How to Save Money While Shopping Online Tips on

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to avoid making online purchases. Whether you just need to get more paper towels or buy a new pair of socks, you can purchase all kinds of things you need on the internet. And just like shopping at brick and mortar stores, there are also notable ways you can observe so that you can still shop smart even on the web.

Here are nifty points to practice so that you can stretch your dollars’ worth without needing to go out of the house.

  1.       No to Impulse Buying

In a survey done by in 2018, it was found that 44% of respondents had done spur-of-the-moment purchases on the internet. In the same year, Black Friday sales jumped to a whopping $6.22 billion online. Impulse buying is just getting harder and harder to resist especially if transactions are mere taps away on your screen. But just like going home first after seeing that beautiful cardigan you wanted to buy at the mall, you really should sleep on it before ultimately deciding if you want to seal that deal. Give it days, or even weeks if you can. You never know, prices might even drop and you might get what you want at a steal!

  1.       Do Your Due Diligence

Today, it’s easier to compare prices because you don’t have to physically locate similar products before making your final choice. Shopping online also means that there are coupons you can apply to further bring down the costs of your planned purchases. Make sure that you haven’t missed out on any discounts before you check out that cart. Scan as many pages, even read up on message boards and comments, and leave no stone unturned.

  1.       Get Cashback

You won’t get passing marks on Internet Shopping 101 if you do not master the art of earning cashback. Almost all noteworthy e-commerce websites are now tied up with partners who return money from your purchases and sometimes offer their own perks and discounts. The internet is truly the gift that just keeps on giving. Now, there’s no more need to personally stroll into your local pharmacy when you can buy your favorite beauty products online and get Chemist Warehouse cashback at the same time. Make tapping for cashback a habit and we’re sure you’ll thank us for it!

  1.       Maximize Credit Card Promos

Unless your debit card is doing its own thing, you are more likely to get rewards from your credit card than from your savings account. In fact, you can do away with shopping using debit cards and you’ll be all the safer for it. Since you’re shopping online anyway, it’s better to transact using credit cards than to part with your cash. Make sure that you are aware of all the perks that come with each card you have along with their ongoing promos. Yes, those emails that you keep ignoring! Shopping on credit even if you have the cash available means you get to keep your money longer while earning points on things you have to buy anyway. It’s absolutely win-win!

Quick Ways to Improve your skills

Life becomes easier when you have a specific skill set which you can use to pave your path towards your goal. Acquiring new skills takes learning, and what better way is there to pace to a wider skill set than improving your learning skills. The first step to achieving this is to find a tutor and take his word for how to learn better. With a faster learning process, you can explore more in a short period of time and register continuous growth. Here are a few quick ways for how you can improve your learning skill.

5 Tips to Boost your Skills

1. Visual Learning

Learning becomes fun and easy when you can visualize what you read. For faster learning, you can use visual aids, images, graphs, etc., to help you remember data. Other methods are by denoting information with colors or icons and then using the denotations. Thus every time you need to recall what you learned, all you need to do is think of the denotations, and it will remind you of the details.

2. Base your Learning on context

Learning something is more comfortable when it makes sense to you, and you know why you are learning it. This allows you to retain information for a long time. As soon as you understand a concept, think about a scenario where you can apply the concept and get feedback if you have learned it correctly. Keep repeating the process till the time you feel you have memorized the concept.

3. Accountability

Learning can be tedious, and you may not be able to pour your interest into it if you have no one to hold you accountable. Find a tutor or a friend who would track your progress and keep a frequent eye on you to encourage your weak points—having someone to track your progress can significantly improve your learning.

4. Naturalistic Learning

It is believed that nature is the best teacher, and you can find learning motivation out of doors. A lot of scientists prefer to take inspiration while observing how nature works. To improve your learning skills, take a walk outside, and create a journal to keep track of everything you learn and speak to an audience about it.  

5. Train your Brain

Brain works better when trained well. Perform aptitude exercises and indulge in meditation to activate your logical thinking. With logical thinking, you can devise methods to learn everything efficiently. This allows your brain to retain information using logical reasoning, and it is very helpful for learning patterns, categories, and data containing numbers. 


Better learning skills allow you to boost the learning process and help you retain information for a longer time. Find a tutor, prepare a methodology to train you, and work on it alongside a tutor. It is only with sheer determination and perseverance that you can excel in learning, and these skills also help you walk through the path of life.

10 Best Cell Phone Location Trackers in 2020

In this day and age, smartphones are a necessity with people taking them everywhere they go. This makes it easy for anyone with the right tool to track someone’s whereabouts through a cell phone. 


Today, there are phone surveillance apps that make tracking the whereabouts of a cell phone easy. However, phone surveillance apps are not made the same. Some are more reliable and have a reputation while others are scams. 

In this post, we share the 10 best cell phone trackers. These are trusted in the phone surveillance industry and provide a reliable service. 

#1 Minspy – Recommended phone tracking app 

With Minspy, users get the most trusted reputable phone tracking app. The app comes with over 30 phone tracking features. To get a grasp of what Minspy offers its users, check its website

With over a million users globally, Minspy attracts a lot of media attention. For instance, it has been featured in Forbes and CNET. What’s more, the app has a very high customer approval rating. 

With Minspy, you can track someone’s cell phone location secretly and remotely. The app works on both iOS and Android devices. Besides, Minsoy doesn’t require technical skills to use it on your target. 

Why do users trust Minspy? 

Apart from having dozens of features, Minspy comes with other remarkable characteristics. Here are some of them: 

  1. 100% undetectable 

All the location tracking activities in Minspy works in the background. This way, the app doesn’t interfere with the performance of the target cell phone. So, your tracking activities will be undetectable by the phone user. 

What’s more, on iOS devices, the app doesn’t require installation. Rather, Minspy uses the iCloud backup to spy on the target iPhone. For Android devices, you need one-time access to install the app. 

After the installation of the Android app, Minspy automatically deletes its icon to hide its presence. 

  1. Safe 

Minspy doesn’t capture data from third-party apps. This guarantees data privacy for the target device user. Also, your Minspy dashboard is password-protected to ensure you are the only one who can access it. 

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking 

With Minspy, you won’t have to root or jailbreak the target cell phone to track its whereabouts. Besides, rooting Android smartphones or iPhone compromises the security of the target cell phone. 

To avoid these measures, Minspy relies on the latest technology in phone surveillance. 


#2 Spyine 

Another reputable and reliable phone tracking app is Spyine. This app is equipped with over 30 tracking features. Besides, it supports both Android phones and iPhones. 

Spyine is a web-based tracking app that allows you to track and monitor the whereabouts of the target remotely. With Spyine, you only need to log in to your Spyine dashboard to start tracking the whereabouts of a cell phone. 

