iOS vs. Android: Which Is More Senior-Friendly,

iOS vs. Android: Which Is More Senior-Friendly?

iOS vs. Android: Which Is More Senior-Friendly?

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, the debate between iOS and Android platforms remains particularly relevant when considering usability for senior citizens. This is especially true for seniors who have their own set of needs when picking a phone’s operating system. Both systems offer unique perks but can also add complexity to everyday tasks for older users. Nowadays, more seniors are getting into smartphones. Even places like memory care facilities see how vital it is to pick the right platform. It helps residents stay in touch with family and dive into new technology comfortably.

Ease of Use

iOS gets a lot of love for its easy-to-use design, making it great for seniors diving into tech. Its clean look features big icons and simple menus that don’t overwhelm the brain, helping users find their way around naturally. Also, Apple keeps things consistent across all devices. Learning to use one iOS gadget and switching to another feels like a breeze. Android steps in with its very flexible setup. Users can tweak text size, icon appearance, and home screen layouts to fit what works best for them personally—though setting this up might need an extra hand at first.

Accessibility Features

Both iOS and Android pack features that make life easier for seniors with different needs. For those who have trouble seeing, iOS’s ‘VoiceOver’ reads out what’s on the screen. It also has a ‘Magnifier,’ turning the camera into a digital zoom tool. Android fights back with its own tools like ‘TalkBack’ for reading screens aloud and ‘Magnification’ to get a closer look at display parts. What makes Android stand out is how it lets users tweak their experience more freely. They can even swap standard apps for ones that are simpler to use, which might catch the eye of tech-smart seniors.

Support and Ecosystem

Apple’s tight-knit ecosystem means everything works together smoothly and safely. This is a big plus for seniors looking for simple, reliable tech solutions. iOS users can also get help easily, even face-to-face at Apple stores. That kind of support is comforting for those who might feel lost in the digital world. On the flip side, Android’s open approach fits a bunch of devices and brands, making more options available at different prices. However, this variety sometimes leads to mixed experiences with how things work or getting assistance—something that could be tricky for seniors needing extra guidance.

Security and Updates

Security matters to everyone, but seniors might be more at risk online if they’re not up on the latest digital safety tips. iOS tends to be seen as safer right away because Apple keeps a tight leash on its apps and sends out updates all at once. This means fewer chances for security slips and making sure everyone gets new features and protections together. Android does offer security, but update times can vary by device or brand. This could leave some users facing threats longer than they should.


Picking between iOS and Android means looking at what matters most to someone. For seniors, it’s all about finding something easy to use, accessible, with good support, and strong security. Both systems offer these features but in their own unique ways.

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Free Live TV apps for humanoid & iOS in 2021,

Free Live TV apps for humanoid & iOS in 2021

Free Live TV apps for humanoid & iOS in 2021

The internet is ushering in a new era of how we consume content. Live streaming and OTT services make information readily available at your fingertips. You no longer have to wait for the next episode to air or put up with lengthy advertisements as you watch answers to critical questions like “how high should I mount a flat-screen TV.”As the entertainment industry undergoes a revolutionary change, companies are launching live-streaming apps to appeal to the modern-day consumer. This flexibility allows you to cut the cord with your expensive cable service provider and watch TV shows and movies as per your schedule, your preferences, and your availability! On this note, here is a round-up for some of the best live TV apps for Android and iOS devices:

1.Tubi TV

If legality is your primary concern, then Tubi TV will put all your fears and worries to rest. This live streaming app is owned and operated by the Fox Corporation and is free for all. With over 20,000 movies and series, some believe that the app’s catalog is far better than that of some paid platforms! However, do bear in mind that you may have to put up with annoying ads (which are rather infrequent) as it does not have an ad-free version. Tubi also occasionally curates the top movies and shows and recommends these to its viewers. The most exciting aspect of Tubi TV is that you do not have to necessarily sign up or register for the streaming services.

