TCL 10 Series

TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10 5G and TCL 10L make an appearance at CES 2020

TCL has introduced a series of phones in the upper segment of its market. The TCL 10 Series consists of the TCL 10 5G, 10 Pro and 10L models. The phones will arrive in global markets later this year, GSMArena reports.

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TCL 10 5G is the company’s first 5G phone and will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7-Series (probably Snapdragon 765G). The phone has a large screen with punch-hole camera and glass reflective back with fingerprint sensor. The TCL 10 5G has four cameras and dual LED flash modules. The specifications of individual cameras are not known, but the main sensor is known to have 64MP.

TCL 10 Pro looks similar to the 10 5G, but comes with a different display. Offered “edge AMOLED” screen for selfie camera. Instead of the holographic reflective pattern, in the background is the glossy schematic. The phone has two single-LED flash modules, with 64MP main camera. This model’s fingerprint sensor is located below the screen.

TCL 10L is the base model on the line, which comes with four cameras on the back (48MP main sensor) and a fingerprint sensor that is also on the back. The screen has a punch-hole opening for the selfie camera.

TCL has not released the full specifications of its new line of phones as the company is planning to make its full presentation at MWC at the end of February.

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