Also, you won’t have to root or jailbreak the target cell phone to start tracking it. 


#3 Neatspy 

Neatspy is another popular and reliable phone tracking app. It is trusted by users across more than 190 countries across the world. With Neatspy, users get over 30 tracking features. 

One of the popular tracking features in this app is the location tracking feature. This provides details such as GPS coordinates and street address where the target cell phone is. Neatspy works on iPhones and Android phones. 

To avoid detection, Neatspy works in the background. What’s more, Neatspy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target cell phone. 


#4 Spyier

As one of the latest phone tracking apps, Spyier delivers amazing features. The app supports iPhones and Android smartphones. Best of all, no rooting or jailbreaking necessary for the app to start tracking your target. 

Spyier is available across the world. It comes with more than 30 phone tracking features besides the ability to monitor a cell phone’s location. Also, it works in stealth to avoid detection. 


#5 Spyic 

Spyic is a pioneer in the phone tracking industry. The app comes with over 35 phone tracking features that let you track anything from location to installed apps. With Spyic, users have access to a trusted phone tracking app. 

It boasts of more than a million users across the world. Besides, it can track any iOS or Android device. Spyic is also a web-based phone tracking app that makes it possible to track a cell phone remotely and discreetly. 


#6 ClickFree

Another reputable phone tracking app is ClickFree. The app is among the latest so it provides a sleek user interface. Besides, it delivers more than 30 phone tracking features. 

Spyic like other reputable apps supports tracking of iPhones and Android smartphones. Remarkably, the app doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device to start tracking it. 


#7 Spyzie 

Spyzie is another phone tracking app that supports the monitoring of iPhones and Android cell phones. Also, the app works in the background to avoid interfering with the target cell phone performance. 

The location tracking feature in Spyzie provides details like GPS coordinates, street addresses, and location history. Spyzie provides more than 30 phone tracking features besides the location tracking feature. 


#8 FoneMonitor

With FoneMonitor, users have access to a comprehensive phone tracking app. It is equipped with more than 30 features. Besides, over a million users globally trust and use FoneMonitor for their tracking needs. 

FoneMonitor is a web-based tracking app that lets you track the whereabouts of a phone remotely. You only need to log in to your FoneMonitor dashboard to start tracking your target. 


#9 TeenSafe

As one of the latest surveillance apps, TeenSafe provides users with virtually unlimited tracking features. Besides tracking the whereabouts of the target cell phone, it can track virtually any other aspect. 

The app tracking of both iOS and Android devices. With TeenSafe, the app includes a geofence feature that allows users to define a virtual boundary. This allows you to receive notifications when the target cell phone crosses it. 


#10 Cocospy 

Cocospy is another pioneer in the phone tracking industry. The app comes with more than 35 phone tracking features. With Cocospy, users can easily track the whereabouts of iPhones and Android smartphones. 

Cocospy is also a web-based phone surveillance app that lets you track the whereabouts of a phone remotely. 



With so many phone tracking apps available today, find the best can be a challenge. In this post, we shared the 10 best cell phone location trackers. Feel free to use Minspy or any other app for your cell phone tracking needs.

Spy Apps

10 Best Spy Apps in 2020 (100% Working)

Spying on others’ phone is no longer a thing to be feared. It is very much easy, risk-free, and un-hassled provided you have the right tool. With the help of the right and feature-rich spy app, life would be a lot easier. But, the over-crowded market has made the life of the buyer a bit hectic. They are confused and perplexed. In this post, we have listed down some of the best and quality-rich spy apps that you can use in 2020. So, let’s get started.  


#1 – Spyic 


The best spy app, Spyic has to be in first place in our or any other list. This spy app is packed with an ultra-modern feature that is needed for risk-free and hassle-free spying. At present, millions of people across the globe are taking benefit of its impeccable and cut-above spying facility. 


Many leading media houses have praised it for its flawless and amazing spying capabilities. 

To know why the whole world is considering Spyic as the best spy app, read this post


Spyic goes the extra mile to make the entire process risk-free by using a technology that is 100% risk-free. Risky activities like rooting and jailbreak are nowhere involved in Spyic’s processing. 



Here are a few more highlights of Spyic that you must know:


  • As long as Spyic is at your service, no cyber-risks will bother you or harm your data. 


  • Spyic doesn’t judge you on the basis of your qualifications and never forces you to do something which is beyond your capabilities. It offers a very straightforward and simplified interface that anyone can use. 


  • Spyic’s assistance is very extensive. This single tool can keep tabs on around 35 phone activities. Yes, that’s true. From calls history to web-browsing history, everything can be monitored. 


  • Spyic captures data in real-time and demands no third-person’s or party’s involvement. This means data would be the highest kind and quality. 


  • Considering the price, Spyic is very cost-effective. Only $10 per month are your expenses with this tool. 

#2 – Spyier  


Spyier is what we would suggest to you after Spyic as it is very much similar to Spyic when it comes to features and feasibility. Just as Spyic, Spyier also doesn’t follow rooting/jailbreak. 


It uses a novel and inventive hacking technology has made phone spying a lot more simplified. As it works perfectly fine on iOS and Android platforms, anyone can use it without any worries. 


  • Phone spying with Spyier is a cakewalk. It comes with a very interactive dashboard that you can access from any device/browser. 


  • With the help of Spyier, any end-user can keep tabs on 35 phone activities from a remote location. You don’t have to be around that person all the time. 


#3 – Minspy 


Having a 100% discreet spying app at a pocket-friendly price is only possible if you’re using

Minspy. It’s more than just a phone-hacking app. It is a means of ultimate peace of mind as entire phone usage can be monitored closely. 


It has 100% risk-free operation which is why it is famed all across the globe. When used to its full potential, phone spying with Minspy is very much simplified.


#4 – Spyine 


Who says phone hacking has to be complex? They should try Spyine. We are sure that they will figure out the truth. 


For both the iOS and Android platforms, it has a separate and feature-rich phone spying solution. Each solution is best-in-class and knows ways to hide your movements.  


#5 – Neatspy 


Neatspy and its feature-suite is the best thing one can ever have as this spy app makes rooting and jailbreak free hacking possible.  


  • With the least possible prerequisites, this tool is going to help in secret spying of Android and iOS-based phones. Not to mention, all the leading versions are supported by it. 


  • Neatspy provides live demo and constant support. So, all your queries would be resolved on a priority basis. 


#6 – ClickFree 


ClickFree is nothing less than a blessing for all those people who never tried their hands on WhatsApp spying.


  • As it comes with a user-friendly interface, it takes no time to turn a novice into an app hacker. Not to forget; there are minimum possible risks in spying if you’re using ClickFree. 