2.Mobdro App

The Mobdro app could be your one-stop app for all your live TV requirements. It sports a clean and easy-to-navigate UI that will eliminate all the clutter as you binge-watch your favorite shows. You can easily apply filters to find the videos that you seek and even share them with your friends with a single tap. In addition, to live streaming TV, you can also download and watch movies on the go. As an open-source platform, the Mobdro library undergoes frequent updates to bring the latest content. With more than 200 channels and innumerable movies available in different languages and covering different topics, it is hard to not be a Mobdro fan. The app is available only for Android devices.


If you thought that Twitch was all about live streaming games, then think again. With over 100 million active every month, viewers would naturally crave something that is much more than walkthroughs and eSports. And for such users, Twitch also hosts a wide range of creative videos, sports, music, contests and giveaways, and other such video content. What makes Twitch even more interesting is the full-featured chat, which allows you to interact with other viewers. The platform analyzes your content consumption and recommends popular and upcoming channels according to your preferences. You can even set notifications for when your favorite channel goes live. Twitch is available for Android and iOS both.


Plex is an ad-supported video and lives TV streaming platform. It essentially functions as a data repository server, which streams to all the hosts. Its Live TV & DVR functionality is a premium feature, but it offers a bang for the buck. In addition to granting you access to all the local broadcast stations, Plex also offers parental control and recording features, which you will grow to appreciate. The Plex app is available for Android and iOS in their respective app stores. But what makes it even more awesome is that it is also compatible with almost any phone, tablet, gaming console, smart TV, or PC and you can directly stream over these too!

5.MX Player

MX Player started off as a cross-platform video player that allowed users to create, download, and edit videos. It has now slowly transitioned into a thriving streaming platform with over 280 million global users. App users can now use it to live stream TV channels, webisodes, concerts, award shows, sports, news, music, movies, and original web series. MX Player has nearly 20 original web shows to its name, and these have been well-received by the audiences. You might even come across a few instant games on this platform! One can sort through the content based on the language and the genre. The app also allows you to download the content for offline viewing, and you can delete the files once you are done. Due to its nascency, MX Player naturally has a long way to go and grow, but as of now, it is doing a pretty decent job of entertaining its audiences.


Hulu gained international acclaim with its superhit, award-winning show, The Handmaid’s Tale. You can use the app to access a wealth of shows, movies, news, sports, and Hulu originals. While the ad-supported version is free, if you are looking for a paid alternative to cable TV, then you can opt for the Hulu + Live TV package. That being said, geoblocking, blackouts, and other restrictions apply to the Live TV content. Hulu supports more than 65 premium channels, like ABC, CBS, CNN, Disney, FOX, and more. It also supports local and regional channels. So you have a little something for every member of your family! You also get about 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, which allows you to record live TV shows. A small premium allows you to expand on the cloud storage capabilities too.

7.YouTube TV

YouTube TV may be one of the newest entrants to the live TV app scene but it enjoys an excellent backing of YouTube’s existing content base. Plus, its support for desktop and mobile streaming allows you to watch content across various devices. Apart from live TV streaming entertainment, sports, and news channels, you also gain access to YouTube’s up-and-coming original content.

Final Thoughts

Live TV apps are a great way to break out from boredom and indulge in some entertainment even while you travel. With the above free apps, you can catch up with the latest shows, movies, and other video content with just a tap of a button! Happy streaming!

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Apple iOS14

Everything you need to know about iOS14

The next OS version for iPhone debuts with iPhone 6S models and above

Apple revealed new versions of the Apple Watch, iPad but not a new iPhone at least until next month. But even if you plan to change the iPhone you are using, iOS 14 will give you an update and without paying anything.

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The next OS version for iPhone has started rolling out with the iPhone 6S models and above. Most of the new features were unveiled at the WWDC developer conference in June including a new way to reorganize apps or lock into your car via iPhone.

iOS 14 will also have a new visual feature, the App Library, which organizes apps on the screen so you don’t have to scroll through several pages to find what you are looking for.

These are the biggest changes that iOS 14 brings.


