attractive and effective way. Make it a point to utilize the right tools and valuable metrics in order to make the best changes, which will boost eCommerce conversions accordingly.


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Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Private Messenger To Bypass Survelinece: Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Now information flow beyond the Internet runs with enormous speed. Thus, cyber attacks, data leakage, and espionage have more possibilities to escalate. Companies gain a billion worth income by accumulating the information Internet users leave as digital footprints. This business is allowed despite the fact it intrudes on one’s privacy. As long as you approve of the Term of service when installing apps, software, and using websites, you allow third-parties to collect data and analyze your behavior. Tracking mechanisms make data mining easy and global so that marketing departments and corporations could expand their influence. When you input sensitive data through popular messengers, browsers, online bank cybercriminals can reach the central server and steal precious details. Even more dangerous to commit payments via public Wi-Fi. When you are informed about global tracking, you might have no idea how to stay protected. Encrypted services open the huge potential for hiding your persona and bypass hacking.

Utopia is an all-inclusive P2P ecosystem combining a private messenger, browsing tool, mailbox, wallet, and Mining bot. Let’s plunge into the details and functions!

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Why is this private messenger secure?

The active users joining Utopia multi-purpose networks are proliferating day by day. What are the reasons security geeks and privacy-conscious persons pick this communication tool:

  1. Excellent encryption. The technology of encryption Utopia puts in practice is the most up-to-date and verified. Quick Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES guard the input data, transactions, file storage, and all the possible ways of domestic interaction.
  2. Decentralization. Utopia is functioning a principal data storage server outwardly. The elimination of one guarantees that intruders can’t obtain the sensitive files transmitted in-house. P2P contact is a clue approach to avoid security breaches.
  3. Anonymity. Utopia users don’t reveal their real ID so that the ecosystem is fighting against identity theft and criminality. You will never be asked to attach a valid phone number, email, ID, social accounts. The members are recognized by an automatically generated code individual for each user.
  4. All-in-one. Utopia supports top kinds of web communications along with crypto operations. The multi-use instruments are at your fingertips all day long, and you can use them all in the same window. To do that, switch on the Hybrid model, and conversations, balance, and contacts perform simultaneously.
  5. Gratifying Mining. You will receive tokens in payment for the time you use the toolkit and presenting online. Local money arrives at your account flawlessly – simply enable the Mining tool in the setting.

A glimpse on Utopia ecosystem toolkit

uMessenger. The domestic instant messenger is a protected area for various aims – communications, file sharing, local file storage. You are free to exchange texts, media, and organize group conferences. What is crucial, while connection to several members though Utopia messenger, your communication is encrypted by default despite the members count.   Take advantage of funny stickers, engaging online games inside the messenger, combining security and entertainment!

uMail. The integrated mailbox tool is serving to exchange encrypted data across the network users. Essentially, you can email to someone who has registered via uMail, no sided services. This rule improves your safety. Also, users can create Templates for the frequently written emails submitting them to drafts. This hallmark makes the correspondence fast, clear-cut, and obviously five-star secured.

Idyll browser. The internal web searching instrument purposes of defending in-house browsing and page viewing. It is created to see solely websites produced with Utopia making the security proved and the data not accessible for intruders. Idyll, as opposed to similar tools, doesn’t amass metafiles, never accumulates the cache, browsing history, and keys. The browser is ad-free so that you only search for the information you really need! Plus, you can add your webpage easily and free of charge.

uWallet. Local crypto payments, transactions, card issuing, and trade are the principal purposes of uWallet. Members take advantage of flying transactions with other users within the networks improved with additional protection. You can issue a crypto card customize to your taste and design. Plus, you can enter Utopia as a merchant to market your products and services. To make money and create a business, you need to sign up as a merchant.

Finally, Utopia is a not a simple encrypted messenger. It’s an indispensable toolkit for individuals who are striving to defend sensitive data on the web, cover their lives from institutions, and obtain free coins! The tools are accessible free of charge – try on your computer and stay secured!


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Massive Discounts and Bonuses Online

Tricks to Get Massive Discounts and Bonuses Online

Most online retailers give out discounts and freebies to score big in the long term. They want to turn you into a regular customer, a frequent buyer for that matter. But before you spend your money on a new website, use the following tricks to nab huge discounts and bonuses.