  • Instagram messages, calls, contacts, calendar, notes, apps, and any other important details can be easily fetched out with its help. There are the least possible hassle and hurdles in spying. 


 #7 – TeenSafe 


TeenSafe is a blessing in disguise for all those who fear facing troubles in the phone spying task just because of not having any prior experience.   


  • This single tool is capable to keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities from a remote location. 
  • Phone spying data will be delivered to you without a third-person’s involvement. 


#8 – Spyzie 


Spyzie is here in our list because of endless reasons. But, we will bring your attention to only the key one for you. 


  • It knows how to keep your motives a secret affair with the help of stealth mode and web-based interface. 
  • Its impressive security encryption ensures data safety of the highest kind. 


#9 – Fonemonitor 


Fonemonitor is capable of rendering real-time data at zero hassle. People who have used it for phone spying experience best-in-class features and facilities. 


  • Fonemonitor never compromises on the data security during phone spying. This is why it is a safe option. 


  • It is available for all the platforms and versions. So, nothing to worry about. 


#10 – Cocospy  


Cocospy is the last option that we would suggest. It has managed to impress us with its impeccable services and facilities. Cost is very affordable so you won’t have any worries and hassles to give it a try. 


Final words 


Phone spying is the need of the hour and one must not ignore it or try to maintain distance from it. When done with the help of the right tool, it’s not at all risky. All the ten options that we discussed here are worthy of your trust.  


But, Spyic is indeed the best of the pack. It has got an edge over other options. Try using it and you will experience its power in full swing. 

Best Games Like GTA 5 For PC

Top 5+ Best Games Like GTA 5 for PC

5+ Best Games like GTA 5 you Need to Play Right Now While Waiting for GTA 6

GTA 5 is Rockstar’s success game which has sold millions of copies worldwide and this due to a simple formula: open world, criminality, and freedom. Even though the release was back in 2013, the game is still played thanks to its heavy action and exciting adventures and still it manages to compete against today’s releases in terms of graphics and technical brilliance. If you have been having fun rampaging around Los Santos and Blaine County but things are starting to be boring, it’s understandable that you are looking for some similar games like GTA 5. Below we are going to share a list of top 5+ best GTA 5 like games to keep up with your entertainment while waiting for GTA 6 and what it has to offer.

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Best games like GTA 5 for PC

The problem of graphics is always a matter of preference. One game may require super realistic graphics and in another, it may be the choice of the developers themselves to keep it in a somewhat more animation in the form of cartoons. In this article we will anyway list 5+ best games like GTA 5 with most of than even with better graphics. The below-listed games offer different strengths, styles, and approaches to the gameplay, but in common is the open-world style and the freedom to do freely the missions and activities you want.

With that in mind, here are the best games like GTA 5 for PC. 


The Just Cause series has established a pretty good name for themselves in the gaming industry. However, developer Acalanche soon discovered what many open-world games could not do. Just Cause was never supposed to be a rival to GTA, as it is almost impossible to eclipse the game at this point. For this reason, instead of imitating GTA, Just Cause simply took the essential elements of the open-world genre and built it in a more creative way.

So instead of mimicking GTA, it excels in borrowing the key basics of the open-world genre and building upon then a for more creative way. To be clear, Just Cause 4 does not hold the storyline class or the mechanical polish of Rockstar’s signature franchise.


Sleeping Dogs is another real city game, specifically in Hong Kong, which has Wei Shen as it’s protagonist, an undercover detective who has to break up a whole criminal gang of Chinese band, called Triads, with all the danger it brings. The inspiration comes from the True Crime franchise, and this game does it in a superb way. Similar to GTA 5, when it comes to action this game is very violent and is basically a GTA 5 game with martial arts. If you grew up watching Bruce Lee films, you will love this game for sure. 

On the game, you will compete in fight clubs, bet on cockfights, compete in races, and also have dates with women. Similar to GTA 5 for PC, Sleeping Dogs is a truly complete game that does justice.

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#3. MAFIA 3

Mafia 3 was a significant increase in the Mafia game series in terms of its scale, size, and ambition. The Mafia did not want to distract its players from history with the presence of an open-world within it, so just use it to help players immerse themselves in a city where characters who did not have Empire Bay exist only in certain parts. Mafia 3, however, was a more traditional open-world game with New Bordeaux that became available to roam freely. The game is most likely the closest thing to a Punisher game that fans can look for.

As the name tells, Mafia III looks a lot like GTA 5. It features the story of Lincoln Clay, an American Vietnam War veteran who and up living a story of revenge and violence. Unlike GTA 5, her is the presence of interrogations. The world that Mafia 3 creates is very authentic and players will find it hard to find cinematic footage and scenes done better in any other game.


When talking about similar games like GTA 5, we for sure need to mention Red Dead Redemption 2. It is one of the most favorite games of Rockstar, the same studio that brought us GTA. When it comes to technical performance, few games can come close to the graphics of Red Dead Redemption II.

Similar to GTA, Rockstar did another wonderful job with a western experience from the start to finish.

#5. FAR CRY 5

When speaking to open-world games, the Far Cry series is similar to the GTA series although the backdrop is different. This game is rated for its stunning picturesque locations and its inclusive soundtrack and it really worth playing it. Your main mission in this game is to eradicate a world cult that has invaded Hope County, Montana. Since the world of this game is so vast, you need to talk to any group of people you face as this will help you progress in the game.

#6. YAKUZA 0

Yakuza fans could not contain their emotions when Sega announced that the upcoming game would be a prequel to the original. At this point, the game had become quite popular all over the world. The Yakuza series stands above any other game in its genre in terms of gameplay. The game holds what is probably the best combat system seen in modern gaming.

The map may not be as wide as GTA, but what makes it up is the extra content. According to fan’s opinions, this is one of the most polished games. When speaking to the main story, it will surely connect you. Each event triggers an even more interesting event, leaving you wanting more. Characters can be improved by spending points on skill and dexterity. Fighting is the order of the day, so practice better!

#7. Watch Dogs 2

The original Watch Dogs was such a heartbreaking affair that the Aiden Pearce revenge tale becomes almost unbearable by its end, but Ubisoft took that criticism to heart for the sequel. As such, the studio’s pursuit far avoids the sentiment and tone of contemporary Grand Theft Auto titles, using its setting as a stage for stinging satire. Remember the “Life Invader” mission from Grand Theft Auto 5? Watch Dogs 2 is basically it, but bloated to the point of a whole game.

Rockstar parody of Silicon Valley still a little more punch than Ubisoft, but Watch Dogs 2 despite making a lot of laughs for anyone who has to sit down at an Apple conference or a Facebook ad. And hey, you have to use pool balls attached to the bungee cable as a weapon – that’s very sweet.