Named App Clips and with this option Apple makes it possible to access new apps without having to install. Thus it offers only a part of the application when needed such as booking a taxi or a meal. Normally users can choose to install the full app if they wish. The new functionality can be accessed by scanning the code of an App Clip or through QR.

Group conversations

As group chats have become popular on iMessage, Apple took inspiration to add new options that rival popular services actually have. Apple has brought new updates to group chats from climbing to the top of an important conversation to notifying if someone mentions you in a conversation.

Users can place for a group photo an image or emoji. Plus Apple avatars called Memoji, have more hairstyles, different ages, and face masks in this pandemic era.

Digital car keys

First Apple replaced the credit card, now the car key. A new option on the iPhone and Apple Watch can be used as a car key to access it or even turn it on. However it only works with the 2021 BMW 5 Series. The key can be shared even more by sending it as a message. The next generation of technology will make it possible for users to enter the car without taking the iPhone out of their pocket.


AirPods have also been updated. Apple headphones will easily switch from one device to another. For example users after listening to a song on the iPhone can pick up the iPad and continue watching a non-stop video. When someone calls the audio automatically switches to the call.

Translation app

The new translation app can translate audio text into 11 different languages ​​including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. The application can translate in real-time when two people speak different languages.

Watching videos while doing something else

It’s called Picture-in-Picture mode and works by letting video of a FaceTime call stay open in the corner of your phone while using other apps like iMessage. Users can move the video box anywhere on the screen or hide it without interrupting the audio.

Incoming calls will not occupy the entire screen

Apple finally addresses one of the main problems and complaints of users. Incoming calls will no longer occupy the entire screen on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. Rather they will appear as a banner at the top of the screen.

But who will get it? Here is the list of all iPhone models that will get iOS 14

When Apple unveiled iOS 13 last year it said that it would run from the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE 2016 to the latest models. This year the iPhone 6S should not have been on the list but here it has also included it along with the iPhone SE.

This is the official list of iPhone, iPad, and iPod that will get iOS 14:

  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS, XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE 2016, 2020
  • iPod Touch 7
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inç
  • iPad Pro 11-inç
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inç
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inç
  • iPad 6
  • iPad 5
  • iPad Mini 5
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 3
  • iPad Air 2


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iOS 14 New Features

Here’s what you can expect on iOS 14

iOS 14 will be released this fall and will be supported by the iPhone 6S and beyond

The giant scene of the super event WWDC did not turn out to be more immune than all the other scenes of 2020, so Apple also introduces iOS 14 via live streaming a few hours ago. Useful, radical changes, but some of them have been encountered before in the world of smartphones.

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Widgets are finally coming to the Home Screen. After 14 generations, Apple finally realizes their importance and even takes it one step further with “Smart Stack“, an option that automatically displays the right application depending on the time of day. The App Library organizes applications not only by grouping them as we see them now in all mobile OS’s. The iPhone finally allows you to hide apps from the home screen, but grouped not completely.

IOS users will finally get another multi-tasking taste through picture-in-picture videos which will allow you to continue to see the content by creating a smaller window while performing other tasks.

The app clip will allow you to use a specific feature of an app without having to install it. Using NFC tags and a new QR code specifically for Apple, everything can be used without creating new accounts, without installing anything, and even working with Apple Pay. You can also pay for the service of a parking lot or cafe with your iPhone without downloading anything without an account and without taking the wallet out of your pocket at all.

Sensing until a few years ago, Syria will undergo some really necessary changes this time. When called, it will no longer occupy the entire screen but a bar at the bottom and can also send voice messages not only dictated. Apple also says that compared to three years ago, Syria knows 20 times more facts, so let the strange questions flood.

Translate app will finally translate. Users can dictate or write their own texts and translate them into up to 11 languages, English, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian. Just like in Google Translate, with the help of a button, the application detects the language and translates in real-time what that foreigner told you, the tourist away from home.

Apple Maps also undergoes changes, in addition to the recommendation service the maps will be more friendly to cyclists, giving dedicated directions for cycling, including mountaineering, trails, stairs, and lanes. The first cities with this information will be New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Shanghai, and Beijing.