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Register an Account at a Generous Site

Many shopping and service websites welcome new customers with discount vouchers, free trials, or free demo modes. But you must register an account. That means you need to provide your email address and set a password for your account.

Some websites could also ask you to link your credit card. But the best platforms award you free cash rewards for doing nothing more than registering an account. At most shopping sites, you redeem your discount during your first purchase.

However, some websites allow you to use up your welcome bonus without having ever to spend real cash. The best online casinos, for example, award no deposit free spins you can activate immediately you register an account.

Check Online Review Websites

Online review websites provide comprehensive information about different companies. Some, like Yelp, can help you learn about local businesses. Others like Trust Pilot, allow you to learn just about any company by reading the comments of past customers.

Beyond customer experiences and expert opinions, review websites also tend to share information about companies with ongoing promotions. To improve the quality of the discount details you get, read reviews from sites that deal with products you buy frequently.

If you spend your time looking for prime travel destinations, check out trip advisor, Airbnb, or Wikitravel’s deals. These sites specialize in helping traveler s find the best deals when it comes to hotel rooms, flights, or domestic transportation.

If you enjoy playing online slots, for example, check out fruity slots no deposit bonus offers. The website compares tons of online casinos and ranks the best among them, especially those with incredible bonuses.

Enroll for Loyalty Programs

Golf clubs, libraries, restaurants, and bars are some of the best places to register for loyalty rewards. But if you shop most things online, where can you get loyalty bonuses? Find food delivery sites that offer loyalty discounts. Join eBook stores that value frequent shoppers or join an online golf club.

Essentially, you can receive all the loyalty bonuses people get from brick and mortar businesses online. All you need is to identify these places and enroll for loyalty programs. Obviously, you want to be choosy so that you receive the best offers.

Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys have been helping people land shopping discounts for years. But no one ever said they are the best tricks to help you with online shopping. For starters, they pay you cents or a few dollars. That means you won’t earn enough money to buy your next workstation.

Nonetheless, completing surveys on, InboxDollars, and similar sites can help you find $10 to $100 you could redeem for shopping vouchers. Most surveys take 10-30 minutes to complete and ask a wide range of questions.

But if you have at least an hour a day you could spend filling these surveys, they are worth checking out. Of course, compare a few companies to learn which ones offer the best value for your time.

Sign Up for Free Trials

So, you want to purchase an excellent antivirus for your laptop? Sign up for a free trial before you spend your money. A free trial allows you to test a company’s service and only make a purchase if you love it. Unfortunately, not every online provider offers free trials.

That means you might not always have the chance to try out something for free before you buy it. In such cases, the best course of action is to read online reviews and testimonials. Better yet, avoid such sites unless you are confident in the quality of their services.

Besides helping you find great products, free trials also help you save money. Imagine if all streaming TV networks offered a one-month trial period each. You could spend an entire year trying out a specific company each month.

Enter Online Contests

Almost every online industry has businesses that challenge people to compete for cool prizes. Sometimes these rewards can be humongous in size. You could win a fast car, a holiday getaway, or a free match at your favorite football team.

But before you start to think of all the things you can buy with cash prizes from online tournaments, register for the competitions. Most sports leagues award you free matches when you win fantasy league competitions.

Shopping sites challenge customers to market their products online, and whoever brings the most buyers win. Gambling sites, on the other end, ask you to compete in slots, blackjack, and poker. The winner could walk away with up to $100,000.

Sign up for Email Alerts

Most companies announce offers through email. So, if you want to be considered for shopping discounts, subscribe to receive emails related to discounts. You can subscribe directly to Amazon, eBay, and other retailers that give out discounts.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to a site that compiles the names of brands with discounts. The latter is more effective because it can help you find offers from multiple brands. But if you are only interested in freebies from a specific company, subscribe directly from the shopping site.

These days, social media has also become a prime place for brands to promote their products. They will often ship free samples to their most active Facebook and Instagram followers. Sometimes they challenge their twitter fans to report tweets in exchange for shopping discounts.

As such, consider following your favorite brands on social media. If you can’t keep up with all their posts, however, stick to emails. They are easier to organize, after all.