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Do you have any suggestions for similar games like GTA V?! Please let us know in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Games Like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Top 5 Games Like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed series was experiencing a decline in quality, till to the point where one of the most beloved games for fans came out: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a game that gives the player the opportunity to control the gameplay, to the point where it can choose to play as a male or female mercenary in the Peloponnesian War. The gameplay also includes a very inclusive open world and a story that relates very well to all of this.

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If you are a fan of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, then there are some other games similar to it that you may try out:


As a successful sequel to Shadow of Mordor, Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War is a fairly well-executed RPG. History and missions will keep you busy for a few good hours and Tolkein’s beautiful world of imagination is something that will remind you of the beautiful story of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.


Although Red Dead Redemption does not give the antique feel of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it does a brilliant job of bringing an open-world game to those who are fans of this genre. The game gives players a vast world intertwined with interesting missions, NPCs that interact with you, and various types of activities you can explore.


Tom Clancy’s The Division is a third-person RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future. You start as part of the Strategic Homeland Division, in a lifeless New York, with the mission to make the city safe and functional again.


Assassin’s Creed Origins is the predecessor of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and was the first of the games to introduce loose gameplay in the series. Set in ancient Egypt, the game follows the story of Bayek, a Medjay seeking revenge against the five men responsible for the murder of his child. A short but compelling story that gave Assassin’s Creed series direction and new life.


It makes no sense to talk about open-world RPG and exclude The Witcher 3. The game is the final installation of The Witcher trilogy and follows Geralt on his way to find Cirilla. A game that definitely redefines the term free-roam gameplay, The Witcher 3 is the standard by which it compares to any other open-world game, including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey itself.

sources (1,)

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So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Best Offline Games Like GTA

Top 3 Best Offline Games Like GTA

GTA has revolutionized the open-world RPG gameplay for which the game is known. The only thing fans believed he lacked, the online multiplayer game, Rockstar also brought it. GTA Online is an extended multiplayer game that you will probably never get bored of. However, if you have a terrible internet connection and want to play games in single-player mode, then there are many games that only offer offline gameplay.

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3 Best Offline Games Like GTA

If you are looking for some offline games similar to GTA, then below we hare three options to consider:

#1. Just Cause

The Just Cause franchise has decided to keep things offline for their fans so far. The game does not have a multiplayer mode but executes extremely well the single-player game. Set in an open-world where you can explore the environment to your heart’s content while collecting weapons and engaging in adventurous missions, Just Cause resembles GTA in many ways.

#2. L.A. Noire

Another great game from Rockstar, L.A. Noire will remind you of GTA all the time you play it. Set in Los Angeles City from the 1940s, the player takes on the character of a Los Angeles Police Department cop and later, a detective. Unlike GTA, you play as a good guy who investigates and knows the patterns of every crime. If too much action, chaos, and criminal investigations are the thing that attracts you, L.A. Noire should be on your to-do list to try.

#3. Sleeping Dogs

A police officer forced to make morally controversial and difficult decisions in a story; Sleeping Dogs is one of the best open-world crime games ever created. You play the game like Wei Shen, a Sino-US police officer who must pretend to be a gangster and infiltrate the gangs that rule over Hong Kong. The really sophisticated action and the extremely versatile story that ties the game together are enough in themselves and do not require a multiplayer mode.


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So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Best Sites like AnimeDao

AnimeDao Alternatives: Top 5+ Best Sites like AnimeDao (2020)

If you are an anime fan then for sure you are familiar with AnimeDao. It is one of the most popular and favorite anime site online to watch Japanese Anime TV Shows and Movies in English subtitles or in English dubbed versions. You can find hundreds of free sites to watch anime online free while searching, but AnimeDao is marked as one of the best in this category.

At AnimeDao you can get easily access to the latest released Amine as the site is updated quickly with the latest anime series as soon as they released in Japan. The well-organized UI make it easy for the user to find their favorite anime, or they can use the search tool inside the site. The anime are categorized based on they genre or they alphabetical name order. You can watch the movies form low 240p quality to high 1080p quality. AnimeDao is undoubtedly one of the best sites to watch the latest anime online for free in HD quality with a smooth performance, but if you are searching for some AnimDao alternatives or some similar sites like AnimeDao on 2020, then today in this article we will share our top list top 5+ best Similar sites like AnimDao of 2020.

IMPORTANTLegal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream/download movies/TV shows and other stuff that falls under the public domain. neoAdviser does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons/links are not hosted by neoAdviser and this guide is for educational purposes only.

NOTE: If the given links are not working, please do a quick search to find the latest working links to the given website! We recommend using Big search tool.

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AnimeDao Alternatives: Top 5+ Best Sites like AnimeDao (2020)

AnimeDao provides a huge collection of movies starting from classic anime shows to the latest TV Series. It consumes low bandwidth and offers smooth streaming to make the view even comfortable.

Watch anime AnimeDao

Our list of Top 5+ Best Sites like AnimeDao/AnimeDao Alternatives of 2020 to Watch Anime Online for Free

AnimeDao is undoubtedly one of the best sites to watch the latest anime online for free in HD quality with a smooth performance, but if you are searching for some good AnimDao alternatives, then today in this article we will share our list of top 5+ best similar sites like AnimDao of 2020. The AnimeDao alternatives sites shared below are listed randomly, based on user ratings and our personal experience, so make sure to check then all and find your favorite AnimeDao alternative to watch free anime content online: 

#1. KissAnime

KissAnime is one of the best sites like AnimeDao to stream anime shows and movies for free in HD without the need for signup. You can find a huge collection of the latest anime shows and movies from Japan and Korea. The anime comes with English subtitles or dubbed in English and in high-quality video and audio resolution. KissAnime has become the top site of anime lovers cos of its instinctive contributions.


#2. 9Anime

9Anime is the best competitor and a great alternative to AnimeDao. Through 9Anime you can watch for free online the latest and most popular anime shows in English subtitles and also in HD format. No signup is needed to access these features that make 9Anime one of the best alternatives to AnimeDao and one of the best sites to watch the latest anime online for free.

Users can chose also to download they’re favorite anime content which is a great feature. 9Anime packs a lot of similarities with AnimeDao and for sure you will love it!


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#3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll offers free anime movies and shows as well as with its paid subscription. This is a legal site and has more than 2 million premium members an about 45 million registered users. You can also watch Japanese manga and Asian TV for free at Crunchyroll.

All groups of peoples, form age of 60 years old to 7 years old, that are anime fan can enjoy watching their favorite anime here for free. 


#4. GoGoAnime

A super-fast streaming site with a lot of content, GoGoAnime is marked as one of the best sites like AnimeDao. The site can be accessed from PC and form all smartphones as it works with HTML 5. The latest anime movies and series are with English subtitles and also you can find many English dubbed anime similar to AnimeDao. With a huge collection of the latest Japan anime series and movies, GoGoAnime is the station of millions of anime lovers.