And along with endless options for connecting to the car, charging stations but the most exotic is about switching the key to the smartphone, and the fact that a dedicated part of the smartphone will work to open and close the car even if the smartphone the battery has dropped. A separate section will reset up to 5 hours after shutdown.

Overall it looks like a good year to buy an iPhone. With changes not only in appearance but also an inconvenience, additional options, and AI implementation, it looks like this iOS will be more friendly than ever.

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iOS 14

With iOS 14, Apple redesigns the iPhone screen, who will get it?

Apple has just announced iOS 14, along with iPadOS 14, on WWDC. But will you be able to get it on your phone?

At its annual conference held yesterday, Apple unveiled a new screen model for the iPhone with the release of iOS 14. The new initial screen will make it easier to navigate through all your apps.

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Apple added a new App Library, a space at the bottom of your screen for organizing all your apps in a simpler and easier way to navigate. All your apps will be automatically organized there, giving you a broader view of what you’ve downloaded, and letting you hide apps you don’t use often, although you’ll be able to find them in the Application Library Later.

Apple is also adding a new feature that you can continue to watch a video or talk on a FaceTime phone while also using your apps. Drag the video to another part of the screen, zoom in or out, or simply drag it to ‘X’ to close it.

iOS 14 will be available later this year.

Which iPhones will get iOS 14?

Apple has been quick to reveal the full list of phones that will support the new app when it will be released later this year. You can see the full list of iPhones that will get iOS 14 below:

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE 1
iPhone SE 2
iPod Touch 7

Apple continues to be excellent at supporting older devices and once again you will have the opportunity to get iOS 14 even on older devices than the first generation iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. How these phones will cope with the new program remains to be seen.

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iOS 13.5

Apple releases the 13.5 version of iOS and iPadOS

Apple released iOS and iPadOS 13.5 with major updates almost a month after releasing version 13.4.1 of operating systems. iOS 13.5 is an update that focuses mainly on health and dealing with the health crisis that the world is facing today.

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You can download the latest versions by going to Settings> General> Software Update.

The company also released the iOS 12.4.7 version of the operating system for older models with mostly security updates.

iOS 13.5 comes with APIs created by Apple and Google through which public health authorities can create applications capable of tracking coronavirus spread. It is a Bluetooth-based technology and will be incorporated into health applications.

Users can choose whether to activate it or not. Apps using the Exposure Notification API will use Bluetooth to communicate between the smartphones of the people around you.

iOS 13.5 makes it easier to access your smartphone via Face ID even if you have a mask worn. With this version if the operating system identifies the use of a face mask, it will faster show the space for setting the password.

Apple has also improved group calls on FaceTime by adding an option that automatically increases the video size of the person who is currently speaking. The other “Automatic Prominence” option makes videos of all group participants the same size. Touching on one of them, the video magnifies.

In Apple Music, a new feature makes it possible to distribute songs directly to Instagram stories.

Finally, the update addresses two critical security issues that affect Mail applications on the iPhone and iPad. One of these problems allowed hackers to compromise the iPhone with simple malware by sending an e-mail while the second makes it possible to execute the code remotely.

iOS 13.5 may be one of the latest versions of iOS 13 as we prepare for iOS 14. Apple will unveil the latter on June 22 when the WWDC Developer Conference is held online

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(2020) iOS vs. Android, which is the best system?

(2020) iOS vs. Android, which is the best system?

In the last decade the debate about who is the best iOS or Android has no end. So I decided to write this article where I will compare these two operating systems.

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#1. iOS vs. Android – Basics

iOS or Android - Basics
iOS or Android – Basics

At first glance in terms of the interface, these operating systems may look similar to many people. But as far as functionality is concerned, they are miles apart. iOS is the core operating system used on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV and Apple Watch versions. iOS is always up to date and always uses the maximum of what Apple gives. For many, Apple is the safest way to do this, as it takes more care of third-party programs.