To Conclude

There are so many ways to score free items from online brands. But the tips mentioned above always tend to work. They are time-saving and can save you a lot of money in the long haul.


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Boost Your Business Operations With The Right Technology

Boost Your Business Operations With The Right Technology

Business and technology are becoming more synonymous with one another as time passes.  Tech evolves, and business uses the tools offered by the progression of today’s technology to succeed.  

It’s wise to get in the know about what tech has to offer business operations, and delve into the various ways in which you can integrate the tech tools you discover.  

Start now, and read through a brief look at a few of the most influential ways in which your business can use technology to boost operations. 

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Stay on top of your SEO presentation

Tech has made the internet into a second home for millions of consumers, so it makes sense that your business would need healthy visibility online.  Search engine optimization is the key to building that coveted digital presence.  

SEO is an umbrella term that covers a whole slew of ways you can augment your digital content to make a more impressive impression on Google.  

When consumers search for terms that are relevant to your operation, you want your content to display first in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  SEO is the key to achieving top rankings.  

Find a solid ecommerce platform

Open your operation up to the whole world, and make sure you have a solid ecommerce platform as your digital foundation.  The lack of an ecommerce platform limits the sales performance of your operation dramatically.  

Give everyone a shot at engagement with your excellence, and take your operations to the web.  Take the time to research various ecommerce options, and choose the one you feel best suits your business.  

Build digital content for mobile users

While you’re creating your digital presence, keep in mind that mobile access to the internet is the preferred method these days.  Design your digital content to display and respond well on today’s many mobile devices, and you’ll get a much better response from web users.  

Reach out to consumers on social media

Social media platforms are some of the most populated spaces on the web today.  Your business needs the valuable visibility offered by a booming social media profile.  

Create a business profile on a few top-rated social media platforms, and treat them like your business website.  Keep social media updated regularly, and make sure to respond to what your public has to say.  

Find ways to forward Cloud integration

One of technology’s most useful tools is the Cloud.  Cloud integration can save your business time, money, and labor in so many ways.  You simply can’t afford to ignore the potential. Delve into all the ways your business can use the Cloud to make things simpler and more efficient within your operation. 


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Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Internet Connection

The internet has changed our lives. It changes in profound ways every day, with newer and better connections available every year, and we increasingly use it more and more at work and at home.

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t always follow through on its promise to make life easier. Lousy connections and slow loading speeds can make us feel stressed and frustrated.

Your internet provider probably isn’t the problem. That’s a good thing! It means there are plenty of ways you can get the most out of your internet connection without calling in and talking to customer service.

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Use the Right Equipment

First, you want to make sure you’re using the right equipment for your internet connection. For example, if you’re using an old or incompatible modem, you may find that you regularly lose your internet. If the internet seems to drop out often when you’re in the middle of doing something, you’ll want to find a different device. Using the default modem offered by your network provider often costs extra each month, but it will ensure your equipment is compatible with their service.

It also means using the right Wi-Fi router. Try using a router with omnidirectional antennas, move your router to a different spot, or consider purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater so your signal travels further.

Block Ads

Ads are more than just a minor annoyance. They can actually interfere with your internet speed. The more ads that are loading in real time, the more strain it puts on your connection, and the more likely it is that your connection is going to slow down.

You probably aren’t going to be able to block all the ads, but there are ad blockers out there that can help you drastically reduce the number of ads you see.

Whether you install an ad blocker plug in or not, you should at least be mindful of the ads running on the pages you visit. Pause them or exit out of them so they don’t put so much strain on your connection.

Protect Your Devices From Viruses

Whether in the office or at home, you use multiple devices. They include laptop and desktop computers, but they also include phones, tablets, and smart home technology.

And yet, most people only know how to protect their computer from viruses. It’s important to know how to protect all of your devices. That means doing things like:

  • Installing antivirus software on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Keeping all of your operating systems and browsers up-to-date.
  • Use a firewall to prevent hackers from discovering your devices.
  • Keep your personal information secure with strong passwords.
  • Shop safely and be mindful of where you click, especially in emails.

Know What Power Cycling Is and How to Do It

Power cycling sounds fancy, but it’s something that’s extremely easy to do yourself. It refers to restarting your router and modem. All you have to do is turn it off and turn it back on again!