GoGoAnime is a free website to watch anime online and downloading anime with English subtitles or dubbed in English. The site offers a clean and easy user interface (UI) which is well-organized. GoGoAnime packs all of the popular anime videos to choose from. 


#5. Animefreak.TV

Animefreak offers a loot of free anime shows and movies with English subtitles and even some of then are dubbed in English. It has a great user interface (UI) which makes this site a really great AnimeDao alternative to watch anime online.

AnimeFreak pack huge collections of more than 10K episodes of anime series form various categories to stream and watch for free. Clicking on the photos of the movies you can see the review of the show, ratings, and episode list. You will find both original and dubbed series at AnimeFreak and to make the watching more enjoyable you can also download their app from Play Store.


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#6. Chia-Anime

This is one of the best websites to watch anime online for free, listen to anime soundtracks, and read manga in various genres. For sure you will find your favorite anime here as Chia-Anime gets updated daily. The site offers also the feature to save or download your favorite anime.

Chia-Anime is a Japanese anime site, but you will find almost all of the episodes subbed in English. Unlike the other free anime streaming websites, you will face fewer ads here.


#7. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is yet another top anime streaming website resource that provides anime series and anime movies in both subbed and dubbed versions which you can use as an AnimeDao alternative. It packs a large collection of anime content categorized in different categories with instant streaming at free of cost and without any restriction. The anime videos come in good quality of mostly 780p or 1080p resolution.

The UI (user interface) is pretty easy to use and navigate through, while it also offers support for different screen devices that to its responsive design. You will find many ads, pop-ups, so a good adblocker will be good.


#8. Animelab

Animelab is a legal and free anime streaming platform offering movies, shows, anime, and simulcasts directly from Japan. This is among the most poplars websites that is known for its fastest availability of the latest anime series aired in Japan.

If you need to get rid of the ads, Animelab offers a premium version that is also for English audio instead of just subtitles. The design is pretty good with a well-organized interface that you can use it to browse by recently added, by popular show, by subbed or dubbed shows.


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So, this is our list of the top 5+ best AnimeDao alternatives of 2020 to watch your favorite anime online for free. For sure AnimeDao is one of the best with a huge collection, but if you want more than check this list for some great alternatives. Have any alternative to share? Please let us know it, in the comment section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


Tinklepad Alternatives 2020

Tinklepad Alternatives: Top 15+ Best Sites Like Tinklepad cc (2020)

You will find many online movies streaming sites that will let you watch your favorites movies and TV Shows for free without the need of downloading then. Cos of the diversity of the online movie streaming sites, you may wonder which is the best to choose from. That’s for what this article may help to know more about the Tinklepad cc website and some of the bets Tinklepad cc alternatives in 2020. Tinklepad is one of the best Movies and TV Show searching and downloading websites. The best feature of Tinklepad is that it gives to users the link of top-rated movies and top-rated video quality available on the internet. If you don’t want to download your favorite video content than the best thing is to visit website.

IMPORTANTLegal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream/downlaod movies/TV shows and other stuff that fall under the public domain. neoAdviser does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons/links are not hosted by neoAdviser and this guide is for educational purposes only.

NOTE: If the given links are not working, please do a quick google search to find the latest working links to the given website!

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About Tinklepad cc

Tinklepad is the top website to find all the top-rated movies and high-quality content on the web free of cost. The website has a simple user interface (UI) and has a lot of features. You can search your favorite content by different categories like recently added, latest HD movies, latest TV shows, popular movies, release year, and more.

Tinklepad cc got much popularity among the users and this is for the reason that you can stream in high-quality, even in 4K, movies and TV Shows content but if you want more you can even get subtitles to each of then. You can stream unlimited content without any interruption and without paying any penny, from the classic older movies to the latest movies and TV Shows.

About Tinklepad

It comes with a smart and understandable interface and packs from the Classic Movies and TV Shows to the nearly released ones. Tinklepad is one of the best sources if you are looking for the latest links, the top-rated and top-quality Movies and TV Shows. At the time of writing the article, the website is up and running and can be accessed from here.

Is Tinklepad Legal and Safe to use?

Tinklepad, and the other free movies streaming sites similar to Tinklepad, to stay online use advertisements that are not controlled by trusted networks like Google. So clicking through ads may lead you on downloading malicious programs that may affect your system. The ads from these types of websites can be tricky, so keep in mind that.

As for its legality, as we mentioned above, Tinklepad has not the right to host the content they provide. For this reason, streaming Ilegal copyrighted content is forbidden by laws in many countries, like the US. As for these reasons, these types of services are always the main target of Govt and the domain gets blocked by ISP (Internet Services Providers) in these countries. So in response, to keep staying online, these type of services change they domain frequently. So depending on where you live, a good VPN is always best to protect your identity online and have still access to the website.

Tinklepad Alternatives: Top 15+ Best Sites Like Tinklepad cc (2020)

Tinklepad is smart and easy to handle. The website is divided into categories when you can choose the option for Movies, TV shows, recently added, latest HD, latest TV shows, popular, release year, and also the option to give you suggestion after you can add a movie as well. Tinklepad does not host or upload any movies in they site.

Below we will share to you the top best similar sites like Tinklepad for 2020. Besides the great and many features that Tinklepad cc provides, there are also some limitations, so the best thing to overcome it is to look for some great Tinklepad alternatives or similar sites like Tinklepad cc.

Our List of Best Similar Sites Like Tinklepad cc for 2020

So check our selection of some of the best alternatives for 2020. Keep in mind that the sites shared below are shared randomly, so feel free to check all of then and find your favorite alternative in 2020:

#1. Movie2k

Movie2k provides top rated movies that are available online. Movies can be selected according to the released year also according to DVD quality available. Movie2k is packed with all the classic and moderns collections to watch than at any time without any limitation. You can filter the movies by currently popular, movies, watch list watch, etc.

You may face a lot of ads but this is still a great alternative to Tinklepad to watch movies online for free.


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#2. GOMovies

At GOMovies similar to Tinklepad you can watch hundreds of top rated movies for free. GOMovies provides all newly released movies and also the best movies to watch online. You can watch as many movies and you want for free, without paying a penny and without any limitation.

If you are looking to watch the latest new released movies, than GOMovies got you covered, the only problem with the newly added movies may be in low-quality. You can even download than and watch offline at another time, the only drawback may be the presence of many ads.


#3. XMovies8

XMovies8 contains hundreds of movies mostly in HD quality. Top class movies and TV shows are available to visitors for free. You can enjoy watching a great number for movies at XMovies8 without the need for downloading then, or the need for any sign-up process which makes it a great alternative to Tinklepad.