The opposite of iOS is Android. This proprietary Google system is an open system based on the Linux kernel. That means everyone is free to improve, change and adapt Android. This has made Android much more dispersed than iOS and found in a variety of phones. But this loyalty is seen as the biggest threat to Android.

#2. iOS vs. Android – Performance

iOS or Android - Performance
iOS or Android – Performance

Many people will say that Apple does not use too much RAM for the price iPhone comes out of the market. True, the best Android phones come nowadays with a minimum of 4 Giga RAM and there are models that go up to 8 Giga. But why do iPhones use only 2-3 Giga?

One word: OPTIMIZATION. The iPhone does not need more RAM just because the iOS system is highly optimized. It can hold a dozen open programs with just 2 Giga RAM. Meanwhile, Android 2 Giga RAM phones do not even hold their half open. They need to have 4 or more to compete with the iPhone.

Ok RAMs, but what about Processor?

And once the Apple processor may seem to be backward but not as it seems. The A10 processor of the iPhone 7 is with 4 core while the A11 Bionic of the iPhone X comes with 6. However Android phones and the loosest ones have for years come with 8-core processors.

But that number does not mean anything. Although A11 and Snapdragon 845 are built with the same 10nm process, A11’s optimization makes it much faster than Snapdragon’s. Even older iPhones are known to be faster than the newest Android phones.


#3. iOS vs. Android – Apps

iOS vs. Android - Apps
iOS vs. Android – Apps

As for the number of apps, iOS always had the first place. However, the Play Store today has 3.5 million applications ready to be downloaded leaving the App Store back with 2.2 million applications. This major change in number comes as a result of the open nature of Android as well as allowing Android to download programs and from third parties through APK.

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But this number is not worth it because we all know that quantity does not match quality. While Android is the first in number, Apple’s strict control makes the programs to be of higher quality and safer.


Now come to the price. The Play Store definitely has more free apps than the App Store, but it comes as a result of the ads that these programs have. But at least Android lets you choose. Thanks to versions .apk and versions with dollar can be downloaded for free (always considering the source from the deal). Also for those who like to play Android offers and emulator (for example for PSP games) this thing does not allow iOS.


#4. iOS or Android – Variety

iOS or Android – Variety

Already from several generations, we’ve seen the same from Apple. Every year we look at an iPhone in the “normal” and “plus” versions of iPhone SE that was the cheap iPhone version. Things changed slightly last year with iPhone X, which changed the design of the iPhone that was the same as 3 generations. Also, users can choose and buy old iPhone models, because Apple updates the phones even four to five years after the launch. But phone choices end here with regards to Apple and iOS.

On the other hand is Android with a variety of phones and a host of companies launching a dozen phones every year. This means that everyone can find a suitable phone. But this variety is not necessarily good because it does make the system difficult to maintain and update.


#5. iOS vs. Android – Suitability

iOS vs. Android – Suitability

Unnecessary to say that iOS is very stable but is not at all convenient. Each iPhone comes with the same look and looks the same for every user, regardless of the photo they have put. Widgets are almost non-existent in iOS. The only thing you can change to iOS is just Wallpaper.

With Android is completely the opposite. It allows users to radically change its appearance. Do not you like icons? can you change, do not you like the theme? you can change it. You can go upstairs and do the Root phone, but it can take away your phone warranty.


#6. iOS or Android – Updates

iOS or Android - Updates
iOS or Android – Updates

As mentioned before, Apple devices are known to live long and most of the time while not losing performance. The main reason for this iOS is updating iOS that comes for 5 years. This is because Apple is very easy to keep upgraded phones as there are only a few models.

On the other hand, Android is very sluggish in the update, especially phones with a much-modified Android version. In these cases an update takes months to reach each phone. For Android’s main models usually come three updates, the average models only one or two if they are popular. With regard to the cheap phones, the chances of an update are too small. The only Android phones that receive direct updates are those produced by Google or those with clean Android.