There’s a reason why customer service always asks you to turn off your modem and turn it back on again. It can clear out problems, restarting the device fresh.

If you want to get the most out of your restart, make sure you reboot the router and modem the right way. Steps include:

  • Unplug the router and modem
  • Plug the modem back in after at least 30 second
  • Plug the router back in after at least 60 seconds
  • Wait two minutes before testing

If you really want to go above and beyond, try reconfiguring your modem with a new password. It refreshes the settings and connections, in addition to flushing out problems.

Use an Ethernet Cable

There’s no denying that Wi-Fi is convenient. It can work quite well when configured properly, but for devices that don’t move and you use regularly, you should really consider using an ethernet cable.

An ethernet cable can be better than Wi-Fi because it delivers a consistent internet stream. Signal drops are a thing of the past, and ethernet connections are always faster than Wi-Fi. Not to mention, it’s more secure too.

Ethernet cables are best for TVs where programs are regularly streamed using the internet, and gaming devices, so lag isn’t a problem.

Don’t just plug in your modem and router and hope for the best! With just a few tricks, you can get the most out of your internet connection, all without having to pay for faster connections or complain to customer service.


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Similar Sites Like Stream2watch

Stream2watch Alternatives: Top 15+ Best Similar Sites Like Stream2watch (2020)

Stream2Watch is one of the most popular websites used to watch free sports online from different categories like Football, NBA, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Snooker, Soccer, etc. Also, for more, at Stream2Watch you can watch free Live TV Channels like MTV, HBO, ABC, Animal Planet, ESPN, CNN, etc. Stream2Watch is like an open source platform for all of your kind of entertainment online. But if for some reason you are not happy with it and are searching for some similar websites to Stream2Watch or some best Stream2Watch alternatives, then follow our article below of the best top 15+ Stream2Watch alternatives of 2020.

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NOTE: If the given links are not working, please do a quick google search to find the latest working links to the given website!

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What Is Stream2watch?

Stream2Watch is a free online platform divided into two main categories: Sports Streaming and TV Streaming. At Stream2Watch you can watch all the live sports for free from different categories like Football, NBA, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, MLB, Tennis, Snooker, Fussball, etc., and besides that from the TV Streaming category, you can watch different live TV Channels like MTV, HBO, Animal Planet, ESPN, ABC, CNN, Discovery Channel, EUROSPORT, FX, FOX, and many more. This website is the perfect place for all of the Sports Lovers to find all the Live Sports Streaming, Spots News, and other information.

Stream2Watch comes with a simple and well-organized interface and the streams provided by this platforms come with great audio and video quality. The website is verified and the content is legal so you don’t need to worry your personal information on this free live sports streaming site. For more this website is compatible with different types of devices like  Android, Sopcast, Ustream, Coolsport, and others. Stream2Watch has also an Live group chat build-in to allow it users Chat with each-other while watching live events.

Stream2watch Mirrors:

Below there are some Stream2watch mirrors websites. At the time we are writing the article, all the links shared below are accessible and working. If possible, always us a mirror that offers an SSL connection so your ISP (internet service provider) won’t monitor your activity.


Stream2watch Alternatives: Top 15+ Best Similar Sites Like Stream2watch (2020)

Anyway, Stream2Watch and similar sites like Stream2Watch may go offline at anytime without notice. For this reason, having some good alternatives to Stream2Watch bookmarked may be the best solution. So check these top 15+ best similar sites to Stream2Watch to find your next best one free live sports streaming website.

Best Stream2Watch Alternatives of 2020

The alternatives shared below are randomly, so make sure to check then all and find what it works best for you. So here are the top 15+ similar sites like Stream2Watch.

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#1. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSport is the best Sports site to watch different live football matches and one of the most popular. Best thing, it’s free for all users. As it is compatible with all platforms, you can stream on your PC and your Smartphone too. It comes with a really easy and clean UI to use and navigate through.

Like Stream2Watch, you can use FirstRowSport to stream different sports matches form basketball, rugby, boxing, tennis to baseball, and many more. FirstRowSport is the only website you will ever need for streaming your live sports events.

