Report: The successors of the iPhone XS and XS Max will be called iPhone Pro

As we approach Autumn, all attention turns to Apple. A Bloomberg report provides perhaps the clearest information about Apple’s new phones, including the iPhones “Pro” that will replace the XS and XS Max.

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Two of the iPhones will focus on the camera with a triple lens design. For the first time an iPhone will have a wide-angle lens. Along with the new phones, the report also talks about the company’s plans for the iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro.

As previously speculated, this report also says that Apple will introduce the new phones on September 10th.

The Pro models will come with two new technologies: wireless charging of accessories and a wide-angle Face ID. This means that the new iPhone will be able to charge other devices like AirPods and even another iPhone.

While the budget model iPhone XR will be equipped with a second zoom camera and portrait mode. Finally, as expected, the new iPhones come with more powerful A13 processors as well as a component called the AMX that can perform difficult tasks related to augmented reality.

None of the phones have 5G connectivity so you’ll have to wait until 2020 for that to become a reality. Inside will be the A13 processor, as me mention, while the 3D Touch has been removed from the OLED display and replaced with the Haptic Touch, which means the user has to hold the finger much longer.

The size of all three phones looks exactly the same as the current models. The camera is expected to have 3D viewing options as well as other video options, but it’s optional.

“It will have a very smart camera, water resistant and with metallic mat finishes,” the report said.

Regarding the capacity level, it is expected to be built with solid material, which makes it even more water resistant, while metal mat finishes make it much more luxurious.

Bloomberg says that in the event of the iPhone the company will introduce a 16-inch MacBook Pro model but will be similar in size to the 15-inch MacBook Pro because of the thin frames.

Regarding the iPad, the report says that both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will arrive alongside the opening of schools with a more powerful processor and better cameras. The cheaper iPad will move from 9.7-inches to 10.2-inches.

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