The navigation is very easy and at the top, you may type your movie title and start searching it using the search box or you can search then by different categories like Genres, Movies, TV Shows, etc.


#4. just like the above free movie streaming sites is jet another great alternative to Tinklepad. The site provides multiple streaming options to stream movies and TV shows video content. You will face a lot of ads, but the quality of the content it provides comes in HD format. Another great option of this tinklepad alternative is that it provides links to the related video and does not host the content by itself. user interface is pretty simple and straightforward and you can browse by Movies, by TV shows, by Spotlight, etc. and each of then has is own filters. Also, users can use they chat-bot feature at top-right to add they’re own comments.


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#5. CMovies HD

CMovies HD  is one of the best Movies and TV show provider website. Movie lovers can watch and discover the latest movies and the classic ones for free like Tinklepad. Right at the homepage there are showcased all the latest popular movies that you can explore, or you can search for the classic ones also.

CMovies HD
CMovies HD

#6. Movie2kHD

Movie2khd, as the name suggests, offers high-quality content movies and Tv Shows to choose form. It comes with a pretty easy interface and the option to browse through different categories on the top. You can select the content according to the DVD quality available and the new release, and for more, you have also the request option.


#7. SeeHD

SeeHD provides the best high-quality movies so you can watch HD movies that make it great. The website offers only legal movies. SeeHD packs one of the largest databases of movie collections on the internet to choose form. The site is straightforward to navigate through, the only drawback are some annoying ads at the top.


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#8. I Online Movies

I Online Movies is known for is great collections of movies and TV Shows, and since the website is quite old, you may also find some older classic movies and TV Shows to stream for free. The collection gets frequently updated with the latest new released movies so you will not miss anyone. The content on I Online Movies is available in high-quality with some of then even in 4K or UHD resolution.

It has a separate database of TV series which is great and differs is form the alternatives shared below.

I Online Movies
I Online Movies

#9. YTS Movies

YTS Movies is one of the most popular movie torrent websites. You can stream almost all the movies available on YTS torrents website meaning than this website is the only one you may ever need. The collection gets updated as soon as a new move is released and the quality is great.

YTS Movies
YTS Movies

#10. M4ufree

Yet another great Tinklepad alternative with high-quality movies at totally free. M4ufree hosts a huge collection of TV Shows, movies at high-quality video and audio stream. The user interface is pretty simple and you will find two main categories, Movies and TV Shows,  to choose from, also with subcategories, you can categorize by New Movies, by New Episodes, by Yearly, etc.


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#11. Prime Wire

Prime Wire is yet another great similar streaming site like Tinklepad that provides content to stream online for free. Right at the homepage you will find New Movies and new TV Series that are added. Prime Wire is the top alternative to Tinklepad.

Prime Wire
Prime Wire

#12. Fmovies

Yet another movie portal that offers a friendly-interface, smooth streaming, and tight security. You will get unlimited streaming experience without the need for any sign-up process. At Fmovies you can stream at high-quality resolution and you will find all the latest released Movies and TV shows.

Fmovies does not host any content on they website, instead, they provide links to the related video. You will face ads while using it, so a good adblocker is advised.


#13. Putlockers

Putlockers is one of the most popular free movies and TV Shows streaming sites. This site is your last stop for all the collection of HD content. Putlockers provide unlimited streaming without the need for any signup process and the content is updated frequently as new movies are released. You may filter the content by Genre, by Year, by Most watched, etc. to easily find your favorite ones. Putlockers is your top alternative to Tinklepad.


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#14. Vumoo

Vumoo hosts a large collection of different Hollywood movies, TV Shows, and other categories to stream at any time totally for free. You can choose to stream from different video quality also you can choose even to stream from other third party sites where Vumoo provides links to then. Directly at the homepage, you can choose to search by different categories like by Movies, by TV Shows, by Genre, by Release, etc.


15. WolowTube

Basically WoloWtube is a website to find sites where to watch movies so you can use it as a search engine to find movies you like. This is one of the best sites to stream online the most recent movies for free.


#16. Rainierland

Rainierland is a great site like Tinklepad with a very easy UI. The navigation through the site is very simple and you can easily find your favorite content to watch for free. The popularity of the site is growing daily and the content provided here is updated frequently. For some movies you will find also alternate available servers.


#17. F2Movies

F2Movies is yet another great option to watch movies and TV Shows for free from different genres. Right at the homepage are showcased the latest movies, the latest TV shows, and the trending movies at that time, which makes F2Movies pretty easy and straightforward to use and navigate through. The content is categorized by Genre, by Country, by Movies, by TV Shows, and by Top IMDB.

Similar to Tinklepad, the movies come in good video and audio quality and for the same video, there are multiple links to stream it.


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So above we have shared our list of top 15+ best alternative sites like Tinklepad for 2020. Hope you found this article helpful. If you have any other Tinklepad alternative or any suggestion of similar sites like Tinklepad, please let us know in the comment section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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FirstRowSports Alternatives

FirstRowSports Alternatives: Top 20+ Live Sports Streaming Sites like FirstRowSports (2020)

FirstRowSport is the best Sport site to watch different live football matches. Best thing, it’s free for all users. As it is compatible with all platforms, you can stream on your PC and your Smartphone too. At FirstRowSports you can watch Live Football online with P2P4U. P2P4U gives you many live football matches. FirstRow Sports is mostly dedicated to football lovers, but you will find other sports as well. Right at the homepage are showcased the streams to leading sports channels that are free to watch. You can enjoy streaming sports even from your smartphone, you only need to use Skyfire web browser to enjoy smooth streaming of your favorite live event. There may be some ads during the streaming, but its not a big deal as they will be closed automatically or you can choose to close them manually.

Now at the time writing this article, you may access FirstRowSports at this domain: FirstRowSports is not only the best way to enjoy live streaming sports events. Here, in the article below we are going to share some other best FirstRowSports alternatives of 2020.

IMPORTANTLegal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream/downlaod movies/TV shows and other stuff that fall under the public domain. neoAdviser does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons/links are not hosted by neoAdviser and this guide is for educational purposes only.

NOTE: If the given links are not working, please do a quick google search to find the latest working links to the given website!

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What is FirstRowSports?

FirstRowSports is one of the most popular domains among the masses which is used for streaming different live sports events for free, mostly live football matches. The website offers different links of variable video and audio quality to choose form. In case one link doesn’t work, there will be other links for the same event. So saying this you can find links for low and also high internet speed connection to choose depending on your needs. This great feature helps its users to stay on the website.