FirstRowSport Website:

FirstRowSport – Sites Like Stream2watch

#2. VIPLeague

VIPLeague broadcast live sports content for free. You will find from European leagues as well as international tournaments such as MLB, NHL, WWE, UFC, X-Games, etc. Shortly, the site covers everything related to the sports world. The platform is really easy to access and you will not face any problem while live streaming your live sports event. At VIPLeague you also have the option to watch sports in different languages like French, Deutsch, etc.

VIPLeague like Stream2Watch is one of the most trusted free sports streaming sites to watch for free online any live sports events directly from your Laptop, PC, and mobile devices. The top reason why users choose VIPleague is that they don’t have to pay a penny to enjoys football, baseball, basketball, car racing, and other sports events. They will treat you like a VIP!

VIPleague Website:

VIPLeague – Sites Like Stream2watch

#3. LiveTV

LiveTv site has a loot of traffic cos of that the live streaming is offered in many languages. As the name suggest it offers live TV channels. LiveTv is very functional with a good design and offer a large variety of sports. You can choose from different video quality according to your internet speed of your device. This site is considered and the best free sports streaming sites that offer free live streaming in multiple languages.

LiveTv is an Russian domain that offers live streaming events. Beside that the original website domain is in Russian, LiveTv is also available in German, French and English language. You can choose you primary language at the Top-Right of the page. One great feature is the live score form witch the users can see updated live score of every live event.

LiveTv Website:

LiveTV – Sites Like Stream2watch

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#4. 12thPlayer

12thPlayer is another great alternative to Stream2Watch which provides a lots of sports categories to choose and directly livestream your favorite live event. Its extremely easy to use and navigate through cos of its simple interface. 12thPlayer is designed by experts team and packs all the keys and channels to deliver an great experience.

Besides live sports events, 12thPlayer deals also with news, updates, highlights of basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and tennis. The UI (user interface) may not be the best but it provides links to third-party websites in an well-organized way.

12thPlayer Website:

12thPlaye – Sites Like Stream2watch

#5. Sport365

Sport365 is yet another great top alternative to Stream2Watch to watch online sports for free that has may good things. This is an great source for all of your favorites live sports from Cricket, WWE, Football, Rugby, to Hockey, Tennis, Soccer and many more. Right at the homepage are showcased all the live sports that are currently available and that ones that will be live soon.

Sport365 is available in different languages so it can be reached by many peoples and also it has an build-in chat room to chat with other sports lovers. You may find many pop-up ads that may be annoying so an good VPN is recommended.

Sport365 Website:

Sport365 – Sites Like Stream2watch

#6. Laola1 

Laola1 is an Austrian website that provides links to different sports events. The site does not have the simplest interface but it covers a loot of most popular sports events around the world from different sports channel categories like Football, Volleyball, Handball, Ice Hockey, Motorsports, etc. While streaming live events you can choose from different level of video and audio quality which makes it an great Sports Streaming Site.

Laola1 has an friendly user-friendly interface and provides also an section to read different news related to sports. On top features is also the option to record all the matches to watch then at another time offline. If you choose to create an account at Laola1, you will get notifications of the upcoming sports.

Laola1  Website:

Laola1 – Sites Like Stream2watch

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#7. VipBoxTV

VipBoxTV is another great Stream2Watch alternative and an top rated sports streaming site to broadcasts live sports almost for free. The site offers various sports streaming channels and is the next great source for sports lovers. The clean UI makes it easy to navigate through the site and find you favorite ones. VipBoxTV manly covers football and scooter matches, but you will also find cricket, basketball, etc.

The UI is very simple, clean and just with just one simple click you can check all the live sports events that are happening at that time around the globe.

VipBoxTV Website:

VipBoxTV – Sites Like Stream2watch

#8. Feed2All

Feed2All is a great alternative to Stream2Watch and a good platform to watch live sports anywhere and anytime. All sport lovers can watch all sports matches for free, also Feed2All offers some popular sports categories like Ice Hockey, Basketball, Fights etc. Feed2All covers all the majors live football matches and some other sports. Right at the homepage will be showcased all the games that are being played with multiple links to choose for streaming.

The website comes with an clean UI and by default with an dark theme that makes it easy to navigate through.

