Intel H Series CPUs

But we’re still waiting on more details.

During the CES 2020, Intel made a very ambitious statement: the company plans to exceed 5GHz with the next-generation 10th-generation Core i7 H-series, intended for laptops, reports Engadget.

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This will make the processors even faster than the current model from the Core i9 H – 9980HK series, which offers up to 5GHz maximum. On the other hand, it’s not surprising that Intel is keen to exceed those speeds, but it’s interesting that it does so with the lower i7 line. This means that models from the i9 line will potentially be even faster.

In addition, the company claims that the 10th generation H-series processors will have better scalability in its eight cores, which should allow for further performance improvements.

Intel did not want to release more details about the upcoming processors, but more is expected in the coming days.

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