There are different categories of sports streams to choose from on FirstRowSports. There are some of the live events:

To all of the sports fan, this website is an excellent source for all the types of live sports events around the globe. You will find everything, from Brazil football matches to ice hockey tournaments in Russia. The live events are updated and added daily and if there is a live sport event, you will find it listed on the website.

But FirstRowSports may be down, or not available in your area. If this is your case than a good option is to look for some best replacements to it.

Why Use Similar Sports Streaming Sites Like FirstRowSports?

FirstRowSports is the top source for streaming live sports events. But as other live streaming sports sites, even using FirstRowSports you may face issues from time to time that varies form users in different regions. One of then is website maintenance form FirstRowSports owners which they may shut down the domain and this can happen at any time, so you may end up missing your live event. FirstRowSports moderators shut down the domain to fix issues and glitches on the site and this can take some time, so for this time is better to switch to some FirstRowSports alternatives.

One other problem may be the site availability in different countries of the world. Some counties do have strict laws against these types of domains. So if you live in any country that has strict laws, it’s more likely that you won’t be able to access this site. These countries ban the use of FirstRowSports in that region at you can’t have access to this country, so it is a great idea to look for some similar sites like FirstRowSports.

But don’t worry! These FirstRowSports alternatives, that we are going to share below, are as good or some of them even better than the original. So don’t think twice to switch to the new domain!

Is FirstRowSports Legal and Safe to use?

FirstRowSports, and other free streaming sites similar to FirstRowSports, to stay online use advertisements that are not controlled by trusted networks like Google. So clicking through ads may lead you on downloading malicious programs that may affect your system. The ads from these types of websites can be tricky, so keep in mind that.

As for its legality, as we mentioned above, FirstRowSports has not the right to host the content they provide. For this reason, streaming Ilegal copyrighted content is forbidden by laws in many countries, like the US. As for these reasons, these types of services are always the main target of Govt and the domain gets blocked by ISP (Internet Services Providers) in these countries. So in response, to keep staying online, these type of services change they domain frequently. So depending on where you live, a good VPN is always best to protect your identity online and have still access to the website.

Top 20+ Best Live Sports Streaming Sites Similar To FirstRowSports: FirstRowSports Alternatives 2020

Like FirstRowSports, there are also many sites to watch online streaming of football matches. Some of then may require even to register. Using the website called, you can access football matches through online streaming. Here, in this article, we will show you the best alternative sites like FirstRowSports of 2020. So in case, FirstRow is not working properly, then go through this article to find the best alternatives that work for you.

Top 20+ Sports Streaming Sites Like FirstRowSports

In the list below of our top 20+ best similar sites like FirstRowSports you can enjoy streaming your favorite live sports event at any time. Thanks to they’re existence you are not going to worry about missing any live event! The alternatives are shred randomly in the list, so make sure to go through all of then and find your next best alternative.

#1. VIPLeague

VIPLeague broadcast lives sports content for free. You will find from European leagues as well as international tournaments such as MLB, NHL, WWE, UFC, X-Games, etc. Shortly, the site covers everything related to the sports world. The platform is really easy to access and you will not face any problem while live streaming your live sports event. At VIPLeague you also have the option to watch sports in different languages like French, Deutsch etc.

VIPleague is one of the most trusted free sports streaming sites to watch for free online any live sports events directly from your Laptop, PC, and mobile devices. The top reason why users choose VIPleague is that they don’t have to pay a penny to enjoys football, baseball, basketball, car racing, and other sports events. They will treat you like a VIP!

VIPleague Website:


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#2. Myp2p

Myp2p is one of the best and well know live streaming alternatives like FirstRow. All sports events are available here. Everyone can easily watch a live sports match for free on Myp2p. MyP2P.EU streams live sports for free! It has a few ads but provides a high-quality stream, to enjoy.

The user interface is clean and attractive and very smooth. You will find also other sports categories to stream like Tennis, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Boxing, and MotoGP, etc and each live event has multiple links to choose from.

Myp2p website:


#3. BCE TV

BCE TV Channels, certainly one of the best places to Watch Soccer/Football live online. It provides all European Leagues and international matches live. BCE TV Channels provides also its one app, BCE Soccer app, which you can download and watch live sports on your smartphone. Inside the app, you will also have Soccer News, Latest Video Highlights, Live Scores, Photos, and Many more.

BCE TV Website:

BCE TV Channels

#4. Stream2watch

If you are looking for the top sports streaming sites like FirstRowSports, than look no more. At Stream2Watch, sports fans can easily watch any match for free. All big sports are covered by, also some mix of lower-profile sports.

The Stream2Watch user interface (UI) is amazing which makes this site look and feel very nice compared to others. You can stream different things form match streams, events to tournaments, and much more. Stream2Watch can be used at any device without any issues.

Stream2Watch Website:


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#5. Redstream

Redstream is the best option for you for online sports streaming sites totally for free. Rojadirecta streams are also available here! One thing to be considered is that live events are not broadcasted on TV for free, you need to pay premium cable tv channels.

RedstreamSport basically takes the links form other streaming services and provides than to its website, also its regular users are allowed to submit links to any live event. There are multiple links for the same events and you will find many free streaming channels to watch all live TV Sports.

Redstream Website:


#6. Rojadirecta 

World’s biggest and most popular sports streaming site like FirstRowSports. All sports events are accessible by everyone for free. If you are looking for the best alternative to FirstRowSports, than don’t search anymore! Rojadirecta it’s like a real-time directory where all top games are scheduled with the complete information of the next live sports coming up.

The website provides multiple links to the same live event and with multiple video quality for your needs to choose from!

Rojadirecta Website:


#7. SportLemon

SportLemon is one of the best and one of the easiest sites to watch free sports online. The UI is very friendly and you can choose any live event with the timezone. The site offers all types of sports to watch then for free, which makes it one of the best. SportsLemon offers multiple links for the same event but also provides its software. You may find many Pop-Up ads, but the broadcast is great with SportLemon TV.

You will find all the live streams events at the top-right tab of every window and also you may navigate through the different categories of the sports easily.

SportLemon TV Website:

SportLemon TV
SportLemon TV

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#8. Stopstream

Yet another great alternative to FirstRowSports that it is worth visiting is Stopstream. It’s really a great platform to watch live sports events for free. Stopstream Is called one of the best sports streaming platforms cos is fully accessible wherever and whenever and it hosts many sports channels and sports events. The streams are offered by third-party sites but within the site, it is very easy to find any link to your live sports event. Also on Stopstream offers even more live sports events that FirstRowSports can offer.

It comes with a black theme and a very clean and simple user interface that you will love. Stopstream has also collaborated with USA Goals, Drakulastream, FromHot, etc.

Stopstream Website:


#9. LiveTV

Yet another good FirstRowSports alternative is LiveTV. The site has a lot of traffic cos that the live streaming is offered in many languages. LiveTV is very functional with a good design and offers a large variety of live sports events.