Feed2All Website:

Feed2All – Sites Like Stream2watch

#9. WizWig

WizWig is another best alternative that packs a loots of features and new streaming options. You will find different sports streaming form Cricket, Tennis, Football, Racing, Rugby, to Hockey, Wrestling and many more form all around the world. Along with live sports it also offers Live TV, Live Radio all for free and without any need of signup. At WizWig  you can choose to watch free HD TV Shows and Movies on Live TV channels plus watch all the live streaming sports.

WizWig if one of the perfect Live Streaming platforms for everyone that pack an feature-rich live streaming services and streaming tools to deliver a complete solution.

WizWig Website:

WiziWig – Sites Like Stream2watch

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#10. CricFree

CricFree brings to you lots of online TV channels, most of then with a sport event. You can enjoy streaming online sports events totally for free at any time form anywhere around the globe. CricFree mainly focus is on cricket and you can enjoy all type of cricket tournaments, but also the site provides all the other sports events divided in more than 12 different categories along with spots news, interviews, previous matches highlights, mach schedule etc.

CricFree comes with an very simple and easily UI that makes the navigation through the site vary simple. CricFree is one of the best sports streaming services that covers everything you are looking for. This website is an really an excellent alternative to Stream2watch which pack all the popular sports events in high quality.

CricFree Website:

CricFree – Sites Like Stream2watch

#11. Myp2p

Myp2p is one of the best and well know live streaming sports alternativeAll sports events are available here. Everyone can easily watch a live sport match for free on Myp2p. MyP2P.EU streams live sports for free! Has a few ads but provides an high-quality stream, enjoy!

The user interface if clean and attractive and very smooth. Like Stream2Watch you will find also other sports categories to stream like Tennis, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Boxing and MotoGP, etc and each live event has multiple links to choose from.

Myp2p Website:

Myp2p2 – Sites Like Stream2watch

#12. BatmanStream

BatmanStream is yet another popular free sports streaming sites. Comes with an good and friendly user interface (UI) and packs different type of sports from football, basketball, baseball to handball and may others. BatmanStream offers the feature to search for your favorite sport event and stream that live event for completely free. 

It comes with an simple UI and very easy to navigate through. The shows are provided in top HD quality and for sure this is one of the websites that is worth completely to use at stream your favorites live sports events for free.

BatmanStream Website:

Batmanstream – Sites Like Stream2watch

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#13. Redstream

Redstream is the best option for you for online sport streaming for free. Rojadirecta streams are also available here! You will find different streaming categories form American football, basketball, soccer, baseball to tennis and may more. Redstream has an eye-catching red theme which is pretty easy to use an navigate through.

Redstream Website:

Redstream – Sites Like Stream2watch

#14. SportsP2P

SportsP2P is best-known for live sports streaming. On their platform you can watch all type of sports events form Cricket, Racing, UFC, Boxing, Tennis, to American football an other live events form different channels.

The database gets updated frequently to provide regularly fresh content. SportsP2P comes with an clear and user-friendly interface which makes is an great source and the best Stream2Watch alternative.

SportsP2P Website:

SportsP2P – Sites Like Stream2watch

#15. StrikeOut

All sport lovers will love to visit StrikeOut cos is the best source to easily watch all sports games any with different devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, pc etc. StrikeOut has a well organized design and focuses on providing very quality streams. You can choose to steam live events form cricket, baseball, football, basketball and many more.

Strikeout site like Stream2Watch offers similar functions, aesthetics and games databases. By clicking on the listed sports, you can see the upcoming games with the available streaming links.

StrikeOut Website:

StrikeOu – Sites Like Stream2watch

#16. Rojadirecta 

World’s biggest and most popular free sports streaming sites is Rojadirecta. All sports events are accessible by everyone for free. If you are looking for the best online sports streaming site, than don’t search anymore! Rojadirecta its like an real time directory where all top sports games are scheduled with the complete information of the next live sports coming up.

The website provides multiple links to the same live event and with multiple video quality for your needs to choose from!

Rojadirecta Website:

Rojadirecta – Sites Like Stream2watch

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Now you have top 15+ best similar sites like Stream2Watch or alternatives to Stream2Watch to watch all your live sports events for free is good streaming quality. Hope you found this article useful! If you have any other alternative, please let us know in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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