Surface Duo
Surface Duo

Microsoft is back to the phone business and not only but they started with a folding screen phone. Surface Duo isn’t actually a folding screen but it’s a two screens connected together similar to the ZTE Axon M.

As a result there is a gap between the two screens. The second screen is designed for writing and checking and not to interfere with it or watch a movie. Interestingly, this phone is a collaboration between Microsoft and Google. Instead of offering a version of Windows 10 for this device, the Surface Duo comes with Android.

Surface Duo animatedSurface Duo Screen Shot 2019 10 02 at 8.27.54 AM

The phone won’t debut until next year, giving Microsoft enough time to offer it to developers who will create apps for it. Also as the device was introduced almost 1 year ago, many things can change until it is finalized.

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