LiveTV is a Russian domain that offers free live sports streaming events. Besides that the original website domain is in Russian, LiveTV is also available in German, French and English language. You can choose your primary language at the Top-Right of the page.

LiveTv Website:


#10. StrikeOut

All sports lovers will love to visit StrikeOut cos is the best source to easily watch all sports games any with different devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, etc. StrikeOut has a well-organized design and focuses on providing very quality streams. You can choose to stream different live events form cricket, baseball, football, basketball, and many more.

Strikeout offers similar functions, aesthetics, and games databases. By clicking on the listed sports, you can see the upcoming games with the available streaming links.

StrikeOut Website:


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#11. Feed2All

Feed2All is a great FirstRowSports alternative and a good platform to watch live sports anywhere and anytime. All sports lovers can watch all sports matches for free, also Feed2All offers some popular sports categories like Ice Hockey, Basketball, Fights, etc. Feed2All covers all the majors live football matches and some other sports. Right at the homepage will be showcased all the games that are being played with multiple links to choose for streaming.

The website comes with a clean UI and by default with a dark theme that makes it easy to use and navigate through.

Feed2All Website:


#12. VipBoxTV

VipBoxTV is another top-rated sports streaming site to broadcasts live sports totally for free. The site offers various sports streaming channels and is the next great source for sports lovers. The clean UI makes it easy to navigate through the site and find your favorite ones. VipBoxTV manly covers football and scooter matches, but you will also find cricket, basketball, etc.

The UI is very simple, clean, and just with just one simple click, you can check all the live sports events that are happening at that time around the globe.

VipBoxTV Website:


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#13. BatmanStream

BatmanStream is yet another popular free sports streaming sites. It comes with a good and friendly user interface (UI) and packs different types of sports from football, basketball, baseball to handball, and much more. BatmanStream offers the feature to search for your favorite sports event and stream that live event for completely free. 

Like FirstRowSport, packs with a simple UI and very easy to navigate through. The shows are provided in top HD quality and for sure this is one of the websites that are worth completely to use and stream your favorites live sports events for free.

BatmanStream Website:


#14. StreamHunter

StreamHunter is another great alternative and a very flexible live streaming service to watch your favorite live event at any time with great quality. StreamHunter packs all the modern features to make your live streaming more enjoyable. It is not just a Live Streaming Service but is also a Sport News website that covers or the news related to sports around the globe. StreamHunter covers different sports categories like Boxing, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Handball, etc.

StreamHunter packs the same core features as the above-shared sports streaming sites like a friendly interface, sports news, search box, and no need for registration.

StreamHunter Website:


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#15. CricFree

CricFree brings to you lots of online TV channels, most of then with a sport event. You can enjoy streaming online sports events totally for free at any time from anywhere around the globe. CricFree mainly focus is on cricket and you can enjoy all type of cricket tournaments, but also the site provides all the other sports events divided into more than 12 different categories along with sports news, interviews, previous matches highlights, match schedule, etc.

CricFree comes with a very simple and easy UI that makes the navigation through the site very simple. CricFree is one of the best sports streaming services that covers everything you are looking for.

CricFree Website:


#16. Laola1 

Laola1 is an Austrian website that provides links to different sports events. The site does not have the simplest interface but it covers a lot of most popular sports events around the world from different sports channel categories like Football, Volleyball, Handball, Ice Hockey, Motorsports, etc. While streaming live events you can choose from different levels of video and audio quality which makes it a great FirstRowSports alternative.

Laola1 Website:


#17. 12thPlayer

Like FirstRowSports, 12thPlayer provides a lot of sports categories to choose and directly Livestream your favorite live event. It’s extremely easy to use and navigate through cos of its simple interface. 12thPlayer is designed by experts team and packs all the keys and channels to deliver a great experience.

Besides live sports events, 12thPlayer deals also with news, updates, highlights of basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and tennis.

12thPlayer Website:


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#18. Sport365

Sport365 is yet another top alternative to watch sports online for free that has may good things. This is a great source for all of your favorites live sports from Cricket, WWE, Football, Rugby, to Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, and many more. Right at the homepage are showcased all the live sports that are currently available and that ones that will be live soon.

Sport365 is available in different languages so it can be reached by many peoples and also it has a build-in chat room to chat with other sports lovers. You may find many pop-up ads that may be annoying so a good VPN is recommended.

Sport365 Website:


#19. StreamWoop

Mostly know among the North American viewers, StreamWoop is another great free sports streaming site that hosts all the most important live sports events by offering different links for the same event. The UI (user interface) is pretty easy and right at the homepage are showcased the live and the upcoming sports events. You will find different sports categories form Tennis, Baseball, Ice Hockey to Soccer, Basketball, and many more.

For more, at the StreamWoop homepage, there is a chatroom to keep you engaged with other sports fan users. Unlike FirstRowSports, StreamWoop will display all the live streaming events as a list along with the match highlights.

StreamWoop Website:


#20. BossCast

BossCast is yet well-known and among the most popular when it comes te free sports streaming sites online. It has more than 130 world’s streaming changes which mean that you can enjoy any live sports events at any time. At BossCast you will find different sports categories from Football, Hockey, WWE, to Soccer, and Boxing, etc, and all the daily events are scheduled for a best experience.

The UI (user interface) is also great and you will find also a chat options to share your thoughts with other users.

BossCast website:


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#21. WizWig

WizWig is another best alternative that packs a lot of features and new streaming options. You will find different sports streaming form Cricket, Tennis, Football, Racing, Rugby, to Hockey, Wrestling, and many more form all around the world. Along with live sports, it also offers Live TV, Live Radio all for free, and without any need of signup. At WizWig  you can choose to watch free HD TV Shows and Movies on Live TV channels plus watch all the live streaming sports.

WizWig if one of the perfect Live Sports Streaming platforms for everyone that pack feature-rich live streaming services and streaming tools to deliver a complete solution.

WizWig Website:


#22. SportStream

SportStream is a great alternative if you are a true sports fan and looking for free live sports streaming websites. It has this place on top best FirstRowSports alternatives cos of its well-looking interface and the different options that are well ordered. This site is mostly for sports enthusiasts and for those looking to remain up to date with the current live sports matches.

You will find all live sports events at SportStream from football matches including tournaments, to league matches, basketball, baseball, handball, motorsports, rugby, racing, hockey, volleyball, and much more. For all sports enthusiasts, SportStream is the best place for you!

SportStream Website:


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This is the trending on the internet for the best sport streaming sites like FirstRowSports. Sports fans can easily choose any type of sport to watch online. If you have any query about or any suggestion feel free to let us know in the comments below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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