#7. iOS or Android – Battery

iOS or Android - Battery
iOS or Android – Battery

As far as the iPhone battery is not known as a sample. Apple users are always looked at with a charger in their hands looking for plugs. But Android phones are not that better, but battery and charging technology has evolved much more to Android. Fast and wireless charging has been supported and used by Android for years. In iPhone, iPhone X was introduced to introduce Apple’s fast and wireless charging. Even now and the fast charger does not come in the box but is sold for only $60, with this price can be bought a new Android phone.

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iOS 13 Update From Apple: What are the New Features?

iOS 13 Upgrade From Apple: What are the New Features?

Before we know all the official details about Apple’s new operating system, we’ll have to wait a bit longer. But we will try to bring you all the news, rumors and “leaks” in this regard.

Apple’s updated iOS 13 update for the next products has been dealt with by the leaky 9to5Mac which has released the following innovations.

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iOS 13 upgrade on Dark Mode.

iOS 13 upgrade on Dark Mode.
iOS 13 upgrade on Dark Mode.

As we have announced before, one of the main news has to do with “Dark Mode” mode, the dark theme of the interface. This feature has been highly sought after by Apple users, while in Android has long been present.

In the new iOS, by activating Dark Mode, all applications that comply with this mode will apply it.

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iOS 13 upgrade on faster Gestures.

This feature is more focused on the iPad than on the iPhone, as it has to do with the 3-finger gesture. There is still no gesture information that will allow the system or some of its aspects to be commanded, but it is thought that with this update Apple will be almost on par with Android.

iOS 13 upgrade on “Multitasking” running.

Apple may finally have made it possible to open a single app many times without first asking for it to close. It can also have different elements of the same application in two different windows. This function is very useful in certain circumstances. Improving multitasking will enable Apple to develop its project on “MAC computer replacement”.

iOS 13 upgrade on Mail app

In recent years iOS operating systems Apple Mail application was not developed at all. Especially comparing it to the giant steps Google has made in this regard with the Gmail app. The premise is that with iOS 13 the Mail app, Apple’s entire electronic communications management system will be an important step forward.

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iOS 13 upgrade on the evolution of Safari.

Safari will allow you to automatically open a page in the desktop version, instead of manually opening it. This feature may look like something of no value, but for frequent users of Safari and the iPhone or iPad for work, it will be a great move.

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IOS 13 upgrade on Font Modification (fonts)

With iOS 13, you’ll also be able to install other fonts more easily and configure them directly from the iPhone or iPad impostor menu. One of the biggest criticisms of iOS is the lack of customization of font or writing, the reason why Apple decided to give it a good solution.

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neOadviser – TECH

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iOS 13 will let you know which applications are tracking your location and where

Apple has always been proud as a privacy-focused company, and throughout the years, the company has made changes to the iOS platform that tries to keep the privacy of its intact handsets, keeping them informed of what is happening.

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For example, there will be an icon in the status bar that shows when an app follows your location.

However, it seems that with iOS 13, Apple will bring privacy to the next level not only by showing which apps are following you, but also the place where then followed you.

For example, in the picture above, the screen displays a permission request where iOS 13 will ask the user if they want to allow an app to continue to track their location in the background as well.

The option also comes with a small preview map in which it shows where the app has tracked your location.

In this case, the application in question is the Tesla app that makes sense to track your location after it is connected to the respective car.

This also means that if an app has followed your location when you do not want it, then you know something is wrong.

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neOadviser – TECH

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Install the iOS 12.1.3 update, prevent hackers from controlling FaceTime calls

Install the iOS 12.1.3 update, prevent hackers from controlling FaceTime calls

Although there is not a complete update, it’s enough to remove the messaging options in software like Message and CarPlay,Telegraph reports.

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The main reason for this update is that it does not allow hackers to control FaceTime calls and interfere with the Bluetooth system.

During sighted communications, hackers used some unchecked spaces to interfere with the FaceTime system.

The users of the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and the sixth generation of iPad Touch were the most affected by this interference.

OS 12.1.3 is also a rule for Bluetooth intervention, which has users of the same devices.

The Communications Security Authority insists that this update be installed immediately, in order to avoid any risk of unauthorized interference

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neOadviser – TECH

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